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10th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Super beams and Beta beams

Nufact08 - (other nufact conferences)
June 30 - July 5 2008
Valencia, Spain
published July 03, 2009
Nufact08 is the tenth edition of a series of workshops started in 1999, whose main goal is to understand the different options for a future neutrino oscillation experiment able to attack the problems of mass hierarchy and CP violation in the leptonic sector
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Plenary talks
WG1: Phenomenology I
WG1: Phenomenology II
WG1-WG2: Golden channel I
WG1-WG2: Golden channel II
WG1-WG2: Silver and platinum channels
WG1-WG3: Nufact and beta beam optimisation
WG1: Miscellaneous
WG2: Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Scattering I
WG2: Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Scattering II
WG2: Electroweak Physics
WG3-WG4: Proton driver
WG3: Capture
WG3-WG4: Front end
WG3-WG4: Muon source - End to end simulation - Target I
WG3: Beta beams
WG3: Target II
WG3-WG4: Experience with operating beams for Neutrino experiments
WG3-WG4: Acceleration
WG4: Muon dipole moments
WG4: Detector and Source Developments: Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Experiments
WG4: Muon decay properties
WG4: Symmetry tests with muons
Plenary talks
Neutrinos in the standard model and beyond
PoS(Nufact08)001 file missing H. Murayama
The Physics of Massive Neutrinos
PoS(Nufact08)002 pdf C. Gonzalez-Garcia
Status and prospects for long baseline experiments
PoS(Nufact08)003 pdf N. Saoulidou
Detector R&D for future neutrino oscillations facilities
PoS(Nufact08)004 pdf P. Soler
Optimisation of future neutrino oscillation experiments
PoS(Nufact08)005 pdf O. Mena
Status and prospects for solar and atmospheric neutrinos
PoS(Nufact08)006 pdf T. Kajita
Beta beam R&D status
PoS(Nufact08)007 pdf E. Wildner
Results and lessons from the operation of current beams for neutrino experiments
PoS(Nufact08)008 pdf E. Gschwendtner
Neutrino interactions with nuclei
PoS(Nufact08)009 pdf U. Mosel, T. Leitner, O. Buss and L. Alvarez-Ruso
Experimental status of neutrino scattering physics and needed measurements
PoS(Nufact08)010 pdf T. Nakaya
Project-X and its connection to neutrino physics
PoS(Nufact08)012 pdf D. Harris and A. Jansson
The scientific case for muon physics at a neutrino factory
PoS(Nufact08)013 pdf S. Davidson
Status and prospects for hadron production experiments
PoS(Nufact08)014 pdf M.G. Catanesi
Neutrino scatttering physics at future neutrino oscillation facilities
PoS(Nufact08)015 file missing R. Petti
Non oscillation flavor physics at future neutrino oscillation facilities
PoS(Nufact08)016 pdf O. Yasuda
Synergies between neutrino physics and collider physics
PoS(Nufact08)017 file missing A. Pilaftsis
Muon acceleration: introduction and R&D on limiting technologies
PoS(Nufact08)018 pdf A. Bross
From the neutrino factory to a muon collider: Scheme for Ionization Cooling for a Muon Collider
PoS(Nufact08)019 pdf R. Palmer
Experiments for accelerator R&D
PoS(Nufact08)020 file missing H. Kirk
Beyond 3 neutrino oscillations
PoS(Nufact08)021 pdf A. de Gouvea
Prospects for mass scale and inverted hierarchy in non oscillations experiments
PoS(Nufact08)022 pdf S. Pascoli
Experimental prospects for muon physics at a neutrino factory
PoS(Nufact08)023 pdf B.L. Roberts
Status and prospects for reactor experiments
PoS(Nufact08)024 pdf D. Lhuillier
What cosmology can tell us about neutrino physics in the next 10 years?
