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Non-perturbative Quantum Effects 2000

tmr2000 - (other tmr conferences)
7-13 September 2000
Paris, France
published September 25, 2000

The TMR Conference ''Non-perturbative Quantum Effects 2000'' took place in Paris September 7-13, 2000. It was the last network meeting for the European program ''Integrability, Non-perturbative Effects and Symmetry in Quantum Field Theory'' (ERBFMRXCT96-0012). There were more than a hundred participants and a broad spectrum of subjects from AdS/CFT, Extended objects and SUGRAS, M-theory and dualities to Continuous (and discrete) integrable systems and Boundary effects as well as various applications to Condensed Matter Systems via Noncommutative geometry and Quantum groups. Each one of the six sessions was introduced by a guest speaker who either reviewed the subject or presented his own insights, and talks of network members including post-docs of the programme form the bulk of the contributions. The number of bosonic dimensions ranges from 11 to 2, the number of supersymmetric charges from 32 to zero, the unity comes from the tools used in particular conformal invariance, integrable boundary conditions and extended objects or dualities and their nonperturbative consequences.

Editorial Board
Loriano Bonora, Giuseppe Mussardo

conference main image
Extended objects and SUGRAS
M-theory and dualities
Noncommutative geometry
Continuous integrable systems and Boundary effects
Applications and lattice models
Insight into field theory from the AdS-CFT correspondence
PoS(tmr2000)001 pdf D. Freedman and P. Henry-Labordere
A brief history of the stringy instanton
PoS(tmr2000)002 pdf N. Dorey, T. Hollowood and V.V. Khoze
Instantons and quaternions
PoS(tmr2000)003 pdf S. Vandoren
Holography and the c-theorem
PoS(tmr2000)004 pdf E. Alvarez and C. Gomez
On the c-theorem in more than two-dimensions
PoS(tmr2000)005 pdf A. Cappelli, G. D'Appollonio, R. Guida and N. Magnoli
Holographic anomalies
PoS(tmr2000)006 pdf A. Schwimmer
Superstring theory on AdS_3 times a coset manifold
PoS(tmr2000)007 pdf R. Argurio, A. Giveon and A. Shomer
Confining Wilson loops from supergravity and string models
PoS(tmr2000)008 pdf J. Sonnenschein
Extended objects and SUGRAS
D-branes, categories and supersymmetry
PoS(tmr2000)009 file missing M.R. Douglas
D-branes in the presence of NS5 branes
PoS(tmr2000)010 pdf S. Elitzur, A. Giveon, D. Kutasov, E. Rabinovici and G. Sarkissian
The low energy dynamics of non-BPS branes
PoS(tmr2000)011 pdf N. Lambert and I. Sachs
From ADM to ''brane world'' masses
PoS(tmr2000)012 pdf S. Silva
Conformal and quasiconformal realizations of exceptional Lie groups
PoS(tmr2000)013 file missing H. Nicolai
Gauged supergravities in 2d
PoS(tmr2000)014 pdf H. Nicolai and H. Samtleben
Hidden superconformal symmetry
PoS(tmr2000)015 pdf P. West
Harmonic superspaces and superconformal fields
PoS(tmr2000)016 pdf P. Heslop and P. Howe
Ultra-violet structure of supergravity theories
PoS(tmr2000)017 pdf Z. Bern, D. Dunbar, L. Dixon, B. Julia, M. Perelstien, J. Rozowsky, D. Seminara and M. Trigante
Regular BPS black holes, pinpointing the macroscopic and microscopic correspondence
PoS(tmr2000)018 pdf M. Bertolini and M. Trigiante
Black holes radiate mainly on the brane
PoS(tmr2000)019 pdf R. Emparan
M-theory and dualities
Subgroups of Lie groups
