PoS - Proceedings of Science

XXIVth International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LAT2006 - (other lattice conferences)
July 23-28, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
published December 18, 2006

Lattice 2006, the XXIV International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, was held from July 23-28, 2006 at the Starr Pass Hotel near Tucson, Arizona, USA, hosted by the University of Arizona Physics Department. The scientific program contained 25 plenary session talks and 193 parallel session contributions (talks and posters).

Topics in lattice QCD included: hadron spectroscopy; hadronic interactions and structure; algorithms, machines, and networks; chiral symmetry; QCD confinement and topology; quark masses, gauge couplings, and renormalization; electroweak decays and mixing; high temperature and density; and theoretical developments.

Topics beyond QCD included large Nc, Higgs, SUSY, gravity, and strings.

Editorial Board
Tom Blum, Michael Creutz, Carleton DeTar, Frithjof Karsch, Andreas Kronfeld, Colin Morningstar (chairman), David Richards, Junko Shigemitsu, Doug Toussaint

conference main image
Algorithms, Machines, and Networks
Beyond QCD: Large N, Higgs, SUSY, Gravity, Strings
Chiral Symmetry
Confinement and Topology
Electroweak Decays and Mixing
Hadronic Interactions and Structure
High Temperature and Density
Quark Masses, Gauge Couplings, and Renormalization
Theoretical Developments
PoS(LAT2006)219 pdf C. Morningstar
Progress in kaon physics on the lattice
PoS(LAT2006)015 pdf W. Lee
Algorithms for dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)020 pdf S. Schaefer
The sign problem in the epsilon-regime of QCD
PoS(LAT2006)023 pdf K. Splittorff
Twisted mass QCD for weak matrix elements
PoS(LAT2006)019 pdf C. Pena
Status Report on ILDG activities
PoS(LAT2006)013 pdf K. Jansen
Light dynamical fermions on the lattice: toward the chiral regime of QCD
PoS(LAT2006)009 pdf L. Giusti
D-branes and coherent topological charge structure in QCD
PoS(LAT2006)025 pdf H. Thacker
Strong correlations in hot QCD
PoS(LAT2006)010 pdf T. Hatsuda
Heavy flavor physics from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)017 pdf T. Onogi
QCD phase diagram: an overview
PoS(LAT2006)024 pdf M. Stephanov
Rooted staggered fermions: good, bad or ugly?
PoS(LAT2006)022 pdf S.R. Sharpe
Lattice field theory methods in modern biophysics
PoS(LAT2006)006 pdf A. Duncan
Pushing lattice QCD to the edge: flavor physics
PoS(LAT2006)003 pdf A. Cerri
Search for gluonic excitations in light unconventional mesons
PoS(LAT2006)007 pdf P. Eugenio
Recent lattice QCD results on nucleon structure
PoS(LAT2006)018 pdf K. Orginos
Lattice QCD at finite density
PoS(LAT2006)021 pdf C. Schmidt
Towards a quantitative understanding of the Delta I=1/2 rule
PoS(LAT2006)012 pdf P. Hernandez
The Rational Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm
PoS(LAT2006)004 pdf M. Clark
Hot QCD and warm dark matter
PoS(LAT2006)014 pdf M. Laine
QCD physics beyond the standard model and LHC searches
PoS(LAT2006)016 pdf A. Nelson
The search for the fundamental QCD string in anti de Sitter space
PoS(LAT2006)002 pdf R.C. Brower
Color superconductivity in ultra-dense quark matter
PoS(LAT2006)001 pdf M. Alford
Recent progress in finite temperature lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)011 pdf U.M. Heller
Advances and applications of lattice supersymmetry
PoS(LAT2006)008 pdf J. Giedt
The one-flavor quark condensate and related problems
PoS(LAT2006)005 pdf T. DeGrand
Algorithms, Machines, and Networks
Trends in computer technologies
PoS(LAT2006)026 file missing D. Barkai
Lattice simulation on graphics cards
PoS(LAT2006)034 pdf attachments D. Nogradi
2+1 flavor lattice QCD with Luscher's Domain-Decomposed HMC algorithm
PoS(LAT2006)029 pdf Y. Kuramashi
Trajectory length and autocorrelation times: Nf=2 simulations in the Schrodinger functional
PoS(LAT2006)032 pdf H. Meyer
An application of the UV-filtering preconditioner to the Polynomial Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm
PoS(LAT2006)027 pdf K.I. Ishikawa
QCD simulations using polynomial-filtered multiple-time-scale molecular dynamics HMC
PoS(LAT2006)035 file missing M.J. Peardon
Dynamical overlap fermion simulations with a preconditioned Hybrid Monte Carlo force
PoS(LAT2006)040 pdf J. Volkholz
