PoS - Proceedings of Science

International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics

hep2001 - (other hep conferences)
12-18 July 2001
Budapest, Hungary
published December 01, 2001

This major biennial forum of high energy and particle physics followed the traditions of the series, in particular the successful previous conferences of Tampere (1999), Jerusalem (1997) and Brussels (1995). The conference programme started with three days of presentation of original results in thematic parallel sessions. After a break on 15th of July (the excursion day) it continued with plenary talks summarising the most recent outstanding results and discussing the perspectives of particle physics. See the home page of the Conference for details. Among other information one can find there the Conference Programme and the scanned-in transparencies of the talks.

The conference was organised at the new campus of Roland Estvss University in Budapest and had more than 600 participants mostly from European countries but with significant attendance from North and South America, Asia and Africa as well.

In addition to the scientific programme outstanding scientists were awarded prizes of the European Physical Society: the 2001 High Energy Particle Physics Prize as well as three newly founded awards: the Prize for Young Particle Physicists, the Gribov Medal honouring a young theoretical particle physicist and the Outreach Prize for the best popularisation of particle physics discoveries.

Prof. Donald Perkins (Oxford University) has been awarded the High Energy and Particle Physics Prize of the European Physical Society "For his outstanding contributions to Neutrino Physics and for implementing the use of Neutrinos as a tool to elucidate the Quark Structure on the Nucleon."

The Young Particle Physicist Prize was granted to Dr. Arnulf Quadt (Bonn University) "For his outstanding contribution to the measurement of the F2 Structure Function in Deep Inelastic Scattering and extending its measurement to low values of momentum transfer and fractional momentum x."

The Gribov Medal was given to Prof. Steven S. Gubser (Caltech) "For his outstanding work that has revealed a deep connection between gauge theories and gravitational interactions in the framework of string theories. This made it possible to compute and understand interesting properties of a gauge theory in 3+1 dimensions from a gravitational theory in 4+1 dimensions."

Outreach Prizes were given to Dr. Christine Sutton (Oxford University) and Prof. Erik Johansson (Stockholm University) "For their innovative use of electronic and printed media to bring HEP to wider public, including professional colleagues, students and schools, and in particular their collaboration developing computer interactive packages for educational master classes."

The Local Organizing Committee invited all prize winners to deliver talks during the HEP2001 Conference at a special Prizewinner's Session.

Editorial Board
Horváth Dezsõ (chairman), Lévai Péter, Patkós András

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Plenary Session
1 Hard High Energy QCD and Structure Functions
2 Soft Interactions, Hadronic Structure and Diffraction
3 CP violation (including B factories)
4 Heavy Flavour
5 Tests of the Standard Model
6 Beyond the Standard Model
7 Hadron Spectroscopy and Rare Decays
8 Neutrino Masses and Oscillations
8+9 Joint Session: Neutrinos and Astrophysics
9 Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
10 Nonperturbative Field Theory
11 New Developments in Field Theory
12 High Energy Nuclear Collisions
13 Detector Developments
14 New Ideas in Data Handling
Special Session for EPS Prize Winners
Plenary Session
Probing nucleon structure with neutrinos
PoS(hep2001)305 pdf D.H. Perkins
Recent results from the cosmic microwave background radiation
PoS(hep2001)283 pdf
K. Ganga, E. Hivon, P.A.R. Ade, P.D. Mauskopf, J.J. Bock, J.R. Bond, C.R. Contaldi, D. Pogosyan, S. Prunet, J. Borrill, A. Boscaleri, E. Pascale, K. Coble, P. Farese, T. Montroy, J.E. Ruhl, B.P. Crill, V.V. Hristov, W.C. Jones, A.E. Lange, P.A. Mason, P. De Bernardis, M. Giacometti, A. Iacoangeli, L. Martinis, S. Masi, F. Piacentini, F. Pongetti, F. Scaramuzzi, A.H. Jaffe, A. Melchiorri, C.B. Netterfield and G. Romeo
A LEP summary
PoS(hep2001)284 pdf W. Venus
Experimental tests of the Standard Model
PoS(hep2001)285 pdf D. Charlton
Searches for new particles at colliders
PoS(hep2001)286 pdf F. Gianotti
PoS(hep2001)287 pdf L. Foa
Beyond the standard model
PoS(hep2001)288 file missing P. Binetruy
Strings and quantum fields
PoS(hep2001)289 pdf A. Giveon
New results on flavour physics
PoS(hep2001)290 pdf Z. Ligeti
Non-perturbative high-energy QCD
PoS(hep2001)291 pdf A. Hebecker
Hard QCD, structure functions
PoS(hep2001)292 pdf R. Yoshida
CP violation in the B meson system: recent experimental results
PoS(hep2001)293 pdf G. Hamel de Monchenault
CP violation
PoS(hep2001)294 pdf M. Beneke
Data handling techniques, evolutions or revolutions?
