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Black Holes in General Relativity and String Theory

BHs, GR and Strings
24– 30 August, 2008
Veli Lošinj, Croatia
published October 12, 2009
The topic of the workshop will cover astrophysical black holes (from supermassive to stellar), primordial and miniblack holes, both experimentally, phenomenologically and theoretically. Black holes are of utmost interest because they are likely to represent nowadays the most important clue to quantum gravity. Particular emphasis will be given to quantum aspects of black holes both from string theory and general relativity approach. The workshop programme will also contain a few introductory lectures on the most important topics concerning black holes.
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session 25/08
session 26/08
session 27/08
session 28/08
session 29/08
session 25/08
Black holes in general relativity
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)001 pdf M. Visser
BPS states in AdS5 backgrounds
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)002 file missing E. Gava
What is the information paradox?
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)003 file missing S.D. Mathur
Hawking evaporation of cosmogenic black holes in TeV-gravity models
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)004 pdf I. Mastromatteo, P. Draggiotis and M. Masip
Hawking radiation, anomalies and W-infinity algebra
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)005 pdf M. Cvitan and I. Smolic
R^4 terms and d=4 supergravity
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)007 pdf F. Moura
Hawking fluxes and covariant anomalies
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)006 pdf S. Kulkarni
Systematic method for solving strings having a symmetry in the space-time
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)009 pdf T. Koike
Emergent noncommutative gravity
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)037 pdf D. Klammer
session 26/08
Small, dark, and heavy: But is it a black hole?
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)010 pdf M. Visser, C. Barcelo, S. Liberati and S. Sonego
Chern-Simons black holes, branes and topological defects
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)011 file missing J. Zanelli
Black hole research in the Excellence Cluster Universe
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)012 file missing A. Mueller
The stationarity problem of Hawking radiation
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)013 file missing R. Parentani
Cohomogeneity-one black holes in five dimensions
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)014 file missing H. Ishihara
A double Myers-Perry black hole in five dimensions
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)015 pdf C. Herdeiro, C. Rebelo, M. Zilhão and M.S. Costa
Hidden symmetries in 5D supergravities and black rings
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)016 pdf D. Galtsov and N.G. Scherbluk
Cosmology with primordial black holes motivated from extra-dimensional theories
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)017 pdf A.S. Majumdar
Horizons in Robinson-Trautman spacetimes
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)018 pdf J. Tafel
Quantum black holes. Black hole temperature without a black hole?
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)019 pdf V. Berezin
session 27/08
Holography and anomalies
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)020 pdf A. Schwimmer and S. Theisen
Microstates, multi-center black holes, and the information paradox
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)021 file missing I.L.R. Bena
The fuzzball proposal for resolving the information paradox
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)022 file missing S.D. Mathur
session 28/08
Are we seeing black holes?
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)036 file missing A. Celotti
Should we expect black holes at the LHC?
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)024 file missing V.S. Rychkov
Penrose Limits, Singularities and DLCQ
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)023 pdf M. O'Loughlin
Initial condition model from imaginary part of action and the information loss problem
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)025 pdf attachments H.B. Nielsen
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)026 file missing T. Harmark
Ergoregion instability rules out black hole doubles
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)027 pdf P. Pani, V. Cardoso, M. Cadoni and M. Cavaglià
Primordial black hole formation
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)028 pdf I. Musco
Complex systems and quantum field theory
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)029 pdf A. Glück
session 29/08
Special geometry and non-holomorphic corrections to black hole partition functions
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)030 pdf G. Cardoso
Conformal anomaly and its applications to cosmology and black hole physics
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)031 pdf I.L. Shapiro
Microscopic entropy of black holes and AdS_2 quantum gravity
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)032 pdf M. Cadoni, M. Melis and P. Pani
Heterotic black holes
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)033 pdf P. Dominis Prester
Kerr black hole and black string intersecting M-brane
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)034 pdf M. Tanabe
Sub-leading contributions to the black hole entropy in the brick wall approach
PoS(BHs, GR and Strings)035 pdf S. Sarkar, S. Shankaranarayanan and L. Sriramkumar