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8th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections

RAD COR 2007 - (other radcor conferences)
October 1-5, 2007
Florence, Italy
published April 24, 2008

RADCOR 2007, the 8th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections "Application of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology", was held from the 1st to the 5th of October 2007, in Florence, Italy, at the Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) for theoretical physics.

This is the eight symposium of this series. The main theme of these symposia is the application of quantum field theory to particle physics phenomenology in the high-energy regime. Recent developments in theoretical studies of the radiative corrections of the Standard Model and of its extensions are discussed and compared with available experimental data. Predictions for future experiments are presented.

The scientific program of RADCOR 2007 included the following topics:

and other related subjects.

RADCOR 2007 was be co-hosted by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and the Physics Department of the University of Florence.

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Electroweak physics
Scattering amplitudes and cross sections up to NLO
Two loops and beyond
Parton densities and structure functions
Higher orders, resummation, Monte Carlo's
Physics beyond the Standard Model
Heavy-quark physics
Topical review talk
PoS(RAD COR 2007)057 pdf S. Catani, D. Colferai and M. Grazzini
Electroweak physics
Electroweak corrections to hadronic gauge boson production at large tranverse momentum
PoS(RAD COR 2007)001 pdf A. Kulesza
Two-loop electroweak Sudakov logarithms for massive fermion scattering
PoS(RAD COR 2007)002 pdf A. Denner, B. Jantzen and S. Pozzorini
Four-fermion production near the W-pair production threshold
PoS(RAD COR 2007)003 pdf P. Falgari
One-loop electroweak corrections to e+e- into three-jets
PoS(RAD COR 2007)004 pdf C.M. Carloni Calame, S. Moretti, F. Piccinini and D.A. Ross
Two-loop massive fermionic operator matrix elements and initial state QED corrections to $e^+ e^- \rightarrow \gamma^* / Z^*$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)005 pdf A. De Freitas and J. Bluemlein
Scattering amplitudes and cross sections up to NLO
A new treatment of mixed virtual and real IR-singularities
PoS(RAD COR 2007)007 pdf T. Riemann
Numerical approaches to NLO QCD calculations
PoS(RAD COR 2007)006 pdf C. Papadopoulos
Next-to-leading order multi-leg processes for the Large Hadron Collider
PoS(RAD COR 2007)008 pdf T. Binoth, T. Reiter, J.R. Andersen, G. Heinrich, J.M. Smillie, J.P. Guillet, G. Sanguinetti, S. Karg and N. Kauer
NLO QCD corrections to $p p \rightarrow W W + jet + X$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)009 pdf S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit and P. Uwer
Axigluon signatures at hadron colliders
PoS(RAD COR 2007)010 pdf G. Rodrigo
NLO QCD corrections to $t{\bar t}$+1 jet
PoS(RAD COR 2007)011 pdf S. Dittmaier, P. Uwer and S. Weinzierl
NLO QCD corrections to $Wb{\bar b}$ and $Zb{\bar b}$ production
PoS(RAD COR 2007)012 pdf L. Reina
Drell-Yan processes at the LHC
PoS(RAD COR 2007)013 pdf A. Vicini, G. Balossini, C.M. Carloni Calame, G. Montagna, M. Moretti, O. Nicrosini, F. Piccinini and M. Treccani
Electroweak and QCD corrections to Higgs-boson production in vector-boson fusion at the LHC
PoS(RAD COR 2007)014 pdf M. Ciccolini, A. Denner and S. Dittmaier
NLO QCD corrections to vector boson fusion processes
PoS(RAD COR 2007)015 file missing D. Zeppenfeld
Recent developments for multi-leg QCD amplitudes with massive particles
PoS(RAD COR 2007)016 pdf C. Schwinn, R. Boels and S. Weinzierl
Constructing QCD one-loop amplitudes
PoS(RAD COR 2007)017 pdf D. Forde
Multiparticle cuts of scattering amplitudes
PoS(RAD COR 2007)018 pdf P. Mastrolia
All-order symmetric subtraction of divergences for massive Yang-Mills theory based on non linearly realized gauge group
PoS(RAD COR 2007)019 pdf A. Quadri, R. Ferrari and D. Bettinelli
Numerical unitarity formalism for evaluating one-loop amplitudes
PoS(RAD COR 2007)020 pdf Z. Kunszt
Two loops and beyond
Analytical calculation of massive Feynman diagrams and the NLO corrections to $gg\to H$ and $H\to\gamma\gamma$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)021 file missing R. Bonciani
Recurrence relations in the large space-time dimension limit
PoS(RAD COR 2007)022 pdf P. Baykov