PoS(hep2001)295 pdf E. Auge
Developments in particle detection
PoS(hep2001)296 pdf T. Virdee
Heavy ion physics in the RHIC era
PoS(hep2001)297 pdf P. Jacobs
Neutrino physics
PoS(hep2001)298 file missing K. Nishikawa
New results in cosmology
PoS(hep2001)299 pdf S. Sarkar
Particle astrophysics
PoS(hep2001)300 pdf J. Carr
Conference summary
PoS(hep2001)303 pdf G. Wolf
1 Hard High Energy QCD and Structure Functions
Event shape studies at LEP
PoS(hep2001)001 pdf D. Wicke
Resummed event shape spectra in DIS
PoS(hep2001)002 pdf H.U. Martyn and M. Dasgupta
Jets and multiplicities in $e^+e^-$
PoS(hep2001)003 pdf J. Vossebeld
Steps towards the QCD calculation for $e^+e^- \rightarrow 3$ jets at NNLO
PoS(hep2001)004 pdf S. Weinzierl, S. Moch and P. Uwer
Determination of the b-quark mass at LEP and SLC
PoS(hep2001)005 pdf P. Bambade, M.J. Costa, J. Fuster and P. Tortosa
Differential cross section results from NuTeV
PoS(hep2001)006 pdf
D. Naples, J. McDonald, T. Adams, A.K. Alton, S. Avvakumov, L. De Barbaro, P. De Barbaro, R.H. Bernstein, A. Bodek, T. Bolton, J. Brau, D. Buchholz, H. Budd, L. Bugel, J. Conrad, R.B. Drucker, B.T. Fleming, J. Formaggio, R. Frey, J. Goldman, M. Goncharov, D.A. Harris, J.H. Kim, S. Koutsoliotas, R.A. Johnson, M.J. Lamm, W. Marsh, D. Mason, K.S. McFarland, C. McNulty, P. Nienaber, V. Radescu, A. Romosan, W.K. Sakumoto, H.M. Schellman, M.H. Shaevitz, P. Spentzouris, E.G. Stern, N. Suwonjandee, N. Tobien, M. Tzanov, A. Vaitaitis, M. Vakili, U.k. Yang, J. Yu, G.P. Zeller and E.D. Zimmerman
NC and CC cross sections at high $Q^2$
PoS(hep2001)007 file missing E. Rizvi
Measurement and QCD interpretation of the deep inelastic ep scattering cross section by H1
PoS(hep2001)008 pdf R. Wallny
Zeus NLO QCD fits
PoS(hep2001)009 pdf A. Cooper-Sarkar
Developments in DIS structure function calculations (overview)
PoS(hep2001)010 pdf S. Moch, J.A.M. Vermaseren and M. Zhou
Polarised lepton-nucleon scattering at HERMES
PoS(hep2001)011 pdf J. Stewart
A new QCD analysis of polarised DIS
PoS(hep2001)012 pdf E. Leader, A. Sidorov and D.B. Stamenov
Hadronic structure of the photon at LEP
PoS(hep2001)013 pdf A. Csilling
High p_T jets at the Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)014 pdf I. Bertram
Jet production and QCD tests in DIS at HERA
PoS(hep2001)015 file missing C. Glasman
Jets and QCD in photon-proton reactions
PoS(hep2001)016 pdf S. Caron
Jet substructure at HERA
PoS(hep2001)017 pdf M. Milite
Progress in QCD next-to-leading order calculations
PoS(hep2001)018 pdf Z. Trocsanyi
Gauge boson production at the Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)019 pdf V.D. Elvira
Forward jets and forward W-boson production at hadron colliders
PoS(hep2001)020 pdf J.R. Andersen, W.J. Stirling, V. Del Duca, S. Frixione, F. Maltoni and C.R. Schmidt
Heavy flavour production in DIS
PoS(hep2001)021 pdf F. Sefkow
Heavy flavour production in two-photon interactions
PoS(hep2001)022 pdf V. Andreev
Heavy flavour in photoproduction
PoS(hep2001)023 pdf L. Gladilin
Heavy flavour production at the Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)024 pdf P. Gutierrez
Theory versus experiments in heavy flavour production
PoS(hep2001)025 pdf S. Frixione
2 Soft Interactions, Hadronic Structure and Diffraction
Correlations in e+e-
PoS(hep2001)026 pdf T. Aziz
Mass and transverse mass effects on the hadron emitter size
PoS(hep2001)027 pdf G. Alexander
Fragmentation and hadronization in e+e- collisions
PoS(hep2001)028 pdf D.R. Muller
Hadronic final state in diffraction at HERA
PoS(hep2001)029 pdf R. Wichmann
Gamma* + Gamma* to pion transitions and the pion distribution amplitude
PoS(hep2001)030 pdf C. Vogt
Four results in untagged gamma-gamma physics
PoS(hep2001)031 pdf A. Finch
Prompt production production at Belle
PoS(hep2001)032 pdf S. Schrenk
Elastic vector meson production at HERA
PoS(hep2001)033 pdf B. Garcia Mellado
Odderon and Pomeron physics
PoS(hep2001)034 pdf T. Golling
Vector meson production at large $Q^2$ and $|t|$ at HERA
PoS(hep2001)035 pdf A. Meyer
Physics with leading baryons at HERA
PoS(hep2001)036 pdf A. Buniatyan
The D0 Forward Proton Detector
PoS(hep2001)037 pdf C. Royon
Inclusive Higgs production via double pomeron exchange
PoS(hep2001)038 pdf C. Royon
First experimental check of the GDH sum rule
PoS(hep2001)039 pdf G. Zeitler
Total gamma-gamma cross sections
PoS(hep2001)040 pdf L. Malgeri
p-p and p-pbar scattering in finite sum of lns powers Pomeron model
PoS(hep2001)042 pdf Z. Tarics, J. Kontros and A. Lengyel
Comparative analysis of the oscillations in the diffraction cone
PoS(hep2001)043 pdf J. Kontros and A. Lengyel
Measurement of the hadronic cross-section for the scattering of two virtual photons at LEP
PoS(hep2001)044 pdf M. Przybycien
QCD radiative corrections to $\gamma^* \gamma ^* \rightarrow$ hadrons at LEP2
PoS(hep2001)045 pdf M. Cacciari, V. Del Duca, S. Frixione and Z. Trocsanyi
Deeply virtual Compton scattering
