PoS - Proceedings of Science

Corfu Summer Institute on Elementary Particle Physics

corfu98 - (other corfu conferences)
6-20 September 1998
Kerkyra, Greece
published December 27, 1999

Editorial Board
Antoniadis Ignatios, Koutsoumbas G., Tracas D. N., Zoupanos G. (chairman)

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South European School on Elementary Particle Physics
Euroconference on the Standard Model and beyond
South European School on Elementary Particle Physics
Electroweak Standard Model
PoS(corfu98)001 pdf G. Altarelli
LEP Physics
PoS(corfu98)002 pdf D. Treille
Perturbative QCD, Lattice QCD
PoS(corfu98)003 pdf R. Petronzio
HERA Physics
PoS(corfu98)004 pdf M. Erdmann
Tevatron Physics
PoS(corfu98)005 pdf M.L. Mangano
LHC Physics
PoS(corfu98)006 pdf F. Pauss
Flavourdynamics, B-Physics, CP-Violation etc
PoS(corfu98)007 file missing A. Ali
Deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration in QCD with fundamental and adjoint fermions
PoS(corfu98)008 pdf F. Karsch
Introduction to SUSY and SUSY GUTs
PoS(corfu98)009 file missing P. Fayet
Neutrino Physics
PoS(corfu98)010 pdf J.W.F. Valle
Introduction to SUGRA
PoS(corfu98)011 pdf D.G. Cerdeno and C. Munoz
SUSY and String Phenomenology
PoS(corfu98)012 file missing G. Ross
Introduction to Strings
PoS(corfu98)013 pdf I. Antoniadis
Introduction to Cosmology
PoS(corfu98)014 pdf G. Lazarides
Introduction to Quantum Groups
PoS(corfu98)015 pdf J. Wess
Introduction to Non-Commutative Geometry
PoS(corfu98)016 pdf J. Madore
PoS(corfu98)017 file missing R. Brout
Experimental Status of Neutrino Oscillations
PoS(corfu98)018 file missing J. Steinberger
Euroconference on the Standard Model and beyond
Bi-Maximal Neutrino mixing and the See - Saw Mechanism
PoS(corfu98)019 file missing M. Jezabek
Top Mixing
PoS(corfu98)020 pdf F. del Aguila and J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra
The structure of the proton: Recent results from HERA
PoS(corfu98)021 pdf J. Gialas
Rising Bosonic Virtual Effects at High Energy Lepton-Antilepton Colliders
PoS(corfu98)022 file missing C. Verzegnassi
PoS(corfu98)023 pdf P. Santorelli and E. Scrimieri
Top Quark Pair Production at Future Linear Colliders
PoS(corfu98)024 file missing M. Jezabek
Soft Gluons Resummation for Heavy Quark and Dijet Cross Sections
PoS(corfu98)025 pdf N. Kidonakis
RH Mixing observable?
PoS(corfu98)026 pdf Y. Achiman
Axial Vector Amplitudes and Standard Model Neutrino Processes
PoS(corfu98)027 pdf C. Schubert
Hunting the Higgs with the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
PoS(corfu98)028 file missing D. Loukas
W Physics at LEP
PoS(corfu98)029 pdf M. Pepe-Altarelli
Review of the Weak Mixing Angle Results with Heavy Quarks at LEP and SLC
PoS(corfu98)030 pdf B. Ueberschaer
IR Behavior of QCD Cross Sections at NNLO
PoS(corfu98)031 pdf V. Del Duca
The Quark Lepton Mass Problem and Anti-Grand Unification
PoS(corfu98)032 pdf C. Froggatt
SUSY at LHC (experimental aspects)
PoS(corfu98)033 file missing F. Pauss
PoS(corfu98)034 file missing M.L. Mangano
Aspects of Spontaneous SUSY Breaking in minimal N=1 and N= 2 Supersymmetric Yang - Mills Theories
PoS(corfu98)035 file missing P. Minkowski
