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Workshop on Continuum and Lattice Approaches to Quantum Gravity

17-19 September 2008
University of Sussex, United Kingdom
published March 24, 2011
The recent years have seen substantial progress in the understanding of quantum gravity as a local quantum theory of the metric field, despite its perturbative non-renormalisability. Interesting results have been achieved based on non-perturbative renormalisation group studies in the continuum, numerical simulations on the lattice, and new ideas within perturbation theory. This Workshop will gather the leading scientists in these fields to share their expertise, evaluate results and phenomenological implications, and stimulate further studies relating these approaches and neighbouring ones.
The Workshop is preceeded by a 2-day School on Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory "From Quantum Chromodynamics to Quantum Gravitation", for advanced PhD students and junior postdocs.

School http://www.ippp.dur.ac.uk/Workshops/08/NPMQFT/
Workshop http://www.ippp.dur.ac.uk/Workshops/08/CLAQG/
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Contributed Talks
Key Talks
Contributed Talks
Old and new results from the Wilsonian approach to gravity
PoS(CLAQG08)011 pdf C. Rahmede
The Cosmological constant and the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation
PoS(CLAQG08)012 pdf R. Garattini
The Effective Potential of the Conformal Factor in Quantum Einstein Gravity
PoS(CLAQG08)013 pdf attachments J.E. Daum and M. Reuter
Introduction of bosonic fields into causal set theory
PoS(CLAQG08)014 pdf R. Sverdlov and L. Bombelli
Key Talks
Bare vs. Effective Fixed Point Action in Asymptotic Safety: The Reconstruction Problem
PoS(CLAQG08)001 pdf M. Reuter and E. Manrique Ascencio
Asymptotic safety in gravity and sigma models
PoS(CLAQG08)002 pdf attachments R. Percacci
Quantum Gravity and the Renormalisation Group
PoS(CLAQG08)003 file missing D. Litim
Amplitudes in Gravity and Yang-Mills Theories
PoS(CLAQG08)004 pdf attachments N.E.J. Bjerrum-Bohr and P. Vanhove
Can a nontrivial gravitational fixed point be seen in perturbation theory?
PoS(CLAQG08)005 pdf M. Niedermaier
Astrophysical implications of the Asymptotic Safety Scenario in Quantum Gravity
PoS(CLAQG08)008 pdf A. Bonanno
Weak-scale quantum gravity at the LHC
PoS(CLAQG08)009 pdf T. Plehn
Renormalization and Lorentz symmetry violation
PoS(CLAQG08)010 pdf D. Anselmi