PoS(hep2001)046 pdf P. Saull
Overview of deeply inelastic Compton scattering
PoS(hep2001)047 pdf A.V. Belitsky and D. Mueller
Measurements of the Diffractive Structure Function $F_2^{D(3)}(\beta ,Q^2,x_P)$ at HERA
PoS(hep2001)048 pdf P.R. Newman
Inclusive diffraction at HERA with a measured leading proton
PoS(hep2001)049 pdf F. Goebel
On the scaling violations of diffractive structure functions: Operator approach
PoS(hep2001)050 pdf J. Bluemlein and D. Robaschik
Soft colour interactions and diffractive hard scattering at Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)051 pdf N. Timneanu, R. Enberg and G. Ingelman
Phenomenological studies of inclusive ep scattering at low momentum transfer $Q^2$
PoS(hep2001)052 pdf B. Surrow
Saturation in DIS processes
PoS(hep2001)053 pdf E.A. Gotsman
DGLAP evolution and saturation effects at HERA
PoS(hep2001)054 pdf H. Kowalski
3 CP violation (including B factories)
New results on epsilon'/epsilon by NA48
PoS(hep2001)055 pdf M. Lenti
epsilon'/epsilon in the standard model
PoS(hep2001)056 pdf I. Scimemi, E. Pallante and A. Pich
T and CPT in B-factories
PoS(hep2001)057 pdf J. Bernabeu, M.C. Banulsand and F. Martinez Vidal
New results from CLEO on mixing and CP violation and charm decays
PoS(hep2001)058 file missing H. Kagan
Measurements of charmed meson lifetimes and the D0-D0bar mixing parameter y_CP at Belle
PoS(hep2001)059 pdf B. Yabsley
Determination of the wrong sign decay rate $D^0 \rightarrow K^+ \pi^-$ and the sensitivity to $D^0 - \bar D^0$ mixing
PoS(hep2001)060 pdf U. Egede
New limit on T-violating parameters in kaon decays
PoS(hep2001)061 pdf
M. Khabibullin, M. Abe, M.A. Aliev, V.V. Anisimovsky, M. Aoki, I. Arai, Y. Asano, T. Baker, M. Blecher, P. Depommier, M.P. Grigorjev, M.D. Hasinoff, K. Horie, H.C. Huang, Y. Igarashi, T. Ikeda, J. Imazato, A.P. Ivashkin, A.N. Khotjantsev, Y.G. Kudenko, Y. Kuno, L.S. Lee, A.S. Levchenko, G.Y. Lim, J.A. Macdonald, D.R. Marlow, C.R. Mindas, O.V. Mineev, C. Rangacharyulu, S. Shimizu, Y.M. Shin, A. Suzuki, A. Watanabe, N.V. Yershov and T. Yokoi
Status of a search for direct CP violation in hyperon decays
PoS(hep2001)062 pdf E. Dukes
Spontaneous CP violation in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
PoS(hep2001)063 pdf A.M. Teixeira, G.C. Branco, F. Kruger and J.C. Romao
Supersymmetric model contributions to $B^0_d - \bar B^0_d$ mixing and $B\rightarrow \pi \pi$, $\rho \gamma$ decays
PoS(hep2001)064 pdf A.D. Arhrib, C.K. Chua and W.S. Hou
Extended minimal flavour violating MSSM and implications for B physics
PoS(hep2001)065 pdf E. Lunghi
CP violation in a supersymmetric SO(10) X U(2)_F model
PoS(hep2001)066 pdf K.T. Mahanthappa and M.C. Chen
Observation of CP violation in the $B^0$ system
PoS(hep2001)067 pdf C. Touramanis
CP violation at Belle
PoS(hep2001)068 pdf S. Schrenk
Search for CP violation and new physics at CLEO
PoS(hep2001)069 file missing V. Savinov
Study of three body B decays at Belle
PoS(hep2001)070 pdf P. Chang
Search for direct CP violation in $B\rightarrow K\pi$, $\pi\pi$, $KK$, quasi-2-body decays and $B\rightarrow K^*\gamma$ at BaBar
PoS(hep2001)071 pdf S. Menke
QCD factorization in $B\rightarrow \pi K$, $\pi \pi$ decays
PoS(hep2001)072 pdf M. Neubert
New results on charm CP-violation and $D^0 - \bar D^0$ mixing in FOCUS
PoS(hep2001)073 pdf S. Ratti
Future prospects for K experiments
PoS(hep2001)074 pdf A. Nappi
B physics prospects at hadron colliders
PoS(hep2001)075 pdf A. Wicklund
4 Heavy Flavour
Measurements of |V_ub| and |V_cb| at CLEO
PoS(hep2001)076 pdf D.H. Miller
Semileptonic B decays and CKM elements at LEP
PoS(hep2001)077 pdf F. Palla
Precision determination of |V_ub|
PoS(hep2001)078 pdf C. Bauer, Z. Ligeti and M. Lage
On the extraction of |V_ub| using radiative B decays
PoS(hep2001)079 pdf M. Neubert
Semileptonic B decays and determination of |V_cb| at Belle
PoS(hep2001)080 pdf E. Won
Inclusive semileptonic B decays at BaBar
PoS(hep2001)081 pdf U. Langenegger
Remarks on sum rules in the heavy-quark limit of QCD
PoS(hep2001)082 pdf A. Le-Yaouanc, L. Oliver, O. Pene, J.C. Raynal and V. Morenas
Charmless hadronic B decays at BaBar
PoS(hep2001)083 pdf M. Bona
Charmless hadronic B decays at Belle
PoS(hep2001)084 file missing A. Bozek
Rare and hadronic B decays at CLEO
PoS(hep2001)085 pdf E. von Toerne
Exclusive and semi-inclusive B decays in QCD factorization
PoS(hep2001)086 pdf H.Y. Cheng
Beyond "naive'' factorization in exclusive radiative B decays
PoS(hep2001)087 pdf T. Feldmann
Penguin mediated B decays at Belle
PoS(hep2001)088 pdf S. Nishida
Penguin mediated B decays at Babar
PoS(hep2001)089 pdf G. Mancinelli
Flavor-Change with Ultra-Light Sbottom and Gluinos
PoS(hep2001)090 pdf T. Becher, S. Braig, M. Neubert and A. Kagan
Two-loop virtual corrections to $b\rightarrow sl^+l^-$ in the standard model
PoS(hep2001)091 pdf C. Greub and M. Walker
Charm production by neutrinos in the CHORUS experiment
PoS(hep2001)092 pdf A. Murat Guler
