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11th European VLBI Network Symposium & Users Meeting

11th EVN Symposium - (other evn conferences)
9-12 October, 2012
Bordeaux (France)
The Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux (LAB) at the University of Bordeaux (France), on behalf of the European VLBI Consortium, hosted the 11th European VLBI Network (EVN) Symposium and EVN Users Meeting on October 9-12, 2012. The Symposium was held at the "Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bordeaux", located in the "Palais de la Bourse", in the center of Bordeaux. The conference highlighted the latest scientific results and technical developments from VLBI, space VLBI and e-VLBI. All fields of astrophysics were concerned - stellar, galactic and extragalactic - as well as astrometry and planetary science. Presentations addressing synergy between (e-)VLBI and other new or planned radio facilities (ALMA, LOFAR, e-MERLIN,...) or instruments at other wavelengths (Fermi, CTA, Gaia,...) were also an integral part of the program. The scientific program was organized in 11 sessions including 71 oral presentations, with an additional 43 posters available for viewing during the entire length of the conference. An EVN Users Meeting was also held during one of the evening to foster interaction between the EVN users and the EVN organization. The symposium was attended by a total of 122 delegates originating from 47 institutes world-wide, sharing new VLBI science and innovations while also building links with other communities.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283393 (RadioNet3).
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Session 0 : Welcome and introduction
Session 1: Nearby galaxies and low-luminosity AGN
Session 2: AGN surveys
Session 3: VLBI and high-energy properties of AGN
Session 4: Astrometry and planetary science
Session 5: Star formation
Session 6: Structure of the Milky Way
Session 7: Late stages of stellar evolution
Session 8: Pulsars and interstellar scattering
Session 9: VLBI at extremely-high angular resolution
Session 10: AGN jets
Session 11: Current & future facilities and international cooperation
Session 0 : Welcome and introduction
An introduction to the EVN
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)001 pdf T. Muxlow
Session 1: Nearby galaxies and low-luminosity AGN
Arp 299: The show must go on!
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)002 pdf M. Perez Torres
VLBI monitoring of the most compact sources in M82
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)003 pdf D. Fenech, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, A. Pedlar and M.K. Argo
Flux density variations of radio sources in M82 over the last three decades
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)004 file missing M. Gendre, D. Fenech, R. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow and M.K. Argo
Resolving the masers in M82
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)005 pdf M. ARGO, R.J. Beswick, T.W.B. Muxlow, D. Fenech, H.J. Van Langevelde and A. Pedlar
The radial distribution of SNe in nuclear starbursts
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)006 pdf R. HERRERO-ILLANA, M. Perez Torres and A. Alberdi
LLAGN and jet-scaling probed with the EVN
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)008 pdf Z. Paragi, Z. Shen, F. De Gasperin, J. Yang, A. Merloni and Z. Li
CSS galaxy embedded within the core of a bright X-ray cluster
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)009 pdf M. CEGLOWSKI and M. Kunert-Bajraszewska
Wide-field VLBI studies of M31
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)010 file missing J. Morgan
EVN in-beam phase referencing observation of the relativistic jet in the tidal disruption event Sw J1644+57
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)011 file missing J. Yang
Session 2: AGN surveys
RadioAstron space VLBI mission: current status and early results of AGN studies
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)012 file missing Y. Kovalev
Physical properties of blazar jets in the MOJAVE program
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)013 file missing T. Savolainen
AGN jet physics and apparent opening angles
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)014 pdf E. CLAUSEN-BROWN, T. Savolainen, A. Pushkarev, Y. Kovalev and M. Lister
MEM imaging of multi-wavelength VLBA polarisation observations of Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)015 pdf C. Coughlan and D. GABUZDA
Parsec-scale Faraday rotation measures in 20 AGN jets
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)016 file missing E. KRAVCHENKO
The AGN component of the faint radio source population
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)017 file missing E. Middelberg
Session 3: VLBI and high-energy properties of AGN
Gamma-ray blazars and Active Galactic Nuclei seen by the Fermi-LAT
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)018 pdf B. Lott