PoS(tmr2000)020 file missing J.P. Serre
Aspects of electromagnetic duality
PoS(tmr2000)021 pdf D. Olive
Nonlinear self-duality and supersymmetry
PoS(tmr2000)022 pdf S. Kuzenko and S. Theisen
Mirror symmetry and self-duality equations
PoS(tmr2000)023 pdf W. Nahm
Some classical solutions of matrix model equations
PoS(tmr2000)024 pdf J. Hoppe
A statistical physics approach to M-theory integrals
PoS(tmr2000)025 pdf W. Krauth and M. Staudacher
Matrix model of the (1+1) dimensional dilatonic black hole in the double scaling limit
PoS(tmr2000)026 pdf V. Kazakov, I. Kostov and D. Kutasov
Noncommutative geometry
Renormalization group and the Riemann-Hilbert problem
PoS(tmr2000)027 file missing A. Connes
Aspects of noncommutative field and string theories
PoS(tmr2000)028 pdf J.L.F. Barbon
New noncommutative gauge theories
PoS(tmr2000)029 pdf L. Bonora
A non-abelian Chern-Simons term for non-BPS D-branes
PoS(tmr2000)030 pdf B. Janssen and P. Meessen
Branes, boundary CFT and non-commutativity
PoS(tmr2000)031 pdf A. Recknagel
Quantum groups and quantum moduli spaces of flat connections
PoS(tmr2000)032 pdf P. Roche
Continuous integrable systems and Boundary effects
Dual Baxter's equation and quantum algebraic geometry
PoS(tmr2000)033 pdf F. Smirnov
Differential equations and integrable models
PoS(tmr2000)034 pdf P. Dorey, C. Dunning and R. Tateo
Finite size effects in perturbed boundary conformal field theories
PoS(tmr2000)035 pdf P. Dorey, M. Pillin, A. Pocklington, I. Runkel, R. Tateo and G.M.T. Watts
Unstable particles in integrable quantum field theories
PoS(tmr2000)036 pdf L.J. Miramontes
Boundary states in integrable quantum field theory
PoS(tmr2000)037 pdf E. Corrigan
Boundary conditions in conformal and integrable theories
PoS(tmr2000)038 pdf V.B. Petkova and J.B. Zuber
Solitonic sectors, conformal boundary conditions and three-dimensional topological field theory
PoS(tmr2000)039 pdf C. Schweigert and J. Fuchs
Boundary flows for minimal models
PoS(tmr2000)040 pdf K. Graham, I. Runkel and G.M.T. Watts
Remarks on Liouville theory with boundary
PoS(tmr2000)041 pdf J. Teschner
From reflection amplitudes to one-point functions in non-simply laced affine Toda theories and applications to coupled minimal models
PoS(tmr2000)042 pdf P. Baseilhac
Hidden Virasoro symmetry of Sine-Gordon theory
PoS(tmr2000)043 pdf D. Fioravanti
Null vectors in logarithmic conformal field theory
PoS(tmr2000)044 pdf M. Flohr
Applications and lattice models
Critical models of disorder in 2 spatial dimensions
PoS(tmr2000)045 pdf A. Tsvelik
Magnetization plateaux in quasi 1d systems
PoS(tmr2000)046 pdf A. De Martino
Universal ratios of the renormalization group
PoS(tmr2000)047 pdf G. Mussardo
Valence bound ground states in quantum antiferromagnets and quadratic algebras
PoS(tmr2000)048 pdf V. Rittenberg
Life and death of Schrödinger cats in 1D interacting fermion systems
PoS(tmr2000)049 pdf P. Degiovanni and S. Peysson
From fully-packed loops to meanders, exact exponents
PoS(tmr2000)050 pdf P. Di Francesco
Correlation functions of quantum integrable systems
PoS(tmr2000)051 pdf J.M. Maillet
The Drinfel'd twisted XYZ model
PoS(tmr2000)052 pdf R. Poghossian
Construction of integrable models on ladders, and related quantum symmetries
PoS(tmr2000)053 pdf D. Arnaudon
''New'' boundary conditions in integrable lattice models
PoS(tmr2000)054 pdf A. Doikou