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Twenty-sixth Johns Hopkins Workshop on current problems in particle theory: high energy reactions

jhw2002 - (other jhw conferences)
1-3 August 2002
Heidelberg, Germany
published February 15, 2002
The talks presented gave an overview of the current state of the physics of high energy reactions, both from the theoretical and experimental points of view. Special emphasis is on the physics of strong interaction at high energies in the non-perturbative regime and on the link between accelerator based physics and the high energy data recorded by cosmic ray experiments.

Editorial Board
Domokos Gabor (chairman), Kovesi-Domokos Susan, Nachtmann Otto

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Session 1
Soft and hard QCD
PoS(jhw2002)017 pdf P.V. Landshoff
High energy reactions and vacuum properties
PoS(jhw2002)002 pdf H.g. Dosch
Scattering amplitudes: from Minkowski to Euclidean space
PoS(jhw2002)003 pdf E. Meggiolaro
Semiclassical Theory of High Energy Collisions and RHIC Puzzles
PoS(jhw2002)004 pdf E.V. Shuryak
High energy reactions and string theory
PoS(jhw2002)006 pdf R. Peschanski
Testing pQCD at colliders
PoS(jhw2002)007 pdf G. Sterman
From QCD-instantons at HERA to electroweak (B+L)-violation at VLHC
PoS(jhw2002)008 pdf A. Ringwald
Testing the electroweak theory at linear colliders
PoS(jhw2002)019 pdf A. Denner
High energy cosmic ray observations
PoS(jhw2002)010 pdf H.g. Rebel
What we can learn from cosmic rays?
PoS(jhw2002)011 pdf S. Kovesi-Domokos and G. Domokos
Very high energy cosmic rays and search for physics beyond the standard model
PoS(jhw2002)021 pdf Z. Fodor
Status and prospects of high pT physics at the Tevatron
PoS(jhw2002)013 pdf J. Incandela
The meson, in particular the glueball spectrum (experiments)
PoS(jhw2002)014 pdf U. Wiedner
Experiments on high energy reactions in the diffractive regime at LHC
PoS(jhw2002)024 pdf S. Tapprogge