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Quarks, Strings and the Cosmos - Héctor Rubinstein Memorial Symposium

August 9-11 2010
AlbaNova, Stockholm, Sweden
published May 23, 2011
This Symposium commemorates the life and science of Héctor Rubinstein (1933-2009). There will be invited talks covering the history and recent developments in QCD, string theory and astroparticle physics, as well as a session on electronic publishing.
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Quarks, Strings and the Cosmos - Héctor Rubinstein Memorial Symposium
Remembering Héctor
PoS(HRMS)001 pdf L. Bergstrom
Héctor Rubinstein: a compass in science and life
PoS(HRMS)004 pdf A. Goobar
Héctor Rubinstein and the start of Swedish Neutrino Astronomy
PoS(HRMS)006 pdf P.O. Hulth
Short history of Héctor Rubinstein’s scientific career and his years in Sweden
PoS(HRMS)007 pdf E. Mortsell
Héctor Rubinstein from a Swedish Prospective
PoS(HRMS)012 pdf L. Brink
Unconventional Man
PoS(HRMS)014 pdf V. Mukhanov
Contributions and Heritage of Hector Rubinstein History of the Constituent Quark Model New Challenges for QCD
PoS(HRMS)017 pdf H. Lipkin
Rehovoth 1967-1968. Strings vs Quarks or How composite are the Hadrons?
PoS(HRMS)019 pdf M. Virasoro
Status of Neutrino Masses and Mixing in 2010
PoS(HRMS)022 pdf G. Altarelli
Field theory and the physics of disordered systems
PoS(HRMS)023 pdf G. Parisi
Quarks and quantum statistics
PoS(HRMS)024 pdf attachments W. Greenberg
Breaking of de Sitter Symmetry
PoS(HRMS)026 pdf M. Bander
UHE neutrinos: from standard astrophysics to new physics
PoS(HRMS)027 pdf V. Berezinsky
Sp(2n;R) electric-magnetic duality as off-shell symmetry of interacting electromagnetic and scalar fields
PoS(HRMS)028 pdf M. Henneaux and C. Bunster
The emergence of theoretical physics in Argentina, Mathematics, mathematical physics and theoretical physics, 1900-1950
PoS(HRMS)030 pdf E. Ortiz
MD or DM? Modified dynamics at low accelerations vs dark matter
PoS(HRMS)033 pdf M. Milgrom
Latest results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(HRMS)034 pdf E. Roulet
The Big Bang of the Brain
PoS(HRMS)037 pdf H. Lagercrantz
Graduate Student Days at Columbia University, 1956-1960
PoS(HRMS)040 pdf attachments D. Zwanziger
Colour confinement and massive gluons
PoS(HRMS)044 pdf M. Chaichian
Jost-Lehmann-Dyson Representation and Froissart Bound in Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory
PoS(HRMS)057 pdf A. Tureanu
Comments on Hector Rubenstein from a former student
PoS(HRMS)068 pdf L. Rosenbaum
Aspects of Héctor’s research
PoS(HRMS)075 pdf P. Di Vecchia
¡No pasarán!
PoS(HRMS)076 pdf M. Henneaux
Hector - Colleague and Friend for Fifty Years
PoS(HRMS)077 pdf M. Bander
Two unforgettable years with Hector
PoS(HRMS)078 pdf G. Veneziano
My Cousin the Physicist
PoS(HRMS)079 pdf B. Huberman