Improvement of algorithms for dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)031 pdf H. Matsufuru
Multi-step stochastic correction in dynamical fermion updating algorithms
PoS(LAT2006)037 pdf E.E. Scholz
Status and physics plan of the PACS-CS Project
PoS(LAT2006)039 pdf A. Ukawa
Progress in building the International Lattice Data Grid
PoS(LAT2006)028 pdf B. Joo
Reweighting method in finite density lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)030 pdf A. Li
Morphological boundary detection for cluster analysis and HEP data classification
PoS(LAT2006)033 pdf M. Mjahed
Simulations of clover fermions at light quark masses
PoS(LAT2006)036 file missing G. Schierholz
Beyond QCD: Large N, Higgs, SUSY, Gravity, Strings
String tensions of SU(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions
PoS(LAT2006)041 pdf B. Bringoltz
Strong to weak coupling transitions of SU(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions
PoS(LAT2006)042 pdf F. Bursa
The spectrum of SU(N) gauge theories at nonzero theta
PoS(LAT2006)045 pdf H. Panagopoulos
About orientifold planar equivalence on the lattice
PoS(LAT2006)046 pdf A. Patella
On the phase structure of a chiral invariant Higgs-Yukawa model
PoS(LAT2006)043 pdf P. Gerhold
Overlap fermion in external gravity
PoS(LAT2006)047 pdf H. So
Double hairpin diagrams and the planar equivalence of N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and one-flavor QCD
PoS(LAT2006)044 pdf P. Keith-Hynes
Chiral Symmetry
Zero mode topology with dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)049 pdf N.D. Cundy
Coherent lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)053 pdf I. Horvath
Simulation of lattice gauge action from the overlap operator
PoS(LAT2006)056 pdf K.F. Liu
Large statistics study of QCD topological charge distribution
PoS(LAT2006)058 pdf S. Petrarca
Chiral lattice gauge theories from warped domain walls and Ginsparg-Wilson fermions
PoS(LAT2006)048 pdf T. Bhattacharya
The method of gap domain-wall fermions
PoS(LAT2006)059 pdf P. Vranas
Exploration of hybrid fermion formulations
PoS(LAT2006)055 file missing S. Krieg
Ginsparg-Wilson meson scattering on a staggered sea
PoS(LAT2006)057 pdf D. O'Connell
JLQCD's dynamical overlap project
PoS(LAT2006)054 pdf T. Kaneko
Mobility edge and locality of the overlap-Dirac operator with and without dynamical overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)060 pdf N. Yamada
Dynamical overlap fermions in the epsilon-regime
PoS(LAT2006)050 pdf H. Fukaya
Improved staggered eigenvalues and epsilon regime universality in SU(2)
PoS(LAT2006)051 pdf A. Hart
Dynamical overlap fermion at fixed topology
PoS(LAT2006)052 pdf S. Hashimoto
Confinement and Topology
Critical exponents for U(1) lattice gauge theory at finite temperature
PoS(LAT2006)061 pdf B.A. Berg
Exploring the infrared Landau gauge propagators using large asymmetric lattices
PoS(LAT2006)075 pdf P.J. Silva
Lattice study of the infrared behavior of QCD Green's functions in Landau gauge
PoS(LAT2006)076 pdf A. Sternbeck
The QCD vacuum probed by overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)078 pdf V. Weinberg
Z(2)-symmetric center vortex model with a first-order deconfinement transition
PoS(LAT2006)064 pdf M. Engelhardt
Dual superconductivity in G2 group
PoS(LAT2006)063 pdf G. Cossu
Abelian dominance in local unitary gauges and without gauge-fixing in pure SU(2) QCD
PoS(LAT2006)073 pdf T. Sekido
Quark confinement and gauge invariant monopoles in SU(2) YM
PoS(LAT2006)068 pdf S. Kato
String tension scaling in models of the confined phase
PoS(LAT2006)072 pdf M. Ogilvie
Broadening of the confining flux tube joining higher-representation sources
PoS(LAT2006)070 pdf S. Lottini
Infrared divergence of the color-Coulomb self-energy in Coulomb gauge QCD
PoS(LAT2006)071 pdf Y. Nakagawa
RG decimation study of SU(2) gauge theory
PoS(LAT2006)077 pdf A. Velytsky
Gluon mass generation and infrared Abelian dominance in Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LAT2006)074 pdf A. Shibata
Monopole condensation in two-flavour Adjoint QCD
PoS(LAT2006)069 pdf G. Lacagnina
The Z(2) gauge model revisited: as a possible testbed for the confinement and chiral symmetry phase transition of SU(2) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LAT2006)067 pdf S. Hioki
Full QCD in external chromomagnetic field
PoS(LAT2006)062 pdf L. Cosmai
Quantum fluctuations of k-strings: A case study.