PoS(Nufact08)025 pdf S. Pastor
WG1 summary
PoS(Nufact08)026 pdf P. Hernandez
WG1-WG2 joint summary
PoS(Nufact08)027 file missing C. Walter
WG2 summary
PoS(Nufact08)028 file missing Y. Hayato
WG3 summary
PoS(Nufact08)029 pdf M. Meddahi and D. Li
WG4 summary
PoS(Nufact08)031 file missing F. Gatti
Closing talk
PoS(Nufact08)032 pdf C. Quigg
WG1: Phenomenology I
$\gamma =350 Li/B \beta$ beam
PoS(Nufact08)033 pdf E. Fernandez Martinez
CERN-INO magical Beta-beam experiment: A high precision probe for neutrino parameters
PoS(Nufact08)034 pdf S.K. Agarwalla
Breaking Dark Matter Degeneracies with Neutrino Detectors
PoS(Nufact08)035 pdf S. Palomares-Ruiz
Optimising the greenfield betabeam
PoS(Nufact08)036 pdf W. Winter
WG1: Phenomenology II
Prospects and synergies between future atmospheric and LBL experiments
PoS(Nufact08)037 pdf M. Maltoni
Neutrino mass hierarchy and Majorana CP phases
PoS(Nufact08)038 pdf J. Garaya-Roca and T. Schwetz
Prospects of measuring theta13 and mass hierarchy via a supernova signal
PoS(Nufact08)039 pdf A. Mirizzi
WG1-WG2: Golden channel I
How to do a $\nu e \rightarrow \nu \mu$ measurement in a MINOS-like Detector
PoS(Nufact08)040 pdf M. Ishitsuka
Systematic effects in MINOS- nuclear and cross section effects
PoS(Nufact08)041 pdf S. Dytman, H. Gallagher and M. Kordosky
Status of MIND
PoS(Nufact08)042 pdf A. Laing and A. Cervera
The Totally Active Scintillator Detector
PoS(Nufact08)043 pdf A. Bross
WG1-WG2: Golden channel II
How to do a $\nu e \rightarrow \nu \mu$ measurement in a SK-like detector
PoS(Nufact08)044 pdf C. Ishihara
Status of INO
PoS(Nufact08)045 pdf A. Raychaudhuri
Impact of systematic uncertainties
PoS(Nufact08)046 file missing M. Mezzetto
WG1-WG2: Silver and platinum channels
Charm production x-sections
PoS(Nufact08)047 pdf F. Di Capua
Experience from OPERA
PoS(Nufact08)048 pdf A. Cazes
Design and Performance of ECC-MECC
PoS(Nufact08)049 pdf L. Scotto Lavina
Prospects for the Platinum Mode
PoS(Nufact08)050 pdf M. Ishitsuka
WG1-WG3: Nufact and beta beam optimisation
Optimisation of a beta beam
PoS(Nufact08)051 pdf A. Donini and M. Lindroos
Optimisation of a neutrino factory
PoS(Nufact08)053 pdf P. Huber and M. Zisman
WG1: Miscellaneous
Neutrino factory without charge ID
PoS(Nufact08)055 pdf P. Huber
Probing non standard neutrino physics at T2KK and Nufact
PoS(Nufact08)056 pdf S. Uchinami
Can OPERA help constraining neutrino NSI
PoS(Nufact08)057 pdf A. Esteban-Pretel, P. Huber and J.W.F. Valle
Non-standard interactions using the OPERA experiment
PoS(Nufact08)058 pdf M. Blennow
Limit on Non-Standard Interactions from the atmospheric neutrino data
PoS(Nufact08)059 pdf G. Mitsuka
WG2: Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Scattering I
Theory of low energy nuclear effects
PoS(Nufact08)060 pdf T. Leitner, O. Buss, U. Mosel and L. Alvarez-Ruso
Recent update on low energy theory
PoS(Nufact08)061 pdf J. Nieves
Experimental studies of low energy charged current neutrino interactions
PoS(Nufact08)062 pdf J.L. Alcaraz-Aunion
Experimental studies of neutral current pion production at low energy
PoS(Nufact08)063 pdf H. Tanaka
Charged current pi-plus production from the K2K Scibar
PoS(Nufact08)064 pdf L. Whitehead
WG2: Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Scattering II
Nuclear effects at low energy using electrons
PoS(Nufact08)065 file missing U.k. Yang
Nuclear effects at high energy
PoS(Nufact08)066 pdf J.G. Morfin
WG2: Electroweak Physics
Theoretical motivation for electroweak physics with neutrinos
PoS(Nufact08)067 pdf A. de Gouvea
Future Experiments : NuSong
PoS(Nufact08)068 pdf I. Schienbein
Future Experiments : Project X
PoS(Nufact08)069 pdf R. Petti
WG3-WG4: Proton driver
NF PD: preferred scenarios & remaining issues
PoS(Nufact08)070 pdf C. Prior
Baseline scenario for SB PD, challenges and synergies with other programmes
PoS(Nufact08)071 pdf M. Zito
Baseline scenario for MC PD, challenges and synergies with other programmes
PoS(Nufact08)072 pdf A. Jansson
Towards FFAG proton driver for SB, NF and MC
PoS(Nufact08)073 pdf J. Pasternak
WG3: Capture
Horn vs. solenoid options for NF?