Leptonic decays of the D_s meson at LEP
PoS(hep2001)093 pdf S. Soldner-Rembold
Studies of B_s and B_d mixing at SLD
PoS(hep2001)094 pdf J. Thom
Studies of B_s oscillations at LEP
PoS(hep2001)095 pdf C. Weiser
The width difference of B_d mesons
PoS(hep2001)096 pdf A. Dighe, T. Hurth, C.S. Kim and T. Yoshikawa
Review of B lifetimes
PoS(hep2001)097 pdf K. Osterberg
Theoretical progress in describing the B-meson lifetimes
PoS(hep2001)098 pdf D. Becirevic
Non-local duality in B decays in the t'Hooft model
PoS(hep2001)099 pdf B. Grinstein
Hadronic B decays to open charm at BaBar
PoS(hep2001)100 pdf J. Schieck
Hadronic B decays to open charm at Belle
PoS(hep2001)101 pdf R.S. Lu
Measurements of $B -\rightarrow J/\psi$ decay modes at CDF
PoS(hep2001)102 pdf A. Wicklund
Studies of B decays to charmonium at BaBar
PoS(hep2001)103 pdf G. Calderini
Designer mesons for exploring factorization in b decays
PoS(hep2001)104 pdf M. Diehl
New results on charm decays and lifetimes from Fermilab experiment FOCUS
PoS(hep2001)105 pdf G. Boca
New CLEO II results on charm hadron decays
PoS(hep2001)106 pdf K.K. Gan
Study of charmed baryons decays and $D^0\rightarrow K^0 \pi^0$ decay at Belle
PoS(hep2001)107 pdf S. Semenov
5 Tests of the Standard Model
A new precise measurement of g-2 of muon
PoS(hep2001)108 pdf I. Logashenko
Measurement of R in the range 2 - 5 GeV with BESII at BEPC
PoS(hep2001)109 pdf J. Chen
Precision determination of the muon g-2 and alpha(QED) on the Z
PoS(hep2001)110 pdf J.F. De Troconiz and F. Yndurain
Z lineshape and leptonic forward-backward asymmetries
PoS(hep2001)111 pdf M. Paganoni
Measurement of the Tau properties at LEP
PoS(hep2001)112 pdf M.P. Casado Lechuga
Measurements of heavy flavour forward-backward asymmetries at LEP 1
PoS(hep2001)113 pdf P. Hansen
Electroweak results at SLD
PoS(hep2001)114 file missing V. Serbo
Fermion pair production above the Z0 resonance
PoS(hep2001)115 pdf J. Holt
Precise predictions for $e^+e^-\rightarrow 4f (+ \gamma)$ with anomalous couplings
PoS(hep2001)116 pdf A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, M. Roth and D. Wackeroth
W-pair and single-W production at LEP
PoS(hep2001)117 pdf R. Chierici
Measurement of charged current triple gauge boson couplings
PoS(hep2001)118 pdf S. Villa
Color reconnection studies in W pair events at LEP
PoS(hep2001)119 pdf D. Duchesneau
Bose-Einstein correlations in W-pair events
PoS(hep2001)120 pdf O. Pooth
W mass and width measurements at LEP2
PoS(hep2001)121 pdf H. Ruiz
Study of ZZ and neutral current 4-Fermion production at LEP2
PoS(hep2001)122 pdf H. Rick
Limits on anomalous neutral current triple gauge boson couplings
PoS(hep2001)123 pdf A. Oh
Theoretical developments on quartic gauge boson couplings at LEP
PoS(hep2001)124 pdf F. Piccinini and M. Osmo
Experimental limits on anomalous quartic gauge boson couplings at LEP
PoS(hep2001)125 pdf M. Biglietti
Electroweak results from the Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)126 pdf C. Gerber
Combined fit to the electroweak data and constraints on the Standard Model
PoS(hep2001)127 pdf S. Mele
Results from the direct search for the Standard Model Higgs boson at LEP
PoS(hep2001)128 pdf J. Marco
Recent work on electroweak radiative corrections at $E\gg M_W$
PoS(hep2001)129 pdf A. Denner
Measurement of the weak mixing angle in parity violating Moller scattering
PoS(hep2001)130 pdf Y. Kolomensky
Electroweak symmetry breaking in Tevatron Run II
PoS(hep2001)131 pdf G. Chiarelli
Prospects for electroweak physics at the LHC
PoS(hep2001)132 pdf D. Cavalli
Higgs + 2jets via gluon fusion
PoS(hep2001)133 pdf V. Del Duca, W. Kilgore, C. Oleari, D. Zeppenfeld and C.R. Schmidt
Electroweak precision tests with a future linear collider
PoS(hep2001)134 pdf W. Menges
6 Beyond the Standard Model
Search for mSUSY (MSSM, SUGRA) particles at LEP
PoS(hep2001)136 pdf B. Clerbaux
Interpretation of SUSY constraints at LEP
PoS(hep2001)137 pdf P. Azzurri
Search for supersymmetry with R-parity violation at LEP
PoS(hep2001)138 pdf M. Espirito Santo
Search for alternative SUSY (AMSB, GMSB) at LEP
PoS(hep2001)139 file missing C. Rembser
Search for mSUSY and RPV-SUSY at Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)140 pdf E. Nagy
SUSY prospects at LHC
PoS(hep2001)141 file missing C. Lester
Constraints on mSUGRA and SUSY particle production at future $e^+e^-$ linear colliders
PoS(hep2001)142 pdf A. Djouadi, M. Drees and J.L. Kneur
Probing CP-violation in slepton production at future mu colliders
PoS(hep2001)143 file missing M. Drees
Beyond the Standard Model Higgs searches at LEP (Part A)
PoS(hep2001)144 pdf D. Zer-Zion
Searches for Higgs bosons beyond the Standard Model at LEP (Part B): Fermiophobia, anomalous couplings, invisible and charged Higgs
PoS(hep2001)145 pdf I. Josa
Prospects for non-standard Higgs bosons at the LHC
PoS(hep2001)146 pdf E. Locci
Triviality and stability in effective theories
PoS(hep2001)147 pdf J. Wudka