PoS(LAT2006)065 pdf P. Giudice
Exploring residual gauge symmetry breaking
PoS(LAT2006)066 pdf M. Grady
Electroweak Decays and Mixing
Kaon B-parameters for generic Delta S=2 four-quark operators in quenched domain wall QCD
PoS(LAT2006)089 pdf Y. Nakamura
B_K on 2+1 flavor Iwasaki DWF lattices
PoS(LAT2006)080 pdf S. Cohen
Light meson masses and non-perturbative renormalisation in 2+1 flavour domain wall QCD
PoS(LAT2006)096 pdf R.J. Tweedie
Matrix elements and diquark correlations in quenched QCD with overlap fermions.
PoS(LAT2006)091 pdf C. Rebbi
Mixing kaons with mixed action chiral perturbation theory
PoS(LAT2006)079 pdf C. Aubin
Bs mixing parameters in Nf=2+1 full QCD
PoS(LAT2006)093 pdf J. Shigemitsu
Unitarity and the heavy quark expansion in the determination of semileptonic form factors
PoS(LAT2006)097 pdf R. Van de Water
B meson decays from moving NRQCD on fine MILC lattices
PoS(LAT2006)099 pdf K.Y. Wong
The $B\rightarrow D^* \ell \nu$ form factor from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)087 pdf J. Laiho
Charm physics with highly improved staggered quarks
PoS(LAT2006)082 pdf E. Follana
Quenched penguins, the Delta I=1/2 rule, and epsilon prime/epsilon
PoS(LAT2006)090 pdf E. Pallante
Preliminary analysis of $K\rightarrow \pi \pi$ with 2+1 flavor DWF lattices on QCDOC
PoS(LAT2006)088 pdf S. Li
Calculation of Delta I = 3/2 kaon weak matrix elements including two-pion interaction effects in finite volume
PoS(LAT2006)100 pdf T. Yamazaki
$K\rightarrow \pi \ell \nu$ form factor with $N_f = 2+1$ dynamical domain wall fermions
PoS(LAT2006)101 pdf J. Zanotti
SU(3) breaking effects in hyperon beta decay from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)092 pdf S. Sasaki
Lambda-bar, lambda_1, and Mb in three-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)083 pdf E. Freeland
Mb and fBs from a combination of HQET and QCD
PoS(LAT2006)084 pdf D. Guazzini
Leptonic widths of heavy quarkonia: QCD/NRQCD matching for the electromagnetic current at O(alpha_s v^2)
PoS(LAT2006)098 pdf G. von Hippel
A study of the Bs-Bs-bar mass and width difference in 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)081 pdf R. Evans
The form factors for the rare decay $B\rightarrow K \ell^+ \ell^-$ from three-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)085 pdf R. Jain
B_K in unquenched QCD using improved staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2006)086 pdf J. Kim
The decay constants f_B+ and f_D+ from three-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)094 pdf J.N. Simone
Update on study of Kl3 form factors with dynamical domain wall quarks
PoS(LAT2006)095 file missing A. Soni
Hadronic Interactions and Structure
Nucleon form factors: probing the chiral limit
PoS(LAT2006)120 pdf D. Pleiter
The N to Delta axial transition form factors in quenched and unquenched QCD
PoS(LAT2006)115 pdf T. Leontiou
Electromagnetic and spin polarisabilities in lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)103 pdf W. Detmold
Nucleon structure in the chiral regime with domain wall fermions on an improved staggered sea
PoS(LAT2006)121 pdf D.B. Renner
Transverse spin densities from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)108 pdf P. Haegler
