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Corfu2012 September 8-27, 2012 Corfu, Greece
CNCFG2010 September 8 12, 2010 Corfu, Greece

It is generally expected that due to the interplay between gravity and quantum mechanics, the classical picture of smooth spacetime manifolds should be replaced by some kind of quantum geometry at very short scales.

Much research has been devoted to this question in the past from various points of view. In particular, the study of quantum field theory on non commutative spacetimes has been developed as an effective approach to study physical models on quantum spaces. The workshop focused mainly

  1. on various aspects of field theories defined on non commutative spaces and
  2. on the relation among quantum , non commutative geometries and gravity in different approaches.


corfu98 6-20 September 1998 Kerkyra, Greece

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