Radio and gamma-ray emission in faint BL Lacs
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)019 pdf E. Liuzzo, B. Boccardi, M. Giroletti and G. Giovannini
The TANAMI program: southern-hemisphere AGN on (sub-)parsec scales
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)020 pdf C. Mueller, F. KRAUSS, M. Kadler, R. Ojha, E. Ros, J. Wilms and M. Boeck
Multifrequency VLBI follow up study of a strong gamma-ray flare in the blazars 3C273 and 3C279
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)021 file missing M. LISAKOV and Y. Kovalev
The connection between radio and Very High Energy in Active Galactic Nuclei: perspectives with CTA, the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)022 pdf H. Sol
The kinematic of HST-1 in the jet of M87
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)023 pdf attachments K. HADA
Multi-frequency study of the TeV blazar Markarian 421 with VLBA observations taken during 2011
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)024 pdf R. LICO
Session 4: Astrometry and planetary science
The Gaia space astrometry mission: status and complementarity with radio astrometry
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)025 pdf F. MIGNARD
EVN and global VLBI observations of candidate radio sources for alignment between the ICRF and the future Gaia frame
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)026 pdf G. Bourda
The Celestial Reference Frame at X/Ka-band (8.4/32 GHz)
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)027 file missing C. JACOBS
KVN Calibrator Survey (KVNCS) and VLBI follow-ups
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)028 pdf J.A. LEE
Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment (PRIDE): a multidisciplinary enhancement of space science missions
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)029 file missing L. Gurvits
PRIDE contribution to the European VLBI Network
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)030 pdf G. MOLERA CALVES, G. Cimo, S.V. Pogrebenko, L.I. Gurvits, D. Duev and T. Bocanegra-Bahamón
Session 5: Star formation
Detailed structures of accretion and outflow probed by molecular masers in high-mass protostars
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)031 pdf C. GODDI, L. Moscadelli and A. Sanna
The VLBI imaging survey of the 6.7 GHz methanol masers using the JVN/EAVN
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)032 pdf K. SUGIYAMA, K. Fujisawa, K. Hachisuka, Y. Yonekura, K. MOTOGI, Z. Shen, M. Honma, T. Hirota, S. SAWADA-SATOH, Y. Murata, A. Doi, R. Dodson, M.J. Rioja, S. Ellingsen, K.T. Kim and H. Ogawa
The remarkable blue-shift dominated jet in the high mass protostellar object G353.273+0.641
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)033 pdf K. MOTOGI, K. Sorai, K. Fujisawa, K. SUGIYAMA, K. Niinuma and M. Honma
High resolution magnetic field measurements in high-mass star-forming regions using masers
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)034 pdf G. SURCIS, W.H.T. Vlemmings, H.J. Van Langevelde and B. Hutawarakorn Kramer
The high-mass SFR G23.01-0.41: from the HMC to the VLBI maser kinematics
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)035 pdf A. SANNA, L. Moscadelli, R. Cesaroni, C. GODDI and G. Surcis
Masers in RadioAstron early science program: scientific objectives and first results
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)036 file missing A. Alakoz
Session 6: Structure of the Milky Way
Mapping the Milky Way with the VLBA and the VLA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)037 file missing A. Brunthaler
Galaxy-scale maser astrometry with VERA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)038 pdf M. Honma
VLBI astrometry of the Scutum-Crux arm in the inner Milky Way
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)039 file missing M. SATO
Parallaxes and proper motions of interstellar masers toward the Cygnus X star-forming complex
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)040 pdf K. RYGL, A. Brunthaler, A. Sanna, K.M. Menten, M.J. Reid, H.J. Van Langevelde, M. Honma, K. Torstensson and K. Fujisawa
Distance to the protoplanetary nebula OH 231.8+4.2
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)041 file missing Y.K. CHOI
The proper motion of PSR J0205+6449 in 3C 58
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)042 file missing M. Bietenholz
Session 7: Late stages of stellar evolution
Project RISARD
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)043 pdf M. Gawronski
SiO J=1-0, v=1, 2 & 3 maser emission from AGB stars
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)044 pdf J.F. Desmurs, V. Bujarrabal, M. Lindqvist, J. Alcolea, R. Soria-Ruiz and P. Bergman
Comparison of the v=1 and v=2, J=1-\rightarrow 0 SiO masers around TX Cam
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)045 pdf I. GONIDAKIS
What causes clumps in winds from red supergiants and asymptotic giant branch stars?