Nucleon structure in lattice QCD with dynamical domain-wall fermions quarks
PoS(LAT2006)118 pdf S. Ohta
First and second moments of the strange parton distribution from Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)102 file missing M. Deka
Distribution amplitudes of pseudoscalar mesons
PoS(LAT2006)122 pdf W. Schroers
The first moment of the Kaon distribution amplitude from Nf=2+1 Domain Wall Fermions
PoS(LAT2006)111 pdf A. Juttner
Energies and radial distributions of Bs mesons - the effect of hypercubic blocking
PoS(LAT2006)112 pdf J. Koponen
Baryon correlators containing different diquarks from lattice simulations
PoS(LAT2006)116 pdf Z. Liu
Vector meson electromagnetic form factors
PoS(LAT2006)114 pdf B.G. Lasscock
Hadron form factors using density-density correlators
PoS(LAT2006)113 pdf G. Koutsou
Calculation of Neutron EDM in quenched and full QCD
PoS(LAT2006)123 pdf E. Shintani
Neutron electric dipole moment from quenched overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)107 file missing M. Guertler
Nuclear Force from Lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)109 pdf N. Ishii
Two-photon decay widths in charmonia
PoS(LAT2006)105 file missing R. Edwards
Rho meson decay from the lattice
PoS(LAT2006)110 pdf N. Ishizuka
Strangeness magnetic moment from the stochastic estimator
PoS(LAT2006)104 file missing S.J. Dong
Investigation of the overlap of excited bottomonium states with hybrid operators
PoS(LAT2006)106 pdf C. Ehmann
Operator product expansion on the lattice: analytic Wilson coefficients
PoS(LAT2006)119 pdf H. Perlt
Light quark electromagnetic structure of baryons
PoS(LAT2006)124 pdf A. Williams
High Temperature and Density
Towards the QCD phase diagram
PoS(LAT2006)130 pdf P. de Forcrand
Searching for the elusive critical endpoint at finite temperature and isospin density
PoS(LAT2006)147 pdf D. Sinclair
Quark number susceptibility of high temperature QCD
PoS(LAT2006)137 pdf A. Hietanen
Exploring the chiral singularities of two color QCD at strong coupling
PoS(LAT2006)138 pdf F.J. Jiang
Why (staggered fermions)^{1/4} fail at finite density
PoS(LAT2006)148 pdf B. Svetitsky
Topology, chiral and Polyakov loop transitions at finite density in two-colour QCD
PoS(LAT2006)125 pdf B. Alles Salom
Confining properties of two-color QCD at finite density
PoS(LAT2006)131 pdf M. D'Elia
Partially quenched QCD with a chemical potential
PoS(LAT2006)142 pdf J.C. Osborn
Avoiding the boson sign problem at finite chemical potential
PoS(LAT2006)133 pdf M. Endres
The nature of QCD transition
PoS(LAT2006)149 file missing K. Szabo
Chiral transition in two-flavour QCD: an update
PoS(LAT2006)145 pdf C. Pica
Analysis of the finite temperature transition for three flavor QCD using p4-improved staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2006)129 pdf M. Cheng
Finite temperature phase transition of two-flavor QCD with an improved Wilson quark action
PoS(LAT2006)150 pdf N. Ukita
QCD thermodynamics with Nf=2+1 near the continuum limit at realistic quark masses
PoS(LAT2006)151 pdf T. Umeda
Singlet free energies and renormalized Polyakov loop in full QCD
PoS(LAT2006)144 pdf K. Petrov
