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Mock conference

1 January 2000
Teatro Verdi, Trieste
This is a mock conference accessible to all interested users. If you would like to test the PoS proceedings software please contact our Editorial Office ( We will provide you with the necessary authentication data for accessing our web interface for conference organisers (chairman pages). You can then use the pages, following the instructions provided on "for chairman", and try your hand at running a conference: view uploaded contributions, accept them or ask for revisions, send out reminders or e-mails (these will actually be directed to the Editorial Office), and so on. You can also ask for an author's username and password in order to test author's pages and facilities.

Editorial Board
Bach Johann Sebastian (chairman), Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus, van Beethoven Ludwig

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Plenary Talks
Poster Session
Plenary Talks
Tristano e Isotta
PoS(MC2000)010 pdf attachments R. Wagner
La Cavalcata delle Valchirie
PoS(MC2000)013 pdf attachments R. Wagner and J. Jimmy
Lucia di Lammermoor
PoS(MC2000)012 file missing G. Donizetti
Don Giovanni
PoS(MC2000)002 file missing W.A. Mozart
La Cenerentola
PoS(MC2000)015 file missing G. Rossini and G. Donizetti
Le si├Ęge de Corinthe
PoS(MC2000)016 file missing G. Rossini
Le quattro stagioni FORSE
PoS(MC2000)018 pdf G. Bizet
Poster Session
Le Fate
PoS(MC2000)011 file missing R. Wagner
L'olandese volante
PoS(MC2000)017 file missing R. Wagner, M. Mouse, D. Duck and C. Prever
PoS(MC2000)019 file missing G. Donizetti
Il barbiere di Siviglia
PoS(MC2000)006 file missing G. Rossini and M. Gamboz
L'elisir d'amore
PoS(MC2000)004 file missing G. Donizetti

When the link to the pdf file is not available, the contribution in question has not yet been accepted for publication.