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)046 pdf A.M.S. Richards, K. Assaf, A. BAUDRY, R.J. Davis, L. Decin, M. Elitzur, S. Etoka, S.T. Garrington, M.D Gray, E. Mendoza-Torres, K. Murakawa, G. Rudnitskij, H.J. Van Langevelde, M. Wittkowski and J.A Yates
E-EVN observations of the first gamma-ray nova V407 Cyg
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)047 pdf M. Giroletti, E. Koerding, K. Sokolovsky, F. Schinzel and C.T. Cheung
Periodic radio morphology of gamma-ray binaries
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)048 pdf J. Moldon, M. Ribó and J.M Paredes
Session 8: Pulsars and interstellar scattering
Pulsar scattering in space and time
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)049 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz
Radioastron pulsar early science program: Current status and results
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)050 pdf A. Andrianov
A VLBI view on the extreme scintillator J1819+3845
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)051 pdf G. Cimo, L.I. Gurvits, P. Kharb, G.A. de Bruyn and J.P. Macquart
Session 9: VLBI at extremely-high angular resolution
VLBI science with ALMA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)052 file missing R. Laing
An ALMA beamformer for ultra-high resolution VLBI and phased array science
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)053 pdf W. Alef, J. Anderson, H. Rottmann, A.L. Roy, G. Crew, S. Doeleman, M. Hecht, C. Ruszczyk, V. Fish, C.J. Lonsdale, R. Hiriart, J. Greenberg, R. Lacasse, B. Shillue, R. Amestica, M. Honma, N. Pradel, M. Inoue, N.M. Nagar and A. Saez
Phasing ALMA with the 64-antenna correlator
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)054 pdf A. BAUDRY
Zooming towards the Event Horizon - mm-VLBI today and tomorrow
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)055 pdf T. KRICHBAUM, A.L. Roy, J. Wagner, H. Rottmann, J. HODGSON, A. Bertarini, W. Alef, A.J. Zensus, A. Marscher and S. Jorstad
New results from the Event Horizon Telescope
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)056 pdf V. Fish
VLBI at APEX: First fringes
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)057 pdf A.L. Roy, J. Wagner, M. Wunderlich, A. Bertarini, T.P. Krichbaum, W. Alef, G. Wieching, C. Duran, R. Olivares, P. Caro, O. Arriagada, F.M. Montenegro Montes, J.P. Araneda, M. Lindqvist, R. Haas, J. Johansson, H. Olofsson, M. Pantaleev, R. Freund, D.P Marrone, P. Strittmatter, L. Ziurys, R. Blundell, R. Primiani, J. Weintroub, K. Young, G. Crew, S. Doeleman, V. Fish, R. Lu, J. SooHoo, M. Titus and G. Tuccari
Greenland Telescope project
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)058 file missing K. ASADA
Korean VLBI Network receiver optics for simultaneous multi-frequency observation
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)059 pdf S.T. HAN, J.W. Lee, J. Kang, C.S. Oh, D.Y. Byun, D.H. Je, M.H. Chung, S.Y. Kim, S.O. Wi, M. Song and Y.W. Kang
First simultaneous 4-frequency phase referencing test for mm-VLBI observation
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)060 pdf T. Jung, B.W. Sohn and D.Y. Byun
Session 10: AGN jets
VLBI observations of helical jets: hints on the nature of radio-jets
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)061 pdf M. PERUCHO PLA, Y. Kovalev, P.E. Hardee, A. Lobanov, I. Agudo and I. Marti-Vidal
Evidence of large-scale helical magnetic field in the quasar 3C454.3
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)062 file missing M. ZAMANINASAB
Investigating the effects of finite resolution on observed transverse Rotation Measure distributions
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)063 pdf E. Murphy, C. Coughlan and D. GABUZDA
Core-shift and spectral analysis of the 2006 radio flare in CTA102
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)064 pdf C. FROMM
Jet precession in the active nucleus of M81. Ongoing VLBI monitoring
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)065 pdf I. MARTI-VIDAL, J.M. Marcaide, A. Alberdi and A. Brunthaler
SDSS J1425+3231: a suspected dual radio quasar as seen with the EVN
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)066 file missing S. FREY
Session 11: Current & future facilities and international cooperation
The Very Long Baseline Array
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)067 file missing W. Brisken
e-MERLIN update
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)068 file missing S.T. Garrington
LOFAR status and first astronomical results
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)069 file missing R. Vermeulen
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)070 pdf F. Mantovani
JIVE, what's next?