Spontanous CP violation and Higgs spectra
PoS(hep2001)148 pdf U. Nierste
Search for leptoquarks, technicolor,and exoticas at Tevatron
PoS(hep2001)149 file missing R. Moore
Search for leptoquarks, technicolor and contact interactions (Z', extra dimension,...) at LEP
PoS(hep2001)150 pdf S. Shevchenko
Search for leptoquarks and contact interactions at HERA
PoS(hep2001)151 pdf X. Liu
Search for RP-violating SUSY and excited fermions at HERA
PoS(hep2001)152 pdf C. Schwanenberger
Global electroweak fits in the SM and MSSM
PoS(hep2001)154 pdf W. De Boer and C. Sander
Search for muon - electron conversion on gold
PoS(hep2001)155 pdf W. Bertl, F. Rosenbaum, N.M. Ryskulov, R. Engfer, E.A. Hermes, G. Kurz, A. Van der Schaaf, P. Wintz, J. Kuth, G. Otter, T. Kozlowski and I. Zychor
Search for tau into mu + gamma decay at Belle
PoS(hep2001)156 file missing T. Ohshima
Radiative lepton decays and the substructure of leptons
PoS(hep2001)157 pdf X. Calmet
Spontanous parity breaking and fermion masses
PoS(hep2001)158 pdf M. Simoes, Y.A. Coutinho and C.M. Porto
Search for single top (FCNC) and heavy and excited fermions at LEP
PoS(hep2001)159 pdf M. Pimenta
Lepton events with missing transverse momentum and single top (FCNC) at HERA
PoS(hep2001)160 pdf C. Vallee
Top anomalous decays in R-parity violating SUSY
PoS(hep2001)161 pdf G. Eilam, A. Gemintern, T. Han, J.M. Yang and X. Zhang
Bulk observers in non-factorizable geometries
PoS(hep2001)162 pdf B. Grinstein and D.R. Nolte
Asymmetrically warped spacetimes
PoS(hep2001)163 pdf C. Csaki
Supersymmetric warped brane worlds
PoS(hep2001)164 pdf A. Falkowski
Prospects for exotics and extra dimensions at LHC
PoS(hep2001)165 pdf C. Alexa
Prospects for exotics and extra dimensions at future $e^+e^-$ linear colliders
PoS(hep2001)166 file missing O. Eboli
A new model-independent analysis of $B\rightarrow X_s + \gamma$ in supersymmetry
PoS(hep2001)167 pdf T. Besmer, C. Greub and T. Hurth
Definite new physics answers to CP asymmetries questions
PoS(hep2001)168 pdf O.M. Vives
General flavor blind MSSM and CP violation
PoS(hep2001)169 pdf A. Bartl, T. Gajdosik, E. Lunghi, A. Masiero, W. Porod, H. Stremnitzer and O.M. Vives
7 Hadron Spectroscopy and Rare Decays
A measurement of the branching ratio of $K^+\rightarrow \pi^+ \mu^+ \mu^-$ decays in the HyperCP experiment
PoS(hep2001)170 pdf P. Zyla
A study of the reaction $K^-N\rightarrow (K^- \pi^+ \pi^-)N$ at 28 GeV/c
PoS(hep2001)171 pdf V. Nikolaenko
Conversion $\phi $(1020) decays into $\pi^0 e^+ e^-$, $\eta$(550) $e^+e^-$ and $\eta $(550) into $e^+e^- \gamma$ from SND detector at VEPP
PoS(hep2001)172 pdf
T.V. Dimova, M.N. Achasov, K.I. Beloborodov, A.V. Berdyugin, A.V. Bozhenok, A.G. Bogdanchikov, A.D. Bukin, D.A. Bukin, S.V. Burdin, A.A. Drozdetsky, V.P. Druzhinin, V.B. Golubev, V.N. Ivanchenko, A.A. Korol, S.V. Koshuba, A.P. Lysenko, A.A. Mamutkin, E.V. Pakhtusova, A. Salnikov, S.I. Serednyakov, V.V. Sharyy, A.G. Skripkin, Y.M. Shatunov, Z.K. Silagadze, A.A. Valishev and A.V. Vasiljev
Measurement of hadronic cross-sections in $e^+e^-$ collisions below 1.4 GeV at CMD
PoS(hep2001)173 pdf
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Proton-antiproton annihilation to gluons and the status of glueballs
PoS(hep2001)174 pdf C. Amsler
A new measurement of Ke4 decay and the s-wave pi-pi-scattering length
PoS(hep2001)175 pdf P. Truoel
Phenomenological quark model for baryon magnetic moments and beta decay ratios (G_A/G_V)
PoS(hep2001)176 pdf J. Franklin
Results from the NA48 experiment on rare neutral kaon decays
PoS(hep2001)177 pdf A. Maier
Recent psi(2S) results from BES and current status
PoS(hep2001)178 pdf F. Harris
Spectroscopy results from FOCUS
PoS(hep2001)179 pdf S. Bianco
CLEO results on hadron spectroscopy and outlook for CLEO_{~c}
PoS(hep2001)180 pdf T. Pedlar
Excited B,D mesons at OPAL
PoS(hep2001)181 pdf K. Harder
Understanding $B\rightarrow D^* N \bar N$
PoS(hep2001)182 pdf C.K. Chua, W.S. Hou and S.Y. Tsai
Meson production from $e^+e^-$ continuum in the Y region
PoS(hep2001)183 pdf V. Tisserand
Resonance production in gamma-gamma collisions at L3
PoS(hep2001)184 pdf M. Dierckxsens
Measurement of inclusive f1(1285) and f1(1420) production in Z decays with the DELPHI detector
PoS(hep2001)185 pdf M. Chapkine
Gamma-gamma to 3pi at Belle
PoS(hep2001)307 pdf S. Hou
8 Neutrino Masses and Oscillations
Measurement of CC interactions produced by ${}^8$B solar neutrinos at SNO
PoS(hep2001)186 pdf
