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2009 KAON International Conference

KAON09 - (other kaon conferences)
June 09 - 12, 2009
Tsukuba, Japan
published February 01, 2010
The 2009 edition of the Kaon International Conference (KAON09) was held at the EPOCHAL TSUKUBA International Congress Center in Tsukuba, Japan from June 9 to 12, 2009. It was hosted by KEK, the Physical Society of Japan, and J-PARC Center. The conference was focused on kaon physics aiming at comprehensive discussions on the latest theoretical and experimental achievements. Topics included: CP and T violation, CKM matrix and Flavor Mixing, Rare decays, precise SM tests, CPT and Quantum Mechanics, Lepton universality and flavor violation, Lattice gauge theory, Chiral perturbation theory, Physics beyond the Standard Model, and Future opportunities in Kaon Physics.
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Opening session
CP and T violation (1)
CP and T violation (2)
CKM matrix, Rare decays (1)
Poster session
Lepton universality (1)
topics on Lattice gauge theory
topics on Chiral perturbation theory (1)
topics on Chiral perturbation theory (2)
CPT and Quantum Mechanics, HyperCP anomaly
Rare decays (2), Lepton universality (2)
Rare decays (3)
Future opportunities
summary: prospects for Flavor Physics and the roles of Kaon decays
Opening session
Theoretical Studies of Flavor-Changing Neutral Currents in 1980's
PoS(KAON09)001 pdf C.S. Lim
Kaon physics from lattice
PoS(KAON09)002 pdf P.A. Boyle
CP and T violation (1)
Review of NA48 CP violation measurements with neutral and charged kaons
PoS(KAON09)004 pdf M. Pepe
CP and T violation (2)
NNLO contributions to epsilon_K and rare Kaon decays
PoS(KAON09)005 pdf M. Gorbahn
Measurement of the KS and KL lifetimes and the absolute $K^{\pm} \rightarrow 3\pi$ branching ratio with KLOE
PoS(KAON09)006 pdf S. Bocchetta
The TREK experiment to search for T violation in kaon decays at J-PARC
PoS(KAON09)007 pdf J. Imazato
CKM matrix, Rare decays (1)
Review on Flavianet analyses
PoS(KAON09)008 pdf M. Palutan
Measurement of the FCNC decays $K^{\pm} \rightarrow \pi^{\pm} \ell^+ \ell^-$ from NA48
PoS(KAON09)009 pdf E. Goudzovski
Long-distance effects in rare and radiative K decays
PoS(KAON09)010 pdf C. Smith
Probing New Physics in Charm Couplings with Kaon and Other Hadron Processes
PoS(KAON09)011 pdf J. Tandean
Poster session
Detector upgrade for the KLOE2 experiment: Inner Tracker
PoS(KAON09)012 pdf P. Branchini
Detector upgrade for the KLOE2 experiment: the calorimeter
PoS(KAON09)013 pdf P. Branchini
Search for X(214) in $K^0_L\rightarrow \pi^0 \pi^0 X (X\rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-)$ using Back-Anti counter at the E391a experiment
PoS(KAON09)014 pdf R. Ogata
Target Design and R&D of J-PARC E06 TREK experiment
PoS(KAON09)015 pdf Y. Igarashi
Active polarimeter system for TREK experiment
PoS(KAON09)016 pdf S. Shimizu
The RICH detector for the NA62 experiment at Cern
PoS(KAON09)017 pdf M. Pepe and P. Cenci
The Photon Veto System for the NA62 Rare Kaon Decay Experiment
PoS(KAON09)018 pdf
F. Costantini, S. Venditti, R. Fantechi, G. Lamanna, I. Mannelli, F. Raffaelli, A. Antonelli, M. Moulson, T. Spadaro, B. Dulach, M. Raggi, F. Ambrosino, G. Saracino, M. Napolitano, P. Massarotti, A. Romano, V. Palladino, M. Serra, E. Leonardi, P. Valente and G. D'Agostini
