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28th Johns Hopkins Workshop on Current Problems in Particle Theory

jhw2004 - (other jhw conferences)
June 5-8, 2004
Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus - Bloomberg Center for Physics and Astronomy, Baltimore, Maryland
published July 14, 2006
Particle physics and cosmology today are at an exciting juncture. The last decade has resulted in the discovery of powerful theoretical mechanisms which have revolutionized our description of fundamental physics and addressed several of its most pressing questions. In the meantime, experiments and observations have reached an era of unprecedented precision and reach, which have resulted in wonderful discoveries ranging from neutrino masses, to the top quark, to the acceleration of the Universe. In the next decade, experiments with grand scope from the Tevatron, LHC and linear colliders, to WMAP, Planck and SNAP will confront the new ideas, and will likely throw up new surprises and questions. These theoretical and experimental developments are rapidly erasing the traditional boundaries between particle phenomenology beyond the Standard Model, string theory, cosmology and astrophysics. The time is ripe to capitalize on these developments by bringing together the leading thinkers at the confluence of these fields, speaking the lingua franca of effective field theory, to share ideas, viewpoints and techniques.

Editorial Board
Domokos Gabor (chairman), Kaplan David E., Kovesi-Domokos Susan, Sundrum Raman

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PoS(jhw2004)001 pdf G. Domokos and S. Kovesi-Domokos
Deciphering the Extreme Universe
PoS(jhw2004)020 pdf A. Olinto
Observational Implications of Cosmological Event Horizons
PoS(jhw2004)005 pdf N. Kaloper
Cosmological Parameters from Galaxy Clustering in the SDSS
PoS(jhw2004)007 pdf A. Pope, A. Szalay, T. Matsubara, M.R. Blanton, D.J. Eisenstein, J. Gray and B. Jain
EWSB scenarios at 2004
PoS(jhw2004)011 pdf A. Pomarol
Modified Gravity vs Dark Matter: Relativistc theory for MOND
PoS(jhw2004)012 pdf J. Bekenstein
Matter and Gravity in Warped Extradimensional Models: Reinterpreting RS
PoS(jhw2004)013 pdf K. Benson
MHV Diagrams and Tree Amplitudes of Gluons
PoS(jhw2004)015 pdf F. Cachazo