A. Mc Donald, J. Boger, R.L. Hahn, J.K. Rowley, M. Yeh, I. Blevis, F. Dalnoki-Veress, J. Farine, D.R. Grant, C.K. Hargrove, I. Levine, K. McFarlane, H. Mes, C. Mifflin, A.J. Noble, V.M. Novikov, M. O'Neill, M. Shatkay, D. Sinclair, N. Starinsky, G. Milton, B. Sur, J. Bigu, J.H.M. Cowan, E.D. Hallman, R.U. Haq, J. Hewett, J.G. Hykawy, G. Jonkmans, S. Luoma, A. Roberge, E. Saettler, M.H. Schwendener, H. Seifert, R. Tafirout, C.J. Virtue, Y.D. Chan, X. Chen, M.C.P. Isaac, K.T. Lesko, A.D. Marino, E.B. Norman, C.E. Okada, A.W.P. Poon, A. Schuelke, A.R. Smith, R.G. Stokstad, T.J. Bowles, S.J. Brice, M.R. Dragowsky, M.M. Fowler, A. Goldschmidt, A. Hamer, A. Hime, K. Kirch, G.G. Miller, P. Thornewell, J.B. Wilhelmy, J.M. Wouters, J.D. Anglin, M. Bercovitch, W.F. Davidson, R.S. Storey, J.C. Barton, S. Biller, R.A. Black, R.J. Boardman, M.G. Bowler, J. Cameron, B.T. Cleveland, X. Dai, G. Doucas, J. Dunmore, H. Fergani, A.P. Ferraris, K. Frame, H. Heron, N.A. Jelley, A.B. Knox, M. Lay, W. Locke, J. Lyon, S. Majerus, N. McCauley, G. McGregor, M. Moorhead, M. Omori, N.W. Tanner, R.K. Taplin, M. Thorman, P.T. Trent, D.L. Wark, N. West, J. Wilson, R. Kouzes, M.M. Lowry, E. Bonvin, M.G. Boulay, M. Chen, E.T.H. Clifford, Y. Dai, F.A. Duncan, E.D. Earle, H.C. Evans, G.T. Ewan, R.J. Ford, A.L. Hallin, P.J. Harvey, R. Heaton, J.D. Hepburn, C. Jillings, H.W. Lee, J.R. Leslie, H.B. Mak, A.B. McDonald, W. McLatchie, B.A. Moffat, T.J. Radcliffe, B.C. Robertson, P. Skensved, S. Gil, J. Heise, R.L. Helmer, R.J. Komar, T. Kutter, C.W. Nally, H.S. Ng, Y.I. Tserkovnyak, C.E. Waltham, R.C. Allen, G. Buhler, H.H. Chen, T.C. Andersen, K. Cameron, M.C. Chon, P. Jagam, J. Karn, J. Law, I.T. Lawson, R.W. Ollerhead, J.J. Simpson, N. Tagg, J.X. Wang, E.W. Beier, D.F. Cowen, E.D. Frank, W. Frati, W.J. Heintzelman, P.T. Keener, J.R. Klein, C.C.M. Kyba, D.S. McDonald, M.S. Neubauer, F.M. Newcomer, S.M. Oser, V.L. Rusu, R. Van Berg, P. Wittich, Q.R. Ahmad, M.C. Browne, T.V. Bullard, T.H. Burritt, G.A. Cox, P.J. Doe, C.A. Duba, S.R. Elliott, J.V. Germani, A.A. Hamian, R. Hazama, K.M. Heeger, M. Howe, R. Meijer Drees, J.L. Orrell, R.G.H. Robertson, K.K. Schaffer, M.W.E. Smith, T.D. Steiger, J.F. Wilkerson and R.G. Van de Water
Recent results from Super-Kamiokande
PoS(hep2001)187 pdf S. Moriyama
Study of neutrino induced upgoing muon energy
PoS(hep2001)188 pdf E. Scapparone
Soudan 2 atmospheric neutrino oscillation studies
PoS(hep2001)189 pdf H. Gallagher
Final LSND and KARMEN-2 neutrino oscillation results
PoS(hep2001)301 pdf J. Wolf
Search for $\nu_{\mu} \leftrightarrow \nu_e$ oscillations in the NOMAD experiment
PoS(hep2001)190 pdf V. Valuev
Update on solar and atmospheric four-neutrino oscillations
PoS(hep2001)191 pdf C. Gonzalez-Garcia, M. Maltoni and C. Pena Garay
The Mainz neutrino mass experiment
PoS(hep2001)192 pdf C. Weinheimer, J. Bonn, B. Bornschein, L. Bornschein, L. Fickinger, B. Flatt, A. Kovalik, C. Kraus, E.W. Otten, J.P. Schall, T. Thummler and H. Ulrich
Neutrino masses or new interactions
PoS(hep2001)193 pdf B. Mc Kellar, M. Garbutt, G.J. Stephenson Jr and T. Goldman
Status of the LBL oscillation experiments MINOS and OPERA
PoS(hep2001)194 pdf A. Weber
T-violating effects in three flavor neutrino oscillations in matter
PoS(hep2001)195 pdf T. Ohlsson
Effective neutrino mass operators and their applications
PoS(hep2001)196 pdf C.N. Leung
Softly broken lepton numbers: an approach to maximal neutrino mixing
PoS(hep2001)197 pdf L. Lavoura
How neutrino and charged fermion masses are connected within minimal supersymmetric SO(10)
PoS(hep2001)198 pdf B. Bajc, G. Senjanovic and F. Vissani
8+9 Joint Session: Neutrinos and Astrophysics
Upward and horizontal tau airshowers by ultra high energy neutrinos
PoS(hep2001)208 pdf D. Fargion
Enhancement of neutrino detection with AUGER through neutrino oscillations
PoS(hep2001)209 pdf P. Billoir, X. Bertou, O. Deligny and A. Letessier-Selvon
Particle candidates of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays
PoS(hep2001)210 pdf G. Domokos and S. Kovesi-Domokos
Precision cosmic ray data from AMS-01
PoS(hep2001)211 pdf W. Wallraff
Antimatter as a probe for physical processes in the early Universe
PoS(hep2001)212 pdf A. Sakharov, M. Khlopov and S. Rubin
Search for magnetic monopoles in the cosmic radiation with MACRO detector at Gran Sasso
PoS(hep2001)213 pdf I.D. Mitri
The cosmological information on neutrino mixing
PoS(hep2001)214 pdf P. Di Bari
Non-adiabatic oscillations of supernova neutrinos
PoS(hep2001)215 pdf M. Kachelriess
Quantum decoherence and neutrino oscillations
PoS(hep2001)216 pdf R. Funchal, E.M. Santos, W.J.C. Teves and A.M. Gago
Neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis and neutrinoless double beta decay
PoS(hep2001)217 pdf H.B. Nielsen and Y. Takanishi
Observable medium effects for atmospheric neutrinos
PoS(hep2001)218 pdf J. Bernabeu and S. Palomares-Ruiz
9 Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
What we can learn on inflation from recent CMBR data
PoS(hep2001)199 pdf L. Covi
ARCHEOPS: CMB preliminary results from the last flight
PoS(hep2001)200 file missing D. Santos
Limits on WIMP dark matter
PoS(hep2001)201 pdf N. Spooner and V. Kudryavtsev
Constraints on warm dark matter models from the high redshift Universe
PoS(hep2001)202 pdf Z. Haiman, R. Barkana and J.P. Ostriker
Stable quark stars beyond neutron stars: can they account for the missing matter?
