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International Workshop on QCD Green’s Functions, Confinement and Phenomenology

QCD-TNT09 - (other qcd conferences)
September 7-11 , 2009
ECT Trento, Italy
published January 29, 2010
The general theme of the workshop concerns techniques for gauge-invariant calculations of off-shell Green's functions in non-Abelian gauge theories such as QCD, and their relationship to other approaches to QCD, including lattice simulations and phenomenology. Of critical interest is the infrared behavior of such gauge theories, where all non-perturbative phenomena (confinement, chiral symmetry breakdown, non-integral topological charge) have their roots. We especially hope that the lattice and the continuum communities will find at the Workshop, and later explore, new ways of this most difficult problem of non-perturbative QCD.
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Table of contents
Non-perturbative Green’s functions and the QCD effective charge
PoS(QCD-TNT09)001 pdf A.C. Aguilar
Shear and bulk viscosities of the gluon plasma in the stochastic-vacuum approach
PoS(QCD-TNT09)002 pdf D. Antonov
Schwinger-Dyson equations and the quark-antiquark static potential
PoS(QCD-TNT09)003 pdf P. Bicudo, G. Marques, M. Cardoso, N. Cardoso and O. Oliveira
On the dynamics of the Kugo-Ojima function
PoS(QCD-TNT09)004 pdf D. Binosi
Open issues in confinement, for the lattice and for center vortices
PoS(QCD-TNT09)007 pdf J.M. Cornwall
Anomalies and discrete chiral symmetries
PoS(QCD-TNT09)008 pdf M. Creutz
Simulating linear covariant gauges on the lattice: a new approach
PoS(QCD-TNT09)009 pdf A. Cucchieri
Magnetic Monopoles in the Deconfined Phase of Yang-Mills Theories
PoS(QCD-TNT09)010 pdf M. D'Elia and A. D'Alessandro
Aspects of the Gribov-Zwanziger framework
PoS(QCD-TNT09)012 pdf D. Dudal, N. Vandersickel, H. Verschelde and S.P. Sorella
Beyond renormalization: an essay on nonlinear sigma model, massive YM and Electroweak Model
PoS(QCD-TNT09)013 pdf R. Ferrari, D. Bettinelli and A. Quadri
Hadrons as Holograms
PoS(QCD-TNT09)014 pdf H. Forkel
The static potential in the Gribov-Zwanziger Lagrangian.
PoS(QCD-TNT09)016 pdf J. Gracey
Aspects of Confinement in Coulomb Gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT09)017 pdf J. Greensite
Lattice Study of Dense Two Color Matter
PoS(QCD-TNT09)018 pdf S. Hands
Physical charges in QED and QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT09)019 pdf A. Ilderton
Gribov-Zwanziger horizon condition, ghost and gluon propagators and Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion
PoS(QCD-TNT09)021 pdf K.I. Kondo
A fresh look at the confinement mechanism
PoS(QCD-TNT09)022 pdf K. Langeld
Infra-red problems and a response
PoS(QCD-TNT09)023 pdf T. Heinzl, A. Ilderton, K. Langfeld, M. Lavelle and D. McMullan
How Many Degrees of Freedom Has the Gluon?
PoS(QCD-TNT09)024 pdf V. Mathieu
Lattice Landau Gauge and Algebraic Geometry
PoS(QCD-TNT09)025 pdf D.B. Mehta, A. Sternbeck, L. von Smekal and A.G. Williams
Numerical test of the Gribov-Zwanziger scenario in landau gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT09)026 pdf T. Mendes
Effective Action for Low-Energy Quantum Field Fluctuations
PoS(QCD-TNT09)027 pdf R. Millo and P. Faccioli
The Hamiltonian Approach to Yang-Mills (2+1): An Update and Corrections to String Tension
PoS(QCD-TNT09)030 pdf P. Nair
QCD phenomenology with infrared finite SDE solutions
PoS(QCD-TNT09)031 pdf A. Natale
Vacuum structure and Casimir scaling in Yang-Mills theories
PoS(QCD-TNT09)032 pdf S. Olejnik
The lattice infrared Landau gauge gluon propagator: from finite volume to the infinite volume
PoS(QCD-TNT09)033 pdf O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Gluon masses without seagull divergences
PoS(QCD-TNT09)034 pdf J. Papavassiliou
A Ghost Story: Ghosts and Gluons in the IR of QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT09)035 pdf attachments O. Pene, P. Boucaud, J.P. Leroy, A. Le yaouanc, J. Micheli and J. Rodriguez-Quintero
The Electroweak Model based on the Nonlinearly realized Gauge Group
PoS(QCD-TNT09)036 pdf A. Quadri, R. Ferrari and D. Bettinelli
The role of monopoles in a gluon plasma
PoS(QCD-TNT09)037 pdf C. Ratti and E.V. Shuryak
Hamiltonian approach to Yang-Mills theory in Coulomb gauge
PoS(QCD-TNT09)038 pdf H. Reinhardt, G. Burgio, D. Campagnari, D. Epple, C. Feuchter, M. Leder, M. Pak, J.M. Pawlowski, M. Quandt, W. Schleifenbaum and A. Weber
A ghost story (II): Ghost, Gluons and the Gluon Condensate beyond the IR of QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT09)039 pdf J. Rodriguez-Quintero, O. Pene, P. Boucaud, J. Micheli, A. Le yaouanc, J.P. Leroy and F. De Soto
General method of solution of Schwinger-Dyson equations in Minkowski space
PoS(QCD-TNT09)040 pdf V. Sauli
Large representation Polyakov loop in hot Yang-Mills theory
PoS(QCD-TNT09)041 pdf G.W. Semenoff
Confinement, deconfinement and chiral symmetry breaking in QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT09)042 pdf Y. Simonov
Gluons and deconfinement at high density
PoS(QCD-TNT09)043 pdf J.I. Skullerud
Lattice QCD Analysis for Gluons
PoS(QCD-TNT09)044 pdf H. Suganuma
A candidate for the scalar glueball operator within the Gribov-Zwanziger framework
PoS(QCD-TNT09)048 pdf N. Vandersickel
Symmetry Breaking Patterns in QCD: Chiral and Deconfinement Transitions
PoS(QCD-TNT09)050 pdf W. Weise
Topological solutions in dual formulation of Yang-Mills theories
PoS(QCD-TNT09)051 pdf A.S. Gorsky and V.I. Zakharov
Screened perturbation theory for 3D Yang-Mills and hot QCD
PoS(QCD-TNT09)052 pdf O. Philipsen
Exact renormalization group at finite temperature
PoS(QCD-TNT09)053 pdf J.P. Blaizot