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Diffraction 06, International Workshop on Diffraction in High-Energy Physics

September 5-10, 2006
Adamantas, Milos island, Greece
published February 20, 2007

Diffraction 2006, (http://www.cs.infn.it/diff2006), is the forth event of a series of biennial International Workshops, devoted to Diffraction in High-Energy Physics.

It keeps up a tradition initiated in 2000 in Cetraro, on the Western coast of Calabria, Italy and continued in 2002 in Alushta, on the Crimean coast on the Black Sea, and in 2004 in Cala Gonone, on the Eastern coast of Sardinia.

This year, the event is held in Adamantas, on the Milos island in Greece and collects about 60 participants from all around the world.

The Workshop is co-organized by University of Athens, DESY-Hamburg (Germany), University of Calabria (Rende, Italy) and University of Torino (Italy).

The purpose of the Workshop is to review the experimental and theoretical aspects of Diffraction in high-energy physics and to discuss new developments. The topics include Experimental results and prospects, Phenomenological approaches to diffraction and Progress in the theoretical description of diffraction.

Editorial Board
Roberto Fiore, Igor P. Ivanov, Christos Ktorides, Alessandro Papa (chairman)

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Experiment: overview
Experiment: Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering
Experiment: Inclusive Diffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering
Experiment: Exclusive DIffraction
Experiment: Diffraction in Hadronic Collisions
Theory and Phenomenology: Overview
Theory and Phenomenology: BFKL and QCD in the small-x domain
Theory and Phenomenology: Color dipole/kt-factorization models
Theory and Phenomenology: Properties of Diffractive Processes
Experiment: overview
Topical summary of experimental results
PoS(DIFF2006)001 pdf K. Borras
Experiment: Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering
Inclusive DIS results from HERA
PoS(DIFF2006)002 pdf X. Janssen
PDF uncertainties at hadron colliders
PoS(DIFF2006)003 pdf A. Robson
Experiment: Inclusive Diffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering
Inclusive Diffraction at HERA from the ZEUS experiment
PoS(DIFF2006)004 pdf B. Loehr
Inclusive diffraction in DIS - H1 Results
PoS(DIFF2006)005 pdf P. Laycock
Diffractive charm and dijets production at H1
PoS(DIFF2006)006 pdf M. Mozer
D*(2010) and dijet diffractive cross sections from the ZEUS experiment at HERA
PoS(DIFF2006)007 pdf I. Khorzhavina
Leading baryon production in ep collisions
PoS(DIFF2006)008 pdf L. Rinaldi
Gluon polarisation in the nucleon from COMPASS
PoS(DIFF2006)010 pdf K. Kurek
Experiment: Exclusive DIffraction
Vector Mesons at H1
PoS(DIFF2006)011 pdf N. Berger
Vector mesons at ZEUS
PoS(DIFF2006)012 pdf D. Szuba
Overview on exclusive processes at HERMES
PoS(DIFF2006)013 pdf R. Fabbri
Exclusive Diffractive Electroproduction of Vector Mesons at HERMES
PoS(DIFF2006)014 pdf A. Borissov
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Diffractive High t Photons at H1
PoS(DIFF2006)015 pdf attachments M. Beckingham
Experiment: Diffraction in Hadronic Collisions
Diffraction at the Tevatron: CDF results
PoS(DIFF2006)016 pdf K. Goulianos
Recent D0 results in Diffractive and Jet Physics
PoS(DIFF2006)017 pdf V. O'Dell