PoS(hep2001)203 pdf S. Kabana and P. Minkowski
Damping scales of neutralino cold dark matter
PoS(hep2001)204 pdf D.J. Schwarz, S. Hofmann and H. Stoecker
TeV gamma rays from Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(hep2001)205 pdf J. Cortina
The knee in the cosmic ray spectrum
PoS(hep2001)206 file missing M. Roth
Physics results from the AMANDA neutrino detector
PoS(hep2001)207 pdf
M. Kowalski, J. Ahrens, X. Bai, G. Barouch, S.W. Barwick, R.C. Bay, T. Becka, K.H. Becker, D. Bertrand, A. Biron, S. Boser, J.R.A. Booth, O. Botner, A. Bouchta, M.M. Boyce, S. Carius, A. Chen, D. Chirkin, J. Conrad, J. Cooley, C.G.S. Costa, D.F. Cowen, C. De Clercq, T. De Young, P. Desiati, J.P. Dewulf, P. Doksus, J. Edsjo, P. Ekstrom, T. Feser, J.M. Frere, M. Gaug, L. Gerhardt, A. Goldschmidt, A. Hallgren, F. Halzen, K. Hanson, R. Hardtke, T. Hauschildt, M. Hellwig, P. Herquet, G.C. Hill, P.O. Hulth, S. Hundertmark, J. Jacobsen, A. Karle, J. Kim, B. Koci, L. Kopke, M. Kowalski, K. Kuehn, J.I. Lamoureux, H. Leich, M. Leuthold, P. Lindahl, J. Madsen, P. Marciniewski, H.S. Matis, Y. Minaeva, P. Miocinovic, R. Morse, T. Neunhoffer, P. Niessen, D.R. Nygren, H. Ogelman, P. Olbrechts, C. Perez de los Heros, A. Pohl, P.B. Price, G.T. Przybylski, K. Rawlins, C. Reed, W. Rhode, M. Ribordy, S. Richter, J.R. Martino, P. Romenesko, D. Ross, H.G. Sander, T. Schmidt, D. Schneider, A. Silvestri, M. Solarz, G.M. Spiczak, C. Spiering, N. Starinsky, D. Steele, P. Steffen, R.G. Stokstad, P. Sudhoff, K.H. Sulanke, I. Taboada, M.V. Donckt, C. Walck, C. Weinheimer, C.H. Wiebusch, R. Wischnewski, H. Wissing, K. Woschnagg, G. Yodh and S. Young
10 Nonperturbative Field Theory
A lattice approach to QCD in the chiral regime
PoS(hep2001)219 pdf M.D. Morte, R. Frezzotti and J.C. Heitger
Borel convergence of the variational mass expansion
PoS(hep2001)220 pdf J.L. Kneur and D. Reynaud
The excitation spectrum of the Wilson surface and QCD string theory
PoS(hep2001)221 pdf K.J. Juge, J. Kuti and C. Morningstar
New analytic results for electroweak baryon number violation
PoS(hep2001)222 pdf F.R. Klinkhamer and Y.J. Lee
The critical point of QCD on the $\mu-T$ plane
PoS(hep2001)223 pdf Z. Fodor and S.D. Katz
Isospin violation and the magnetic moment of the muon
PoS(hep2001)224 pdf V. Cirigliano, G. Ecker and H. Neufeld
Improved determination of B_7 and B_8
PoS(hep2001)225 pdf V. Cirigliano, J.F. Donoghue, E. Golowich and K. Maltman
Matrix elements of electroweak penguin operators and the large N_c expansion
PoS(hep2001)226 pdf M. Knecht
Kaon matrix elements with domain wall quarks
PoS(hep2001)227 file missing A. Soni
$K \rightarrow \pi \pi$ matrix elements from lattice QCD with Wilson fermions
PoS(hep2001)228 pdf M. Papinutto
Asymptotic freedom with discrete spin variables?
PoS(hep2001)229 pdf P. Hasenfratz and F. Niedermayer
Discrete non-Abelian groups and asymptotically free models
PoS(hep2001)230 pdf S. Caracciolo, A. Montanari and A. Pelissetto
11 New Developments in Field Theory
Mechanism for CPT violation
PoS(hep2001)231 pdf F.R. Klinkhamer
Inverse of the PCT theorem
PoS(hep2001)232 pdf C. Bender
Polyakov conjecture and 2+1 dimensional gravity coupled to particles
PoS(hep2001)233 pdf L. Cantini, P. Menotti and D. Seminara
All minimal supergravity extensions of 2d dilaton theories
PoS(hep2001)234 pdf W. Kummer, M. Ertl and T. Strobl
Noncommutativity of boundary closed string coordinates for an open membrane on a p-brane
PoS(hep2001)235 pdf A. Das, J. Maharana and A. Melikyan
Knot theory from the perspective of field and string theory
PoS(hep2001)236 pdf J. Labastida
Branes with extended symmetry
PoS(hep2001)237 pdf M. Moshe and N. Sakai
Non-abelian gauge theories on non-commutative spaces
PoS(hep2001)238 pdf P. Schupp
Deriving SUSY
PoS(hep2001)308 pdf H.B. Nielsen, S. Pallua and P. Dominis Prester
12 High Energy Nuclear Collisions
First results on Au+Au collisions at 130 AGeV from the PHENIX experiment
PoS(hep2001)239 pdf T. Peitzmann
The reconstructed Big Bang from RHIC data
PoS(hep2001)241 pdf A. Ster and T. Csorgo
Jet quenching as a probe of gluon plasma formation
PoS(hep2001)242 pdf G. Fai, G.G. Barnaföldi, M. Gyulassy, P. Levai, G. Papp, I. Vitev and Y. Zhang
The role of jet quenching in the anti p larger than pi- anomaly at RHIC
PoS(hep2001)243 pdf I.M. Vitev, M. Gyulassy and P. Levai
Strangeness in high energy nuclear collisions
PoS(hep2001)244 pdf M. Leeuwen
Direct photon production in heavy-ion collisions at the SPS
PoS(hep2001)245 file missing E. Van der Pijll
Nuclear broadening effects on hard prompt photons at CERN-SPS and BNL-RHIC energies
PoS(hep2001)246 pdf L. Gerland, H. Stoecker, A. Dumitru, L. Frankfurt and M. Strikman
Direct photon production in p and pi+ induced reactions at \sqrt s = 17.3 GeV
PoS(hep2001)247 pdf M. Mora
Centrality dependence of strange baryon yields in Pb-Pb collisions
PoS(hep2001)248 pdf L. Sandor