The NA62 Gigatracker: detector properties and pixel read-out architectures
PoS(KAON09)019 pdf attachments M. Fiorini, A. Ceccucci, E. Cortina Gil, A. Cotta Ramusino, G. Dellacasa, P. Jarron, J. Kaplon, A. Kluge, F. Marchetto, E. Martin Albarran, S. Martoiu, G. Mazza, M. Noy, F. Petrucci, V. Carassiti, P. Riedler, A. Rivetti and S. Tiuraniemi
Design of the neutral K^{0}_{L} beamline for the KOTO experiment
PoS(KAON09)020 pdf T. Shimogawa
Reusing KTeV CsI crystals for J-PARC KOTO experiment
PoS(KAON09)021 pdf Y. Yanagida
CsI Calorimeter and low power PMT base for KOTO experiment
PoS(KAON09)022 pdf T. Masuda
Beam Hole Photon Veto For J-PARC K^OTO experiment
PoS(KAON09)023 pdf Y. Maeda
Lepton universality (1)
Precision SM calculations and theoretical interests beyond the SM in Kl2 and Kl3 decays
PoS(KAON09)024 pdf E. Passemar
Lepton Universality test with leptonic kaon decays at NA62
PoS(KAON09)025 pdf E. Goudzovski
Test of lepton flavor violation with Ke2 decay at KLOE
PoS(KAON09)026 pdf B. Sciascia
topics on Lattice gauge theory
Theoretical Strategies for epsilon'/epsilon
PoS(KAON09)027 pdf N.H. Christ
Lattice determination of the Kaon form factors from ETMC
PoS(KAON09)028 pdf F. Mescia
topics on Chiral perturbation theory (1)
Convergence of chiral perturbation theory in dynamical lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetry
PoS(KAON09)030 pdf J. Noaki
Probing non perturbative QCD with the cusp effect in kaon decays by NA48
PoS(KAON09)032 pdf D. Madigozhin
Precision Measurement of pi pi Scattering Lengths in Ke4 Decays by NA48
PoS(KAON09)033 pdf B. BlochDevaux
topics on Chiral perturbation theory (2)
Studies of the QCD and QED effects on isospin breaking
PoS(KAON09)034 pdf T. Izubuchi
Rare and radiative kaon decays from KLOE
PoS(KAON09)035 pdf M. Moulson
The Study of $K\rightarrow mu \nu \gamma$ Decay at ISTRA+ Setup
PoS(KAON09)036 pdf V. Duk
Results on radiative kaon decays from NA48
PoS(KAON09)037 pdf R. Wanke
CPT and Quantum Mechanics, HyperCP anomaly
Quantum coherence and CPT symmetry tests in the neutral kaon system at KLOE
PoS(KAON09)038 pdf A. Di Domenico
Search for a New Neutral Boson in the Rare Decay $K_L\rightarrow \pi^0 \pi^0 \mu^+ \mu^-$ from KTeV
PoS(KAON09)039 pdf D. Phillips
Search for a light pseudoscalar particle in the decay $K\rightarrow \pi^0 \pi^0 X$ at the KEK-PS E391a experiment
PoS(KAON09)040 pdf Y.C. Tung
Rare decays (2), Lepton universality (2)
The NA62 experiment at CERN for $K+ \rightarrow \pi^+ \nu \bar \nu$
PoS(KAON09)043 pdf G. Ruggiero
SUSY effects in Kaon physics: Lepton Universality tests and rare decays
PoS(KAON09)044 pdf P. Paradisi
Rare decays (3)
Patterns of Flavour Violation in the RSc Model, the LHT Model and Supersymmetric Flavour Models
PoS(KAON09)045 pdf A. Buras
Search for KL\rightarrow $\pi^0 \nu \bar\nu$ at the E391a experiment
PoS(KAON09)046 pdf H. Morii
J-PARC E14 KOTO experiment for $K_L\rightarrow \pi^0\nu \bar\nu$
PoS(KAON09)047 pdf H. Nanjo
Future opportunities
Physics with the KLOE2 experiment at the phi factory
PoS(KAON09)048 pdf P. Branchini
New opportunities in the physics landscape at CERN
PoS(KAON09)050 pdf E. Rondio
Status of "OKA" experiment
PoS(KAON09)051 pdf V. Kurshetsov
Status of the KLOD experiment at IHEP (Protvino) U-70 proton synchrotron
PoS(KAON09)052 pdf A. Ostankov
summary: prospects for Flavor Physics and the roles of Kaon decays
precise SM tests
PoS(KAON09)053 pdf G. Colangelo