PoS(Nufact08)075 pdf M. Yoshida
Challenges and progress on the SB horn design
PoS(Nufact08)076 pdf M. Dracos
WG3-WG4: Front end
Pros and cons of existing cooling schemes?
PoS(Nufact08)078 file missing D. Neuffer
Experimental Tests of Cooling: Expectations and Additional Needs
PoS(Nufact08)079 pdf M. Zisman
RF issues for muon ionisation cooling channels
PoS(Nufact08)080 pdf D. Li
Discussion session joint with WG4: Updates on the front end specification (if any) and endorsement: RF Cavity Breakdown in External Magnetic Field
PoS(Nufact08)081 pdf R. Palmer, R.C. Fernow, J.C. Gallardo, D. Stratakis and D. Li
WG3-WG4: Muon source - End to end simulation - Target I
Can we share a muon source among NF, MC and low energy muon programmes?
PoS(Nufact08)082 file missing S. Geer
Status of END to END simulation
PoS(Nufact08)083 pdf C. Prior
Pion yields
PoS(Nufact08)084 pdf J. Back
Status of studies of a solid target for a Neutrino Factory
PoS(Nufact08)085 file missing R. Edgecock
Study of a water-cooled solid target
PoS(Nufact08)086 pdf S. Brooks
WG3: Beta beams
RCS design
PoS(Nufact08)087 pdf A. Lachaize
Decay ring status / studies
PoS(Nufact08)088 pdf A. Chance
High frequency ECR source (60 GHz) in pre-glow mode for bunching of beta-beam isotopes
PoS(Nufact08)089 pdf T. Thuillier
Direct production of 8Li and 6He using neutrons from low energy deuterons
PoS(Nufact08)090 pdf M. Hass
R&D challenges in FP7
PoS(Nufact08)091 pdf P. Delahaye and U. Köster
WG3: Target II
Particle production vs. energy: how do simulation results match experimental measurements?
PoS(Nufact08)092 pdf M. Bonesini
Can solid target vs. liquid target survive SB and/or NF proton beam structure at 2-4 MW?
PoS(Nufact08)093 file missing K. Mcdonald
What additional experimental results are needed to make a choice of SB and NF target?
PoS(Nufact08)094 file missing K. Mcdonald
WG3-WG4: Experience with operating beams for Neutrino experiments
Horn Operational Experience in K2K, MiniBoone, NuMI and CNGS
PoS(Nufact08)096 pdf A. Pardons
Radiation protection lessons
PoS(Nufact08)097 pdf H. Vincke
Delivering high intensity proton beam: lessons for the next beam generations
PoS(Nufact08)098 pdf S. Childress
WG3-WG4: Acceleration
Pros and cons of existing acceleration scheme?
PoS(Nufact08)100 pdf A. Bogacz
FFAG R&D activities in Japan and results from operating facilities
PoS(Nufact08)101 pdf Y. Mori
WG4: Muon dipole moments
The Next-generation Muon (g-2) Experiment
PoS(Nufact08)102 pdf B.L. Roberts
Muon electric dipole moment
PoS(Nufact08)103 file missing K. Kirch
WG4: Detector and Source Developments: Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Experiments
Positron timing and detection in the MEG experiment
PoS(Nufact08)104 pdf R. Valle
R&D of Muon Storage Ring PRISM-FFAG to Improve a Sensitivity of mu-e conv. Experiment Beyond BR~10^{-17}
PoS(Nufact08)105 pdf A. Sato
Plan for Accelerator Beam Study Towards J-PARC Muon Project
PoS(Nufact08)106 file missing K. Yoshimura
WG4: Muon decay properties
Muon Lifetime Program at PSI
PoS(Nufact08)107 pdf P. Kammel
Muon Decay Parameters (TWIST experiment at TRIUMF,...)