Strangelets, strangeness and antimatter: results from the experiment NA52 at CERN
PoS(hep2001)249 pdf
S. Kabana, G. Ambrosini, R. Arsenescu, H.P. Beck, K. Borer, P. Hess, R. Klingenberg, G. Lehmann, R. Mommsen, K. Pretzl, J. Schacher, R. Spiwoks, F. Stoffel, M. Weber, C. Baglin, A. Bussiere, J.P. Guillaud, K. Elsener, K.D. Lohmann, P. Gorodetzky, T. Linden and J. Tuominiemi
Low-mass lepton pair production in Pb-Au collisins at 40 AGeV
PoS(hep2001)250 pdf S. Damjanovic and K. Filimonov
Medium modifications of vector mesons
PoS(hep2001)302 pdf G. Wolf and M.F.M. Lutz
13 Detector Developments
A detector for TESLA, diamond calorimeter development for TESLA, a TPC for TESLA
PoS(hep2001)251 pdf M. Doucet
The scintillator fiber tracker and muon trigger at D0
PoS(hep2001)252 pdf M. Abolins
BteV - a dedicated B physics experiment at the Tevatron collider
PoS(hep2001)306 pdf K. Honscheid
The ATLAS muon spectrometer
PoS(hep2001)253 pdf K. Ishii
Results on the liquid argon electromagnetic calorimeter, the hadronic endcap calorimeter of ATLAS
PoS(hep2001)254 pdf L. Neukermans
The Vacuum Phototriodes for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
PoS(hep2001)255 pdf R. Brown, K.W. Bell, D.J.A. Cockerill, P.S. Flower, B.W. Kennedy, A.L. Lintern, M. Sproston, J.H. Williams, P.R. Hobson, D.C. Imrie and O. Sharif
Avalanche photodiodes for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
PoS(hep2001)256 pdf Q. Ingram, K. Deiters, D. Renker, T. Sakhelashvili, A. Kuznetsov, Y. Musienko, J. Swain, S. Reucroft, I. Kronqvist, R. Rusack, A. Singovski, P. Vikas, Z. Antunovic, N. Godinovic and I. Soric
An electromagnetic calorimeter prototype for the ALICE experiment
PoS(hep2001)257 pdf C. Oppedisano
The CMS silicon strip sensors
PoS(hep2001)258 pdf C. Civinini
Alignment with infrared laser beams and Si mictrostrip detectors
PoS(hep2001)259 pdf B. Wittmer
Charged particle tracking and aging studies of drift chambers at HERA-B
PoS(hep2001)260 pdf T. Zeuner
Electron polarisation measurement using a Fabry-Perot cavity at HERA
PoS(hep2001)261 pdf Z.P. Zhang
The ZEUS microvertex detector
PoS(hep2001)262 pdf U. Koetz
Evaluation of fine pitch p-onp and n-on-n irradiated silicon microstrip sensors for the LHCb experiment
PoS(hep2001)263 pdf J.F. Libby
Achievements of the first generation of monolithic active pixel sensors for charged particle tracking
PoS(hep2001)264 pdf M. Winter, G. Deptuch, Y. Gornushkin, G. Claus and W. Dulinski
The Lorentz angle in silicon detectors
PoS(hep2001)265 pdf W. De Boer, V. Bartsch, J. Bol, A. Dierlamm, E. Grigoriev, F. Hauler and L. Jungermann
New results on the ATLAS pixel opto-link
PoS(hep2001)266 pdf K.K. Gan
A low resistivity RPC for the trigger of the ALICE di-muon arm
PoS(hep2001)267 pdf A. Ferretti
RPC sensitivity to low energy neutrons and gamma rays: preliminary results
PoS(hep2001)268 pdf
S. Ratti, S. Altieri, V. Baratti, G. Belli, G. Bruno, R. Guida, E. Imbres, G. Musitelli, R. Nardo', C. Riccardi, P. Torre, A. Vicini, P. Vitulo, M. Abbrescia, A. Colaleo, G. Iaselli, F. Loddo, M. Maggi, B. Marangelli, S. Natali, S. Nuzzo, G. Pugliese, A. Ranieri, F. Romano and F. Volpe
Emulsion scanning technologies
PoS(hep2001)269 pdf T. Nakano
The ATHENA antihydrogen detector
PoS(hep2001)270 pdf C. Amsler
Results on particle identification with silica aerogel
PoS(hep2001)271 pdf
M. Calvi, T. Bellunato, C. Matteuzzi, M. Musy, P. Negri, M. Paganoni, A.R. Buzykaev, E. Kravchenko, A.P. Onuchin, A.F. Danilyuk, S. Wotton, A. Braem, E. Chesi, C. Joram, D. Liko, N. Neufeld, J. Seguinot, D. Voillat, P. Weilhammer, T. Duane and S. Jolly
Experimental and simulation study of the MSGC + GEM detectors
PoS(hep2001)272 pdf G. De Lentdecker, O. Devroede, F. Udo, C. Vander Velde, P. Vanlaer, T. Beckers, V. Zhukov, S. Moreau, A. Nowack and A. Zander
14 New Ideas in Data Handling
Online Monitoring in the CDF II experiment
PoS(hep2001)273 pdf W. Wagner, T. Arisawa, K. Ikado, K. Maeshima, H. Stadie, G. Veramendi and H. Wenzel
Physics and event selection architecture for the ATLAS experiment
PoS(hep2001)274 pdf S. Tapprogge
Data handling in HARP
PoS(hep2001)275 file missing I. Papadopoulos
A new object-oriented physics analysis framework for the H1 experiment
PoS(hep2001)276 pdf A. Meyer
Evaluation of the computing resources required for a Nordic research exploitation of the LHC
PoS(hep2001)277 pdf C. Zacharatou Jarlskog, S. Almehed, C. Driouichi, P. Eerola, U. Mjornmark, O. Smirnova and T. Akesson
Simulation capabilities and application results of the Geant4 toolkit
PoS(hep2001)278 pdf M.G. Pia
Special Session for EPS Prize Winners
Gauge theory and gravitation: a new connection
PoS(hep2001)279 pdf S. Gubser
Extension of the $F_2$ structure function measurement towards low x and $Q^2$
PoS(hep2001)280 pdf A. Quadt
Hands on particle physics
PoS(hep2001)281 pdf C. Sutton
Quarks, leptons and galaxies for students
PoS(hep2001)282 pdf E. Johnson