Massless propagators: applications in QCD and QED
PoS(RAD COR 2007)023 pdf K. Chetyrkin
Applying Mellin-Barnes technique and Groebner bases to the three-loop static potential
PoS(RAD COR 2007)024 pdf A. Smirnov, V. Smirnov and M. Steinhauser
Automated calculation of QED corrections to lepton $g-2$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)025 pdf T. Aoyama, M. Hayakawa, T. Kinoshita and M. Nio
Mass effects and four-particle amplitudes at the two-loop level in QCD
PoS(RAD COR 2007)026 pdf M. Czakon
Massive QCD amplitudes at higher orders
PoS(RAD COR 2007)027 pdf S.O. Moch and A. Mitov
Parton densities and structure functions
Structure Function Resummation in small-x QCD
PoS(RAD COR 2007)028 pdf G. Altarelli, R. Ball and S. Forte
A matrix formulation of small-x RG-improved evolution
PoS(RAD COR 2007)029 pdf M. Ciafaloni
Unintegrated parton distributions
PoS(RAD COR 2007)030 pdf F. Hautmann
Parton correlation functions and factorization in DIS
PoS(RAD COR 2007)031 pdf T. Rogers
Higher-order QCD results on splitting functions and coefficient functions
PoS(RAD COR 2007)032 file missing A. Vogt
CC DIS at $\alpha_s^3$ in Mellin-$N$ and Bjorken-$x$ spaces
PoS(RAD COR 2007)033 pdf M. Rogal
Heavy Flavour Production in Deep-Inelastic Scattering - Two-Loop Massive Operator Matrix Elements and Beyond
PoS(RAD COR 2007)034 pdf J. Bluemlein
NNLO QCD analysis of the virtual photon structure functions
PoS(RAD COR 2007)035 pdf T. Uematsu, K. Sasaki, T. Ueda and Y. Kitadono
Parton distributions in the virtual photon up to NNLO in QCD and factorization scheme dependence
PoS(RAD COR 2007)036 pdf K. Sasaki, T. Ueda and T. Uematsu
Higher orders, resummation, Monte Carlo's
Parton shower + NLO: a POsitive-Weight Hardest Emission Generator
PoS(RAD COR 2007)037 file missing C. Oleari
New Developments in Precision LHC Theory: QED x QCD exponentiation, Shower/ME Matching, IR-Improved DGLAP theory and Implications for UV Finite Quantum Gravity
PoS(RAD COR 2007)038 pdf B.F.L. Ward
Higgs boson production at the LHC: transverse-momentum resummation and rapidity dependence
PoS(RAD COR 2007)039 pdf G. Bozzi
Soft gluon resummation in Drell-Yan dilepton production at small transverse momentum: spin asymmetry and a novel asymptotic formula
PoS(RAD COR 2007)040 pdf H. Watanabe, J. Kodaira and K. Tanaka
Soft gluon contributions to Drell-Yan and Higgs productions beyond NNLO
PoS(RAD COR 2007)041 pdf V. Ravindran
Physics beyond the Standard Model
Production of single top-quark final states at the LHC from supersymmetric FCNC interactions
PoS(RAD COR 2007)042 pdf D. Lopez-Val, J. Guasch and J. Sola
Triple Higgs boson production at the ILC within a generic Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
PoS(RAD COR 2007)043 pdf G. Ferrera, J. Guasch, D. Lopez-Val and J. Sola
The Higgs sector in the CP-violating MSSM at ${\cal O}(\alpha_t\alpha_s)$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)044 pdf T. Hahn, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, H. Rzehak and G.R. Weiglein
The strong coupling at the GUT scale to three loops
PoS(RAD COR 2007)045 file missing R. Harlander
HNNLO: a Monte Carlo program to compute Higgs boson production at hadron colliders
PoS(RAD COR 2007)046 pdf M. Grazzini
Perturbation theory of computing QCD jet cross sections beyond NLO accuracy
PoS(RAD COR 2007)047 pdf Z. Trocsanyi and G. Somogyi
Event shapes in $e^+ e^-$ annihilation at NNLO
PoS(RAD COR 2007)048 pdf A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover and G. Heinrich
Heavy-quark physics
The OPE of the B-meson light-cone wavefunction for exclusive B decays: radiative corrections and higher-dimensional operators
PoS(RAD COR 2007)049 pdf K. Tanaka, H. Watanabe and J. Kodaira
Quark masses and the strong coupling from recent $R(s)$ measurements
PoS(RAD COR 2007)050 pdf M. Steinhauser
NNNLO results on top-quark pair production near threshold
PoS(RAD COR 2007)051 pdf M. Beneke, Y. Kiyo and K. Schuller
Three-loop matching coefficients of the vector current
PoS(RAD COR 2007)052 file missing P. Marquard
NNLO corrections to the charm quark mass-dependent matrix elements in $ \bar B \to X_s \gamma$
PoS(RAD COR 2007)053 pdf attachments R. Boughezal
QCD factorization for top-mass reconstruction
PoS(RAD COR 2007)054 file missing A. Hoang
The top quark jet-function at two loops
PoS(RAD COR 2007)055 pdf I. Scimemi, A. Jain and I.W. Stewart
Topical review talk
Gluon scattering in N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory: from weak to strong coupling
PoS(RAD COR 2007)056 pdf L. Dixon