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International conference on Statistical Mechanics of Plasticity and Related Instabilities

August 29-September 2, 2005
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
published November 24, 2006
The papers compiled in this volume are based on talks and posters given at the International Conference on "Statistical Mechanics of Plasticity and Related Instabilities", (SMPRI 2005), held at the Materials Research Center of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, from August 29 to September 2, 2005. Our aim in organizing SMPRI 2005 was to promote and enhance interactions between researchers from the statistical physics, materials science and solid mechanics communities. While predicting the (macroscopic) deformation properties of materials is a classical topic of materials science and materials mechanics, statistical physicists have become increasingly interested in the collective processes which control the irreversible deformation of matter on microscopic and mesoscopic scales. The SMPRI 2005 meeting has been a forum for the exchange of concepts, research ideas, and results among these communities. We hope that the contributions contained in this proceedings volume will not only help to continue and deepen this exchange, but also to disseminate the results beyond the, necessarily limited, circle of the actual participants. We want to thank all contributors for the work in preparing their manuscripts. We are grateful to the institutions which have supported this conference, in particular the Asian Office for Aerospace Research and Developement (AOARD/AFOSR), the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, the Indian Center for Scientific and Industrial Research, the Indian Defense Research and Developement Organization, The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy, the Indian Institute of Science, in particular the Center for Condensed Matter Theory and Materials Reseach Center, the Department of Science and Technology, India, the Materials Research Society of India, and the Karnatake State Center for Science and Technology. We would also like to thank the staff and students of Materials Research Center, Indian Institute of Science, who have worked hard to make the SMPRI conference a success. Our special thanks go to professor G. Ananthakrishna for his pioneering work in introducing concepts of statistical mechanics and 'nonlinear science' into materials science and engineering. To him this volume is dedicated.

Editorial Board
Dattagupta S., El-Azab Anter, Krupanidhi S.B., Noronha Silvester, Shivashankar A. S., Zaiser Michael (chairman)

conference main image
Continuum models of dislocation systems
Discrete dislocation modeling of plasticity
Dynamical systems and stochastic processes
Fracture and failure of disordered solids
Plastic Instabilities
Plasticity of soft and vortex matter
Scaling and scale invariance in deformation and failure
Transformation-induced plasticity
Continuum models of dislocation systems
Fundamentals of a continuum theory of dislocations
PoS(SMPRI2005)002 pdf T. Hochrainer and M. Zaiser
Coupling the dynamical behavior of compatible/incompatible dislocation distributions
PoS(SMPRI2005)004 pdf S. Varadhan, A.J. Beaudoin and C. Fressengeas
Gauge theory of defects in continuous media I
PoS(SMPRI2005)005 pdf D. Sahoo and M.C. Valsakumar
Gauge theory of defects in continuous media II
PoS(SMPRI2005)006 pdf M.C. Valsakumar and D. Sahoo
Kinetic theory of dislocations: A time-dependent projection operator approach
PoS(SMPRI2005)009 pdf B. Bako
Discrete dislocation modeling of plasticity
Stress-Strain response of irradiated material using dislocation dynamics modelling
PoS(SMPRI2005)011 pdf B.G. Dutta and P.V. Durgaprasad
Evolution of self-affine surface roughness in plastically deforming KCl single crystals
PoS(SMPRI2005)012 pdf E. Nadgorny, J. Schwerdtfeger, F. Madani-Grasset, V. Koutsos, E.C. Aifantis and M. Zaiser
Brittle – ductile transition and scatter in fracture toughness of ferritic steels
PoS(SMPRI2005)013 pdf S. Noronha and N.M. Ghoniem
Dynamical systems and stochastic processes
Monte Carlo techniques in statistical physics
PoS(SMPRI2005)018 pdf K.P.N. Murthy and V.S.S. Sastry
Threshold-crossing statistics in diffusion with a time-dependent control parameter
PoS(SMPRI2005)017 pdf V. Balakrishnan, C. Nicolis and G. Nicolis
Modeling constitutive behavior of a 15Cr-15Ni-2.2Mo-Ti modified austenitic stainless steel under hot compression using artificial neural network
PoS(SMPRI2005)059 pdf S. Mandal, P.V. Sivaprasad, K.P.N. Murthy and B. Raj
Energetics of a simple microscopic heat engine
PoS(SMPRI2005)026 pdf M. Asfaw and M. Bekele
Large dynamic characterizers of spatiotemporal intermittency
PoS(SMPRI2005)029 pdf N. Gupte and Z. Jabeen
Fracture and failure of disordered solids
Computational challenges in the large-scale simulation of fracture in disordered media
PoS(SMPRI2005)037 pdf P. Nukala and S. Simunovic
Plastic Instabilities
Bistability, negative strain rate sensitivity and visualization of dislocation configurations
PoS(SMPRI2005)043 pdf G. Ananthakrishna
Scaling behaviour of Portevin-Le Chatelier effect
PoS(SMPRI2005)040 pdf A. Sarkar, P. Barat, P. Mukherjee and S.K. Bandyopadhyay
Plastic instability in omega forming alloy systems
PoS(SMPRI2005)042 pdf S.L. Wadekar, J.K. Chakravartty and S. Banerjee
Plasticity of soft and vortex matter
Stress-induced solidification in colloidal suspensions
PoS(SMPRI2005)045 pdf M. Cates
Velocity distributions in a cooling granular gas
PoS(SMPRI2005)049 pdf S. Puri and S.R. Ahmad
Plasticity and grain boundary motion in vortex matter
PoS(SMPRI2005)050 pdf P. Moretti, M.C. Miguel, M. Zaiser and S. Zapperi
Scaling and scale invariance in deformation and failure
1/f noise and plastic deformation
PoS(SMPRI2005)051 pdf L. Laurson and M.J. Alava
On the predictability of individual events in power-law systems
PoS(SMPRI2005)052 pdf R. De and G. Ananthakrishna
The 'yielding transition' in crystal plasticity - discrete dislocations and continuum models
PoS(SMPRI2005)053 pdf M. Zaiser, B. Marmo and P. Moretti
Scaling relations for dislocation structure and response
PoS(SMPRI2005)054 pdf R. LeSar, M. Koslowski, R. Thomson and J.M. Rickman
Scaling and glassy dynamics in the relaxation of dislocation systems
PoS(SMPRI2005)058 pdf F. Csikor and M. Zaiser
Transformation-induced plasticity
A two-dimensional model of some unusual features of martensites
PoS(SMPRI2005)056 pdf S. Sreekala and G. Ananthakrishna