Searching for New Physics from CP Violation in B decays
PoS(corfu98)036 file missing G.C. Branco
Exact Gauge - Yukawa - Finite Unified Theories and their Predictions
PoS(corfu98)037 pdf M. Mondragon
Estimating epsilon'/epsilon: a status report
PoS(corfu98)039 file missing S. Bertolini
B Meson form factors from QCD sum rules and Vub
PoS(corfu98)040 file missing R. Rückl
epsilon'/epsilon and the DI=1/2 Rule in Kaon Decays using the 1/N Expansion in the Framework of Chiral Pertubation Theory
PoS(corfu98)041 file missing G. Koehler
Next - to - Leading Order QCD Corrections to the Lifetime Difference of Bs Mesons
PoS(corfu98)042 pdf A. Lenz
CP, T and CPT Studies in the CPLEAR Experiment at CERN
PoS(corfu98)043 pdf C. Eleftheriadis
Optical Filters for the Fluorescence Detector of the AUGER Project
PoS(corfu98)045 pdf E. Fokitis, S. Maltezos and E. Papantonopoulos
Hard Diffraction at the Tevatron and at HERA
PoS(corfu98)046 pdf K. Goulianos
Supersymmetry and Neutrino Masses
PoS(corfu98)047 pdf E. Ma
Exact results in Softly Broken SUSY GaugeTheories
PoS(corfu98)048 pdf D. Kazakov
Softly Broken N=1 Supersymmetric QCD
PoS(corfu98)049 pdf T. Kobayashi
Mirror Families in Electro-Weak symmetry Breaking
PoS(corfu98)050 pdf G. Triantaphyllou
Thermodynamics of D-brane Probe
PoS(corfu98)052 file missing T. Taylor
M- Theory and U - dualities
PoS(corfu98)053 pdf N. Obers and B. Pioline
Soft Supersymmetry Breaking Terms and Target Space Duality
PoS(corfu98)054 pdf J. Kubo
MSSM Higgs boson masses at the 2-loop level
PoS(corfu98)055 pdf W. Hollik
Lepton Flavor Violation in Supersymmetric Models with U(1) Symmetries
PoS(corfu98)056 pdf M. Gomez
Strings, black holes and the information paradox
PoS(corfu98)057 file missing D. Amati
Atmospheric Neutrinos and Inflation
PoS(corfu98)058 file missing G. Lazarides
Neutrino Masses in SUSY theories
PoS(corfu98)059 pdf S. Lola
PoS(corfu98)060 file missing G. Ross
Fermion Masses and Mixing resulting from Unimodular Complex Mass Matrices
PoS(corfu98)061 pdf M. Rebelo
PoS(corfu98)062 pdf P. Fayet
A model of mass hierarchies with an anomalous U(1)
PoS(corfu98)063 file missing S. Lavignac
PoS(corfu98)064 file missing A. Masiero
Effective Supergravity from Heterotic M-Theory and its Phenomenological Implications
PoS(corfu98)065 pdf C. Munoz
Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories ...
PoS(corfu98)066 pdf N. Mavromatos and R.J. Szabo
Geometry from Random Dynamics
PoS(corfu98)067 file missing H.B. Nielsen
Observable Supersymmetric Particles
PoS(corfu98)068 pdf J. Kalinowski
Differential calculi on finite groups
PoS(corfu98)069 pdf L. Castellani
PoS(corfu98)070 file missing J. Madore
PoS(corfu98)071 file missing R. Brout
Noncommutative Geometry and String Duality
PoS(corfu98)073 pdf F. Lizzi and R.J. Szabo
Non-perturbative Supersymmetry Breaking and Finite Temperature Instabilities in N=4 Superstrings
PoS(corfu98)074 pdf C. Kounnas
Baryogenesis through mixing of heavy Majorana neutrinos
PoS(corfu98)075 pdf A. Pilaftsis
The Pinch Technique Approach to the Physics of Unstable Particles
PoS(corfu98)076 pdf J. Papavassiliou
Quantum and Braided Integrals
PoS(corfu98)077 pdf C. Chryssomalakos