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Kaon International Conference

KAON - (other kaon conferences)
May 21-25, 2007
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN
published February 05, 2008

The 2007 edition of the Kaon International Conference (KAON’07) was held at the Frascati Laboratory of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Italy, from May 21 to 25, 2007. It was organized by INFN and supported by the universities of Rome, “La Sapienza” and “Roma Tre”.

KAON’07 follows a series of conferences of similar emphasis, formerly held at KEK, in Chicago, in Pisa and most recently at the Northwestern University in Evanston, in June 2005.

The Conference was focused on kaon physics, aiming at a comprehensive discussion on the latest experimental and theoretical achievements, including precision tests of the Standard Model (SM), study of non-perturbative QCD, improvements in CP and CPT tests, development of new projects sensitive to physics beyond the SM.

The Conference attracted 120 participants from all over the world, demonstrating the interest of this field of particle physics.

The Proceedings, providing a scientific record of the topics discussed, collect more than 50 papers, including several reviews on kaon and flavour physics and 30 contributions with the ongoing activities and the recently finalized studies. They cover the determination of the Vud and Vus elements of the CKM matrix, the theory and the measurements of the pion-pion scattering lengths and phases, the tests of Quantum-Mechanics and CPT invariance, and several issues related to lepton universality. The theoretical framework and the challenging experimental projects for the measurement of the ultra-rare kaon decays K→ π v vbar are also discussed. Overall, the KAON’07 Proceedings constitute a rich and coherent summary of the state-of-art researches in kaon physics and explain their potentiality to reach a deeper understanding of the Standard Model and to search for signals of new physics.