PoS(Nufact08)108 pdf A. Grossheim
The MICE PID Instrumentation
PoS(Nufact08)109 pdf M. Bonesini
WG4: Symmetry tests with muons
LFV: Muon to electron conversion, Mu2e at Fermilab
PoS(Nufact08)110 pdf E. Dukes
LFV: Muon to electron conversion, COMET and PRISM/PRIME at JPARC
PoS(Nufact08)111 pdf Y. Kuno
LFV: Performance of the LXe Calorimeter for the $\mu\rightarrow e \gamma$ experiment (MEG)
PoS(Nufact08)112 pdf D. Nicolo
Probing Neutrino Parameters with a Two-Baseline Beta-Beam Set-up
PoS(Nufact08)113 pdf S.K. Agarwalla, A. Raychaudhuri and S. Choubey
SPL accumulator and compressor scenarios for NF
PoS(Nufact08)114 pdf M. Aiba
Applicability of the formulae of Bardin and Dokuchaeva for the radiative corrections analysis in the NuTeV experiment
PoS(Nufact08)115 pdf A. Akhundov
The Angra Neutrino Project
PoS(Nufact08)116 pdf J. Anjos
Spectral function of argon and calcium
PoS(Nufact08)117 pdf A. Ankowski
Breakdown of the impulse approximation and its consequences
PoS(Nufact08)118 pdf A. Ankowski
R&D activities toward a HPXe TPC (NEXT)
PoS(Nufact08)119 pdf M. Ball
Design and Operational Experience of the MICE Target
PoS(Nufact08)120 pdf C. Booth, P. Hodgson, M. Mohammad, R. Nicholson and P.J. Smith
CP Violation reach of EC beams
PoS(Nufact08)121 pdf C. Espinoza and J. Bernabeu
Alignment Errors on Emittance Measurements for MICE
PoS(Nufact08)122 pdf D. Forrest and P. Soler
Sterile neutrino oscillation at a neutrino factory
PoS(Nufact08)123 pdf K.i. Fuki
The T2K experiment and its time projection chambers
PoS(Nufact08)125 pdf C. Hansen, L. Monfregola and M. Ravonel
Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
PoS(Nufact08)127 pdf N. Jachowicz, C. Praet and J. Ryckebusch
Monte Carlo simulation of the performance of the particle identification (PID) system of the MICE (Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment)
PoS(Nufact08)128 pdf Y.I. Karadzhov
Oscillation probability fits using Near Detector data at a Neutrino Factory
PoS(Nufact08)129 pdf A. Laing and P. Soler
NEXT, a HPXe TPC for neutrinoless double beta decay searches
PoS(Nufact08)130 pdf J. Martin-Albo Simon
Status of the Super-Omega Muon Beamline at J-PARC
PoS(Nufact08)132 pdf K. Nakahara
Resolving oscillation degeneracies with a single neutrino polarity
PoS(Nufact08)133 pdf D. Meloni, O. Mena, C. Orme, S. Pascoli and S. Palomares-Ruiz
Neutrino factory optimization for non-standard interactions
PoS(Nufact08)134 pdf T. Ota
Neutrino-induced one-pion production from nuclei
PoS(Nufact08)138 pdf C. Praet
Matter Profile Effect revisted - Fourier method and others
PoS(Nufact08)140 pdf J. Sato, M. Koike, T. Ota and M. Saito
NuWro - Monte Carlo generator of neutrino interactions
PoS(Nufact08)141 pdf J. Sobczyk
Adapting and testing PAVICOM facility for treatment of OPERA experimental data
PoS(Nufact08)143 pdf A.B. Aleksandrov, M.M. Chernyavsky, V. Galkin, L.A. Goncharova, G.I. Orlova, N.G. Polukhina, P.A. Publichenko, T.M. Roganova, G.P. Sazhina, N.I. Starkov, M.S. Vladymyrov and V.A. Tsarev
The Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment
PoS(Nufact08)144 pdf L. Whitehead
GLoBES - General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator
PoS(Nufact08)145 pdf P. Huber, J. Kopp, M. Lindner and W. Winter
Signatures of sterile neutrino mixing in high-energy cosmic neutrino flux
PoS(Nufact08)146 pdf O. Yasuda
Recent Progress for Muon Collider
PoS(Nufact08)147 pdf K. Yonehara