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12th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines

BEAUTY 2009 - (other beauty conferences)
September 7-11, 2009
Heidelberg, Germany.
published September 23, 2010
The purpose of Beauty 2009 is to review results in the field of B-physics and CP-violation, as well as to explore the physics potential of upcoming B-physics experiments with a focus at hadron machines. The conference is an excellent opportunity to summarize the status of the field and the readiness of the LHC detectors at the start of the LHC data-taking. The conference proceedings have been edited by Samim Erhan, Neville Harnew and Ulrich Uwer
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Bs Mixing & Phase
CKM Angels & Gamma Determination
CKM elements and unitarity triangle sides
Commissioning - LHC Experiments
b Production and Cross Sections at LHC
Charm and τ Physics
LHC First Data - Plans
Tevatron, BES & Beyond the Standard Model
B Hadron Lifetimes and Properties
Rare Decays
Detector Status - LHC Experiments
Upgrades LHC Experiments & Future e+e- Projects
Conference Summary
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)063 pdf U. Uwer, S. Erhan and N. Harnew
Bs Mixing & Phase
CP Violation in Bs\rightarrow J/PsiPhi at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)008 pdf K. Gibson
Mixing and CP Violation of the Bs at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)009 pdf I. Bertram
Bs\rightarrow J/PSi Phi with ATLAS and CMS
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)010 pdf A. Dewhurst
Search for New Physics in Bs\rightarrow J/PsiPhi and Bs\rightarrow PhiPhi at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)011 pdf O. Leroy
CKM Angels & Gamma Determination
Measurement of CKM Angles
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)001 pdf K. Miyabayashi
Charmless B Decays at CDF
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)002 pdf D. Tonelli
Theoretical Overview of b\rightarrow s Hadronic Decays
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)003 pdf S. Jäger
Charmless B Decays at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)004 pdf L. Carson
Tree Level Gamma Determination at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)005 pdf S. Ricciardi
Strong Phase Measurements - Towards Gamma at CLEO-c
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)006 pdf A. Powell
CKM elements and unitarity triangle sides
Leptonic Decays with CLEO-c
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)013 pdf J. Rademacker
Semileptonic Decays with CLEO-c
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)014 pdf P. Spradlin
Measurements of the CKM TriangleSides
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)015 pdf J.C. Dingfelder
Commissioning - LHC Experiments
CMS Detector Commissioning Results with Cosmics
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)017 pdf M. Pelliccioni
ATLAS Detector Commissioning Results with Cosmics and First Beam
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)018 pdf A. Cerri
LHCb Detector Commissioning Results with Cosmics and First Beam
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)019 pdf M. John
b Production and Cross Sections at LHC
ALICE Commissioning Status and Prospects to Measure Charmonium, Bottonium and bbar Production
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)020 pdf A. Dainese
LHCb Production: Onia, Cross Section, Correlations
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)022 pdf Y. Gao
CMS/ATLAS Production: Onia Cross Section, Correlations
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)023 pdf V. Andreev
Charm and τ Physics
Theoretical Status of Charm Mixing CPV and Mixing Parameters
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)024 pdf A. Petrov
Charm Mixing and CPV from the B Factories
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)025 pdf N. Neri
Charm Physics at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)026 pdf J. Magnin
Rare τ Decays from the B Factories
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)028 pdf K. Inami
LHC First Data - Plans
Early CMS B Physics with the First 1 - 50 pb-1
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)029 pdf Z. Gecse
Early ATLAS B physics with the first 10 - 100 pb-1
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)030 pdf D. Sampsonidis
LHCb first physics with the first 10 - 20 pb-1
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)031 pdf A.R. Muresan
Tevatron, BES & Beyond the Standard Model
Tevatron Experimental Issues at High Luminosities
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)032 pdf M. Kreps
BES Status and Results
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)033 pdf W. Kuehn
Top Physics at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)034 pdf M. Arov
Bottomonium Spectroscopy at the B Factories
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)036 pdf G. Simi
Bottomonium Spectroscopy at CLEO
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)037 pdf K. Seth
Charmonium Spectroscopy (X,Y,Z) at the B Factories
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)038 pdf M. Kreps
Vector Meson Polarization at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)040 pdf J. Russ
Spectroscopy (X,Y,Z) at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)041 pdf M. Heck
B Hadron Lifetimes and Properties
B Baryons at CDF
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)042 pdf S. Donati
B Baryons at D0
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)043 pdf P. Ratoff
B Hadron Properties at the Tevatron: Lifetime, Bc, exited states
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)044 pdf H. Gerberich
Nonperturbative QCD Methods for B Physics: Status and Prospects
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)045 pdf A. Khodjamirian
B Hadron Properties at the LHC: Lifetimes, Polarization, Masses of Bs, Bc and Lambda-b
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)046 pdf W. Ji
Rare Decays
Theoretical Status of Rare B Decays with Muons
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)047 pdf C. Bobeth, G. Piranishvili and G. Hiller
FCNC at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)048 pdf M.J. Morello
Rare B Decays at the B Factories
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)049 pdf M. Nakao
Bs\rightarrow mumu at the LHC
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)050 pdf D. Martinez Santos
Bd\rightarrow K*mumu at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)051 pdf W.R. Reece
LHCb Radiative Decays
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)052 pdf I. Belyaev
Detector Status - LHC Experiments
Expected Performance of the ATLAS Inner Detector
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)054 pdf S. Chouridou
Commissioning of the LHCb Particle ID and Tracking
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)055 pdf D. Hutchcroft
Commissioning and Plans for the LHCb Trigger
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)056 pdf L. De Paula
Upgrades LHC Experiments & Future e+e- Projects
Upgrade of the Tracking and Trigger System at ATLAS & CMS
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)057 pdf F. Parodi
e+ e- B Factory at 1036 - Physics Case
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)059 pdf A. Stocchi
SuperB and SuperBELLE
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)060 pdf C. Schwanda
LHCb Upgrad - Physics Case and High Luminosity Detector Optimisation
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)064 pdf P. Collins
Conference Summary
Theory Vision
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)061 pdf M. Ciuchini
Conference Summary
PoS(BEAUTY 2009)062 pdf K. Pitts