PoS - Proceedings of Science

Ettore Majorana's legacy and the Physics of the XXI century

October 5-6, 2006
Catania, Italy
published March 05, 2007

The conference will celebrate the centennial of the birth of one of the most important physicists of the XX century. Starting from the original papers, the main focus of the conference will be on Majorana's legacy and contemporary Physics.

Editorial Board
Paolo Castorina, Francesco Catara, Salvatore Lo Nigro, Emilio Migneco, Francesco Porto, Andrea Rapisarda (chairman), Emanuele Rimini

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PoS(EMC2006)018 pdf A. Rapisarda, P. Castorina, F. Catara, E. Migneco, S. Lo Nigro, F. Porto and E. Rimini
proceedings index
From the Majorana theory of "Incomplete P' triplets" to Feshbach resonances
PoS(EMC2006)001 pdf A. Bianconi
The story of Majorana’s exchange force
PoS(EMC2006)002 pdf D. Brink
Neutrino oscillations
PoS(EMC2006)003 pdf N. Cabibbo
Majorana and the infinite component wave equations
PoS(EMC2006)004 pdf R. Casalbuoni
E.Majorana as a Guide in Quirino Majorana's Experiments. Original letters and documents on an experimental and theoretical collaboration
PoS(EMC2006)005 pdf attachments G. Dragoni
E. Majorana researcher and teacher: the latest achievements
PoS(EMC2006)006 pdf S. Esposito
Neutrinos: Dirac or Majorana?
PoS(EMC2006)007 pdf E. Fiorini
Majorana "spin-flip" and ultra-low temperature atomic physics
PoS(EMC2006)008 pdf M. Inguscio
Homage to Ettore Majorana
PoS(EMC2006)009 pdf R.W. Jackiw
The Majorana neutrino, 70 years after
PoS(EMC2006)010 file missing L. Maiani
E. Majorana's article on "The value of statistical laws in physics and statistical sciences"
PoS(EMC2006)011 pdf R. Mantegna
High energy neutrino astronomy
PoS(EMC2006)012 pdf E. Migneco
Neutrinos by INFN
PoS(EMC2006)013 file missing R. Petronzio
E. Majorana in Naples
PoS(EMC2006)014 pdf B. Preziosi
Ettore Majorana’s legacy to contemporary physics
PoS(EMC2006)015 pdf R. Pucci
E. Majorana: his human and scientific personality
PoS(EMC2006)016 pdf E. Recami
E. Majorana: Genius and Mystery
PoS(EMC2006)017 pdf A. Zichichi