TOTEM experiment at the LHC: status and program
PoS(DIFF2006)019 pdf F. Ferro
Forward physics measurements at the LHC
PoS(DIFF2006)020 pdf R. Orava
Luminosity measurements and diffractive physics in ATLAS
PoS(DIFF2006)021 pdf C. Royon
Experimental Aspects of Central Exclusive Higgs Production
PoS(DIFF2006)022 pdf R. Croft
Theory and Phenomenology: Overview
Theoretical summary
PoS(DIFF2006)023 pdf J. Forshaw
Theory and Phenomenology: BFKL and QCD in the small-x domain
Regge and Bjorken asymptotics in N=4 SUSY
PoS(DIFF2006)024 pdf L. Lipatov
Non-forward BFKL at NLO
PoS(DIFF2006)025 pdf V. Fadin
NLO Photon Impact Factor: Present Status and Outlook
PoS(DIFF2006)026 pdf G. Chachamis
NLO BFKL at work: the electroproduction of two light vector mesons
PoS(DIFF2006)027 pdf A. Papa
Angular dependences in the small x region
PoS(DIFF2006)028 pdf A. Sabio Vera
NLO inclusive jet production in kt-factorization
PoS(DIFF2006)029 pdf F. Schwennsen
Numerical tools for the theoretical study of QCD at small x
PoS(DIFF2006)030 pdf P. Stephens
Breakdown of QCD coherence?
PoS(DIFF2006)031 pdf A. Kyrieleis
Electroproduction of pion pairs
PoS(DIFF2006)032 pdf D.Y. Ivanov
Diffractive vector meson leptoproduction and spin effects
PoS(DIFF2006)033 pdf S. Goloskokov
Production of rho meson pair in gamma-gamma collisions
PoS(DIFF2006)034 pdf attachments M. Segond
Soft-resummation corrections to parton distributions
PoS(DIFF2006)035 pdf G. Corcella
DIS Polarized Structure Functions at small x
PoS(DIFF2006)036 pdf M. Greco
Diffusive scaling and the high energy limit of DDIS
PoS(DIFF2006)037 pdf Y. Hatta
Theory and Phenomenology: Color dipole/kt-factorization models
Colour dipoles and the HERA data
PoS(DIFF2006)038 pdf G. Shaw
Production of spin-3 mesons in diffractive DIS
PoS(DIFF2006)039 pdf I.P. Ivanov
Nonlinear k_t factorisation: recent progress and perspectives
PoS(DIFF2006)040 pdf W. Schaefer
Polarization variables in diffractive J/psi electroproduction at HERA
PoS(DIFF2006)041 pdf S. Baranov
Left and Right in small-x neutrino DIS
PoS(DIFF2006)042 pdf V. Zoller
Theory and Phenomenology: Properties of Diffractive Processes
Unitarity signatures in diffractive scattering
PoS(DIFF2006)043 pdf U. Maor
Renormalized diffractive parton densities
PoS(DIFF2006)044 pdf K. Goulianos
Search for Odderon in the Parity Violating Amplitudes' Asymptotics
PoS(DIFF2006)045 pdf L. Lukaszuk
Semi Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering: nonperturbative and perturbative regimes
PoS(DIFF2006)047 pdf A. Prokudin
The Structure of Forward Peak in Elastic and Inclusive Inelastic Diffraction
PoS(DIFF2006)048 pdf A.R. Malecki
A factorized Regge-pole model for Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
PoS(DIFF2006)049 pdf L. Jenkovszky
A deeply virtual Compton scattering amplitude
PoS(DIFF2006)050 pdf M. Capua
Continuation of the dual amplitude with Mandelstam analyticity off mass shell
PoS(DIFF2006)051 pdf V. Magas
Diffractive DIS in eA processes
PoS(DIFF2006)052 pdf V.P. Goncalves
Dilepton Backward Rapidity Distributions
PoS(DIFF2006)053 pdf M.B. Gay Ducati
Hard diffraction at the LHC
PoS(DIFF2006)054 pdf C. Royon
Diffractive Higgs production
PoS(DIFF2006)055 pdf J. Forshaw
Central meson production in diffractive reactions
PoS(DIFF2006)056 pdf A. Szczurek
Comparison of different non-linear equations and corresponding unitarization schemes
PoS(DIFF2006)057 pdf O. Selyugin