Inexpensive for you, open for readers

If you are organizing a conference and you would like to publish the proceedings inexpensively, quickly and efficiently, making them available for free to all interested readers, please contact the

PoS Editorial Office
Via Bonomea, 265
34136 Trieste - Italy
Phone ++39 040 3787 636
fax ++39 040 3787 640

The Editorial Office will provide you with a solution that best suits your requirements (including budgetary ones).

The PoS menu includes:

  • Long term storage and worldwide availability of contributions in pdf format;
  • A software for authors and Chairman to upload, review, screen and publish contributions, all via the Internet;
  • The PoS Editorial Office, assisting the conference organisers in setting up the conference, alerting and reminding the authors, and preparing the final publication of the proceedings.
  • Different publication formulae:

    • SELF: the Editorial Office sets up the web pages for the conference (for chairman and authors) and prepares the templates for the contributions. The Editorial Office will provide no assistance to the chairman in the call for papers and in sending reminders.
    • HELP: the deadline for the authors to upload their contributions is set to some time after the conference is held. The Editorial Office prompts the authors and assists the Chairman in order to secure as many contributions as possible.

If you wish to publish your conference proceedings on the PoS website, please write to Editorial Office <>. We will be pleased to liaise with you on the most suitable format for your conference proceedings.

All conference proposals will be subject to the assessment by the PoS evaluating committee, in order to ensure that highly rated conferences alone appear on PoS.

Approval by the Executive Editorial Committee means that the conference, as a whole, is deemed to be of good quality and therefore of interest for the scientific community. PoS, on the other hand, does not provide any refereeing for the submitted contributions. Peer-reviewing of the proceedings and lecture notes, if any, is entirely to be carried out by the conference chairman as (s)he sees fit. The chairman can inform the readership by mentioning the fact in the conference abstract (preface).

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