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Welcome and Overview
Session I: Vus
Session I: Vus and Vud
Session II: CP violation
Session II: CP and T violation
Session II: Radiative decays
Session III: Low Energy QCD
Session IV: CPT and QM tests
Session V: Lepton Universality and LFV
Session VI: Rare decays
Summary and Conclusions
Welcome and Overview
Opening Remarks
PoS(KAON)002 pdf P. Franzini
Implications of CKM Unitarity
PoS(KAON)003 pdf W.J. Marciano
How well do we know the Unitary Triangle? An experimental review
PoS(KAON)005 pdf G. Sciolla
Session I: Vus
Precision tests of the Standard Model with Kl3 decays
PoS(KAON)007 pdf V. Cirigliano
Theoretical progress on the Vus determination from tau decays
PoS(KAON)008 pdf A. Pich
Measurement of |Vus| using hadronic tau decays from BABAR & BELLE
PoS(KAON)009 pdf S. Banerjee
K to pi semileptonic form factor with 2+1 flavor domain wall Fermions on the lattice
PoS(KAON)010 pdf A. Juttner
NA48/2 Final results on charged semileptonic kaon decays and Vus; NA48 Measurements of the Kmu3 form factors from KL decays
PoS(KAON)011 pdf A. Dabrowski
Dispersive representation and shape of K_{l3} form factors.
PoS(KAON)012 pdf E. Passemar
Did one observe couplings of right - handed quarks to W?
PoS(KAON)013 pdf J. Stern
KLOE measurement of the charged kaon absolute semileptonic BR's
PoS(KAON)014 pdf B. Sciascia
KLOE measurement of the scalar Form-Factor slope for K_L to pi l nu decay
PoS(KAON)016 pdf C. Gatti
KLOE measurements of the charged Kaon lifetime and BR( K+ into pi+ pi0 (gamma) )
PoS(KAON)017 pdf P. Massarotti
Session I: Vus and Vud
Theoretical progress on Vus on Lattice
PoS(KAON)018 pdf T. Kaneko
Determination of Vud - Overview
PoS(KAON)019 pdf T. Ito
Experimental Review on Vus extraction from Kaon decays
PoS(KAON)020 pdf M. Palutan
Session II: CP violation
Lattice Studies of Non-Leptonic Kaon Decays
PoS(KAON)021 pdf C. Sachrajda
ChPT Progress on Non-Leptonic and Radiative Kaon Decays
PoS(KAON)022 pdf J. Prades
Measurement of the CP violation parameter $|\eta_{+-}|$ and the charge asymmetry in $K^\pm \to 3\pi$ decays by NA48 and NA48/2
PoS(KAON)024 pdf A. Winhart
Session II: CP and T violation
Measurement of T-violating transverse muon polarization in $K^+ \rightarrow \pi^0 \mu^+ \nu$ decay at J-PARC
PoS(KAON)025 pdf S. Shimizu
A new K^{0}_{L} decay channel
PoS(KAON)026 pdf A. Pullia
Session II: Radiative decays
Radiative and semileptonic decays in Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(KAON)027 pdf J. Bijnens
New precise measurements of radiative charged kaon and hyperon decays
PoS(KAON)028 pdf E. Imbergamo
Study of K^(-) into e,nu,pi^(0),gamma decay with ISTRA+ setup
PoS(KAON)029 pdf V. Bolotov
Measurement of the Radiative $K^0_{e3}$ Branching Ratio and Direct Emission contribution in Semileptonic Decay $_KL \rightarrow \pi^{\pm} \e^{\mp} \nu (\gamma)$
PoS(KAON)030 pdf M. Dreucci
KTeV Results on Kaon Radiative Decays
PoS(KAON)031 pdf E. Cheu
KLOE measurements of the BR(Ks into gamma gamma) and direct search for Ks into e+e-
PoS(KAON)032 pdf M. Martini
Session III: Low Energy QCD
Theoretical progress on cusp effect and Kl4 decays
PoS(KAON)033 pdf J. Gasser
Precision study of $K^\pm\to\pi^\pm\pi^0\pi^0$ and $K^\pm\to\pi^\pm\pi^+\pi^-$ Dalitz plot distributions by NA48/2
PoS(KAON)034 pdf E. Goudzovski
Recent results from NA48/2 on Ke4 decays and interpretation in term of pi-pi scattering lengths
PoS(KAON)035 pdf B. BlochDevaux
An update of the DIRAC result on the pion-pion |a0-a2| scattering length
PoS(KAON)036 pdf L. Tauscher
Kaonic X-ray experiments at DAFNE using SIDDHARTA
PoS(KAON)037 pdf M. Cargnelli
Theoretical progress on pi-pi scattering lengths and phases
PoS(KAON)038 pdf G. Colangelo
Session IV: CPT and QM tests
Review on Bell-Steinberger relations
PoS(KAON)040 pdf G. D'Ambrosio
CPT and Decoherence in Quantum Gravity
PoS(KAON)041 pdf N. Mavromatos
Review on CPT and decoherence measurements with Kaons
PoS(KAON)042 pdf M. Testa
Local Realism vs Quantum Mechanics with Entangled Neutral Kaons
PoS(KAON)043 pdf G. Garbarino
Erasing the Past and Impacting the Future with Kaons at a Phi-factory
PoS(KAON)044 pdf B. Hiesmayr
EPR entanglement and decoherence in Upsilon(4S) decays to B0-B0bar
PoS(KAON)045 pdf A. Go
Session V: Lepton Universality and LFV
Lepton Universality Breaking vs Lepton Flavor Violation in Kaon Physics
PoS(KAON)046 pdf P. Paradisi
Kaon physics within nuMSM
PoS(KAON)047 pdf D. Gorbunov
Testing the mu-e universality with K± to l± nu decays
PoS(KAON)049 pdf V. Kozhuharov
Preliminary measurement of BR(ke2)/BR(kmu2) at KLOE
PoS(KAON)050 pdf A.L. Sibidanov
Lepton Universality Tests with Kaons
PoS(KAON)051 pdf R. Wanke
Prospects for Measurements of the $\pi \rightarrow e\nu$ Branching Ratio
PoS(KAON)052 pdf D.A. Bryman
Rare and forbidden decay of Charm Mesons at CLEO-c and BESIII
PoS(KAON)053 pdf H.b. Li
Experimental Review on Lepton Universality and Lepton Flavour Violation tests at the B-factories
PoS(KAON)054 pdf A. Lusiani
Session VI: Rare decays
Rare K- (vs.) B-decays
PoS(KAON)056 pdf U. Haisch
Rare Kaon Decays Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(KAON)057 pdf C. Tarantino
Recent progress on supersymmetric effects in rare K decays
PoS(KAON)058 pdf C. Smith
The $K^+\rightarrow\pi^+\nu\bar{\nu}$ experiment at CERN
PoS(KAON)059 pdf G. Ruggiero
A proposal to measure the rare decay $K_L /rightarrow /pi^0 /nu /nubar$ at IHEP (Protvino) 70 GeV proton accelerator
PoS(KAON)063 pdf V. Bolotov
Summary and Conclusions
KAON 2007: Conference Summary
PoS(KAON)064 pdf G. Isidori