Charmonium spectral functions in Nf=2 QCD at high temperature
PoS(LAT2006)126 pdf C. Allton
Spectral functions at non-zero momentum in hot QCD
PoS(LAT2006)134 pdf J. Foley
Towards the continuum limit of screening lengths with chiral fermions
PoS(LAT2006)135 pdf R.V. Gavai
Renormalization of infrared contributions to the QCD pressure
PoS(LAT2006)038 pdf C. Torrero
Static quark free energies at finite temperature with two flavors of improved Wilson quarks
PoS(LAT2006)141 pdf Y. Maezawa
Quark propagators at finite temperature with the clover action
PoS(LAT2006)136 pdf M. Hamada
The QCD equation of state with asqtad staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2006)139 pdf L. Levkova
Field theoretic study of a cold Fermi gas in the unitary limit
PoS(LAT2006)153 pdf M. Wingate
Baryonic matter in the lattice Gross-Neveu model
PoS(LAT2006)152 pdf U. Wenger
Effects of the anomaly on the QCD chiral phase transition
PoS(LAT2006)128 pdf S. Chandrasekharan
Non-equilibrium signals of the SU(3) deconfining phase transition
PoS(LAT2006)127 pdf A. Bazavov
Dynamical simulations of QCD at finite temperature with a truncated perfect action
PoS(LAT2006)146 pdf S. Shcheredin
Equation of state for two-flavor QCD with an improved Wilson quark action at non-zero chemical potential
PoS(LAT2006)132 pdf S. Ejiri
Twisted mass QCD thermodynamics: first results on apeNEXT
PoS(LAT2006)140 pdf M.P. Lombardo
Analytical continuation from imaginary to real chemical potential in two-color QCD under scrutiny
PoS(LAT2006)143 pdf A. Papa
Quark Masses, Gauge Couplings, and Renormalization
Testing UV-filtered ("fat link") clover fermions
PoS(LAT2006)157 pdf S. Durr
Simulating at realistic quark masses: light quark masses
PoS(LAT2006)160 pdf Y. Nakamura
Renormalization constants for lattice QCD: new results from Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory
PoS(LAT2006)156 pdf F. Di Renzo
Non-perturbative scale evolution of four-fermion operators in two-flavour QCD
PoS(LAT2006)158 pdf G. Herdoiza
Improving the gluon condensate in three-dimensionnal Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LAT2006)154 pdf S. Caron-Huot
Improving perturbation theory with cactus diagrams
PoS(LAT2006)155 pdf M. Constantinou
An improved action for heavy quarks
PoS(LAT2006)159 pdf A. Kronfeld
One-loop renormalisation of lattice QCD operators for non-forward matrix elements: from clover to overlap fermions
PoS(LAT2006)161 pdf A. Schiller
2-loop additive mass renormalization with clover fermions and Symanzik improved gluons
PoS(LAT2006)162 pdf A. Skouroupathis
Update on the physics of light pseudoscalar mesons
PoS(LAT2006)163 pdf R. Sugar
Orbital and radial excitations of static-light mesons
PoS(LAT2006)196 pdf S. Ryan
Bs and Bc mesons in lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetry
PoS(LAT2006)180 pdf T.H. Hsieh
Heavy baryon mass spectrum from lattice QCD with 2+1 flavors
PoS(LAT2006)191 pdf H. Na
Improvement of quark propagator estimation through domain decomposition
PoS(LAT2006)169 pdf T. Burch
Light baryon spectrum using improved interpolating operators
PoS(LAT2006)197 pdf I. Sato
Hadron spectrum with domain-wall valence quarks on an improved staggered sea.
