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17th International Workshop on Vertex detectors

VERTEX 2008 - (other vertex conferences)
July 28–August 1, 2008
Utö Island, Sweden
published July 03, 2009
Vertex 2008, the 17th international workshop on vertex detectors was held on Utö Island between July 28-August 1, 2008. The aim of the conference is: Review progress on Silicon based Vertex detectors with emphasis on existing and future detectors, new materials, software, alignment, electronics, triggering, 3D devices, monolithic structures, new developments, applications to other fields.
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Experience with running experiments
Commissioning experience with pixel detectors
Commissioning experience with strip detectors
R&D on future detectors
Tracking and vertexing
Novel detectors and electronics, part 1
Novel detectors and electronics, part 2
Performance and data quality
Experience with running experiments
D0 Run II experience
PoS(VERTEX 2008)001 pdf M. Weber
Radiation damage study in D0 tracking system
PoS(VERTEX 2008)013 pdf S. Desai
First results from the HERMES Recoil Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)003 pdf A. Mussgiller
Commissioning experience with pixel detectors
Commissioning experience of the ATLAS pixel detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)007 pdf G. Gaycken
Integration and installation of the CMS pixel barrel detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)008 pdf H.C. Kaestli
Experience with CMS pixel software commissioning
PoS(VERTEX 2008)010 pdf V. Chiochia
Commissioning experience with strip detectors
CMS pixel experience in detector commissioning
PoS(VERTEX 2008)014 pdf A. Ryd
CMS track reconstruction performance and latest results with cosmic muons
PoS(VERTEX 2008)015 pdf B. Mangano
Experience in commissioning the CMS Silicon Tracker and readiness for LHC beams
PoS(VERTEX 2008)004 pdf J. Cole
Commissioning experience of the LHCb detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)009 pdf M. Tobin
ATLAS diamond BCM
PoS(VERTEX 2008)012 pdf I. Dolenc
The GLAST Large Area Telescope: the LAT tracker performance and first results after launch
PoS(VERTEX 2008)016 pdf F. Gargano
R&D on future detectors
Development of tracking detectors for FAIR
PoS(VERTEX 2008)017 pdf J. Heuser
The upgrade program of the CMS Tracker at SLHC
PoS(VERTEX 2008)018 pdf G. Hall
The LHCb upgrade
PoS(VERTEX 2008)019 pdf M. Artuso
Optimization of the new vertex detector for Belle
PoS(VERTEX 2008)020 pdf T. Hara
Front-end electronics for the B-layer replacement or SLHC in ATLAS
PoS(VERTEX 2008)045 pdf R. Becchrle
Tracking and vertexing
D0 silicon track trigger
PoS(VERTEX 2008)025 pdf K.R. Herner
Vertex, Track Reconstruction and Luminosity Monitoring at LHCb
PoS(VERTEX 2008)024 pdf T. Szumlak
Track based alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)026 pdf C. Escobar
CMS Tracker latest alignment results with cosmics data and strategy at the startup
PoS(VERTEX 2008)027 pdf R. Covarelli
Challenges with decay vertex detection in CBM using an ultra-thin pixel detector system linked with the silicon tracker
PoS(VERTEX 2008)028 pdf M. Deveaux, S. Amar-Youcef, C.A. Dritsa, I. Froehlich, C. Müntz, S. Seddiki, J. Stroth, T. Tischler and C. Trageser
LFCI Vertex Package
PoS(VERTEX 2008)023 pdf S. Hillert
EUDET-Pixel Telescope
PoS(VERTEX 2008)034 pdf I.M. Gregor
Gamma tracking with the AGATA detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)040 pdf P.A. Söderström, A. Al-Adili, J. Nyberg, F. Recchia, E. Farnea and A. Gadea
Novel detectors and electronics, part 1
Vertex detector development for ILC
PoS(VERTEX 2008)029 pdf C. Damerell
CMOS pixel vertex detector at STAR
PoS(VERTEX 2008)032 pdf M. Szelezniak
A CMOS pixel-based Recoil Proton Telescope for fast neutrons
PoS(VERTEX 2008)033 pdf D. Husson
Fine pixel CCD for ILC Vertex Detector
PoS(VERTEX 2008)037 pdf Y. Takubo
Novel detectors and electronics, part 2
CCE studies in silicon
PoS(VERTEX 2008)036 pdf G. Casse
Micropattern gas detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2008)038 pdf J. Kaminski
3D detectors
PoS(VERTEX 2008)039 pdf C. Parkes
Performance and data quality
CMS pixel data quality monitoring
PoS(VERTEX 2008)041 pdf P. Merkel
Experience with DAQ for ATLAS SCT
PoS(VERTEX 2008)042 pdf B. Gallop
Experience & plan for monitoring & calibration the CMS Tracker
PoS(VERTEX 2008)043 pdf D. Giordano
Data quality monitoring in ATLAS, ID
PoS(VERTEX 2008)044 pdf M. White