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)071 file missing H.J. Van Langevelde
Wide bandwidth integrated 1-4 GHz feed development for VLBI and SKA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)072 pdf J. Geralt bij de Vaate, M. Pantaleev, M. Ivashina, J. Yang, M. Lindqvist, F. Schäfer, R. Keller and W. Alef
DBBC3: VLBI at 32 Gbits per second
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)073 pdf W. Alef, G. Tuccari, S. Buttaccio, M. Wunderlich, D.A. Graham, A. Bertarini, A.L. Roy, J. Wagner, G Comoretto, M. Lindqvist and S. Casey
RadioAstron correlation with the DiFX correlator
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)074 file missing J. ANDERSON
ASC data processing center for RadioAstron project
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)075 pdf A. Andrianov, M. Shatskaya, N. Fedorov, I. Guirin, V. Kostenko, S. Likhachev and S. Seliverstov
EVN observation of M87 jet: a transition from parabolic to conical streamline
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)076 file missing K. ASADA
3mm-VLBI observations of the active galaxy NGC1052
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)077 file missing A.K. BACZKO
First successful VLBI observations in the EVN with VIRAC radio telescope RT-32
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)078 pdf V. BEZRUKOVS
Radio source structure and VLBI position instabilities
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)079 pdf R. BOUFFET, P. Charlot and S. Lambert
30 GHz monitoring of broad absorption line (BAL) quasars
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)080 pdf M. CEGLOWSKI, M. Kunert-Bajraszewska and M. Gawronski
The broadband emission properties of blazar jet
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)081 file missing C.S. Chang
Tracing the Perseus arm with the BeSSeL survey
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)082 file missing Y.K. CHOI
Describing the uncertainties in VLBI images
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)083 pdf C. Coughlan and D. GABUZDA
Analysis of potential VLBI southern hemisphere radio calibrators
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)084 pdf A. de Witt and M. Bietenholz
Water vapor mega masers in a circumnuclear ionized torus of the Seyfert galaxy Mrk 348
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)085 pdf A. Doi, S. Kameno, S. Sawada-Satoh, K. HADA and T. HAGA
Rapid e-EVN studies of newly discovered gamma-ray blazars
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)086 pdf S. Frey, Z. Paragi, K. Gabányi, T. An, L. Mosoni and H. Sanghera
News from the edge of the Universe: recent results from EVN studies of z~6 quasars
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)087 file missing S. Frey
Investigation of a possible conical shock and the magnetic field structure of the VLBI jet of 3C380
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)088 pdf D. GABUZDA, T.M. Cantwell and T. Cawthorne
Physical properties of the nuclear region in Seyfert galaxies derived from EVN observations
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)089 pdf M. Giroletti, F. Panessa, M. Orienti and A. Doi
Studying radio loud AGN with eROSITA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)090 pdf C. GROSSBERGER, C. Schmid, T. Brand, I. Kreykenbohm, J. Wilms, M. Kadler and M. Wille
Structural evolution of the parsec-scale jet in 3C111
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)091 file missing C. GROSSBERGER
The (sub-)milliarcsecond scale structure of the nucleus of the Sombrero galaxy
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)092 pdf attachments K. HADA
The structure of the circumnuclear absorber in NGC 4261 by multi-frequency phase-referencing observation
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)093 pdf T. HAGA, A. Doi, Y. Murata, H. Sudou, S. Kameno and K. HADA
18-22 cm VLBA observations of three BL Lac objects
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)094 pdf F. HEALY and D. GABUZDA
VERA+ALMA observations of the H2O maser burst in Orion KL
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)095 pdf T. Hirota
The latest results from the Global mm-VLBI Array
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)096 pdf J. HODGSON, T.P. Krichbaum, A. Marscher, S. Jorstad, I. Marti-Vidal, M. Bremer, M. Lindqvist, P. de Vicente and A.J. Zensus
A short-term flare on time scale of 20 days in BL Lac object OT 081
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)097 file missing T. ISHIDA, K. Fujisawa, M. Kino and K. Niinuma
RadioAstron mission correlator features and operations
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)098 pdf V. Kostenko
Multiwavelength observations of TANAMI sources
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)099 pdf F. KRAUSS, C. Mueller, M. Kadler, J. Wilms, R. Ojha, M. Boeck and E. Ros
Simultaneous multi-frequency flux monitoring of 0716+714 with KVN 21-m radio telescopes
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)100 pdf J.W. LEE
VLBI follow-up observations for the large X-ray flares of Mrk 421
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)101 pdf K. NIINUMA, M. Kino, A. Doi, N. Isobe and S. Koyama
New VLBI observing system OCTAVE-family based on the VDIF specifications for VERA, JVN and KJJVC
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)102 file missing T. OYAMA
Reduction and calibration pipelines for e-MERLIN and COBRaS
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)103 pdf L. PECK and D. Fenech
Alert system for the VLBI database of ICRF2 sources. Preparatory case study.
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)104 pdf E. RASTORGUEVA-FOI
Using a spacecraft downlink signal as a calibrator for circular polarization in AGN: a test
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)105 file missing E. RASTORGUEVA-FOI
Internal proper motion of 6.7-GHz methanol masers in an HII region S269
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)106 pdf S. SAWADA-SATOH
mm-VLBI observations of the active galaxy 3C111 in outburst
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)107 pdf R. SCHULZ, M. Kadler, E. Ros, T.P. Krichbaum, C. GROSSBERGER, C. Mueller, K. Mannheim, I. Agudo, H.D. Aller and M.F. Aller
Joint AGN working group activities of KVN+VERA
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)108 file missing B.W. Sohn
RadioAstron early science program space-VLBI AGN survey: strategy and first results
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)109 pdf K. SOKOLOVSKY
Recent developments of the SFXC software correlator
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)110 pdf A. Szomoru
The UniBoard
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)111 file missing A. Szomoru
NEXPReS and the EVN
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)112 pdf A. Szomoru and P. Boven
High-order sampling technique for geodetic VLBI and the future
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)113 pdf K. Takefuji
Apparent frequency dependent shift of ultra-compact AGN cores
PoS(11th EVN Symposium)114 file missing P. VOYTSIK

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