PoS(LAT2006)195 pdf D.G. Richards
Strong isospin breaking contribution to the neutron-proton mass difference
PoS(LAT2006)198 pdf M. Savage
The isospin breaking effect on baryons with Nf=2 domain wall fermions
PoS(LAT2006)174 pdf T. Doi
Improved heavy quark action
PoS(LAT2006)171 pdf N.H. Christ
Spectrum of radial, orbital and gluonic excitations of charmonium
PoS(LAT2006)193 pdf M.B. Oktay
Update on onium masses with three flavors of dynamical quarks
PoS(LAT2006)175 pdf S. Gottlieb
Study of unquenching effects on heavy-heavy meson masses and decay constants
PoS(LAT2006)200 file missing N. Tantalo
An estimate of the eta and eta-prime meson masses in Nf=2+1 lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)204 pdf T. Yoshie
2+1 flavor light hadron spectrum and quark masses with the O(a) improved Wilson-clover quark formalism
PoS(LAT2006)181 pdf T. Ishikawa
Simulating at realistic quark masses: pseudoscalar decay constants and chiral logarithms
PoS(LAT2006)179 pdf R. Horsley
Excited mesons from Nf=2 dynamical clover Wilson lattices
PoS(LAT2006)177 pdf C. Hagen
Production and properties of 2+1 flavor DWF ensembles
PoS(LAT2006)188 pdf R. Mawhinney
Baryon spectrum in 2+1 flavour domain wall QCD from QCDOC
PoS(LAT2006)189 pdf C. Maynard
Exploratory study of the Ds spectrum in 2+1 domain wall QCD with heavy overlap
PoS(LAT2006)202 pdf A. Trivini
Charmed spectroscopy from a nonperturbatively determined relativistic heavy quark action in full QCD
PoS(LAT2006)184 pdf H.W. Lin
The static quark potential for dynamical domain wall fermion simulations
PoS(LAT2006)183 pdf M. Li
Chiral extrapolations in 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion simulations
PoS(LAT2006)185 pdf M. Lin
Exotic and higher spin mesons in charmonium region
PoS(LAT2006)187 pdf N. Mathur
Mass spectrum of 1-+ exotic mesons using the Maximum Entropy Method
PoS(LAT2006)172 pdf M. Cook
First results in QCD with 2+1 light flavors using the fixed-point action
PoS(LAT2006)178 pdf D. Hierl
Spectroscopy from canonical partition functions
PoS(LAT2006)201 pdf B.C. Toth
Chiral forms and three-flavor operators for staggered baryons
PoS(LAT2006)167 pdf J. Bailey
Taste breaking effects in scalar meson correlators
PoS(LAT2006)173 pdf C. DeTar
Pseudoscalar flavor-singlets and staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2006)176 pdf E. Gregory
The spectrum of charmonium-like vector mesons in lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)170 pdf T.W. Chiu
Precision spectroscopy in light isovector, isoscalar and hybrid mesons
PoS(LAT2006)192 pdf A. O Cais
Automatic O(a) improvement for twisted-mass QCD
PoS(LAT2006)165 pdf S. Aoki
Towards large scale simulations with N_f=2 fully twisted mass fermions
PoS(LAT2006)182 file missing K. Jansen
First results with two light flavours of maximally twisted mass
PoS(LAT2006)203 pdf C. Urbach
The spectrum of tmLQCD with quark and link smearing
PoS(LAT2006)164 pdf A.M. Abdel-Rehim
Pion spectrum using improved staggered fermions
PoS(LAT2006)166 pdf T. Bae
2+1 flavor QCD contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(LAT2006)168 file missing T. Blum
Hybrid charmonium from lattice QCD
PoS(LAT2006)186 pdf X.Q. Luo
The effect of reduced spatial symmetries on lattice states: results for non-zero linear momentum
PoS(LAT2006)190 pdf D. Moore
Toward group theory operators for tmLQCD hadrons
PoS(LAT2006)194 pdf R. Petry
Overlap fermions on a twisted mass sea
PoS(LAT2006)199 pdf S. Schaefer
Theoretical Developments
New developments in 2D supersymmetric lattice theories
PoS(LAT2006)214 file missing D.B. Kaplan
Gross-Neveu model as a laboratory for fermion discretization
PoS(LAT2006)218 pdf U. Wolff
An effectively chiral Yukawa model on a lattice
PoS(LAT2006)213 pdf A. Horowitz
Nonzero chemical potential in the overlap Dirac operator and comparison to random matrix theory
PoS(LAT2006)206 pdf J. Bloch
Definition and parametrization of non-perturbative effects in quenched QCD
PoS(LAT2006)215 pdf Y. Meurice
Regularizing QCD with staggered fermions and the fourth root trick
PoS(LAT2006)205 pdf C. Bernard
The rooted staggered determinant in the Schwinger model
PoS(LAT2006)212 pdf R. Hoffmann
The chiral condensate on two-flavor staggered configurations from an overlap operator
PoS(LAT2006)210 pdf A. Hasenfratz
Mass splitting of staggered fermions and SO(2D) Clifford algebra
PoS(LAT2006)211 pdf M. Hatakeyama
Pion physics in two flavor strong coupling lattice QED
PoS(LAT2006)207 pdf D. Cecile
Diseases with rooted staggered quarks
PoS(LAT2006)208 pdf M. Creutz
Phase diagram of the three dimensional Thirring model - A Monte Carlo study
PoS(LAT2006)217 pdf C. Strouthos