PoS - Proceedings of Science

Fast X-ray timing and spectroscopy at extreme count rates

HTRS 2011
February 7-11, 2011
Champéry, Switzerland
published December 30, 2011
The High Time Resolution Spectrometer (HTRS) is an instrument proposed to match the top level mission requirement of the International X-ray Observatory to observe a one Crab X-ray source with less than 10 percent deadtime. It will perform high precision timing measurements of bright X-ray sources. It can observe sources with fluxes of one million counts per second in the 0.3-10 keV band without performance degradation, while providing moderate spectral resolution of 150 eV FWHM at 6 keV. The HTRS is dedicated to the study of strong-gravity phenomena and accretion in the vicinity of accreting black holes and neutron stars, through simultaneous fast X-ray timing and spectroscopy. It also offers a unique tool to probe matter at supra-nuclear densities. It addresses primarily the science theme Matter under Extreme Conditions. The main goal of the conference is to stimulate current research that will prepare the science that will be achieved with IXO and the HTRS. The contributions will build on the experience gained through the Rossi-XTE, XMM-Newton, Suzaku and Chandra missions, and will explore the gains offered by HTRS and IXO, focusing in particular on the science that is unique to the HTRS/IXO combination.
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Session 1: Future X-ray timing missions
Session 2: Science drivers of timing missions
Session 3: Black-hole spins
Session 4: Neutron-star equation of state
Session 5: Strong field geneal-relativity signatures
Session 6: Additional timing science
PoS(HTRS 2011)001 pdf D. Barret
Session 1: Future X-ray timing missions
Status of IXO and the ESA CV Programme
PoS(HTRS 2011)002 pdf D. Lumb
PoS(HTRS 2011)003 pdf D. Barret
Detectors for fast X-ray timing and spectroscopy
PoS(HTRS 2011)004 pdf P. Lechner, A. Niculae, H. Soltau and L. Strueder
HTRS performance simulations
PoS(HTRS 2011)005 file missing J. Wilms
The Gravitas mission
PoS(HTRS 2011)006 file missing K. Nandra
The AXTAR mission
PoS(HTRS 2011)007 pdf P. Ray, B. Phlips, K.S. Wood, D. Chakrabarty, R. Remillard and C. Wilson-Hodge
Living in a LOFT
PoS(HTRS 2011)008 pdf M. Feroci and L. Stella
HIFI - A HI Framerate Imager for Gravitas
PoS(HTRS 2011)009 file missing A. Stefanescu
Session 2: Science drivers of timing missions
Timing of XRBs in the HTRS era
PoS(HTRS 2011)010 file missing P. Uttley
Timing black-hole binaries: status and prospects
PoS(HTRS 2011)011 file missing T. Belloni
Time lags as a constraint on the accretion disk geometry in BH XRBs
PoS(HTRS 2011)012 file missing P. Cassatella
Oscillation-phase-resolved spectroscopy in the IXO era
PoS(HTRS 2011)013 file missing J. Nielsen
Fast variability as a tracer of states and state transitions in black holes
PoS(HTRS 2011)014 file missing T. Munoz-Darias
Persistent, intermittent, and undetected accretion-powered millisecond X-ray pulsations from neutron stars in low-mass X-ray binary systems
PoS(HTRS 2011)015 pdf S. Boutloukos, K.H. Lo, M.C. Miller and F.K. Lamb
A newly discovered accreting pulsar in Terzan 5
PoS(HTRS 2011)016 pdf A. Papitto, S. Motta, A. Riggio, A. D'ai, T. Di Salvo, T. Belloni, L. Burderi and R. Iaria
Session 3: Black-hole spins
Relativistic disk reflection in stellar-mass black holes
PoS(HTRS 2011)017 file missing J. Miller
Broad iron emission lines in the intermediate star of black-hole transients
PoS(HTRS 2011)018 file missing B. Hiemstra
Black-hole spin measurement via X-ray continuum spectroscopy
PoS(HTRS 2011)019 pdf J. Steiner, J.E. McClintock, R. Narayan and L. Gou
Theoretical disk spectra and black-hole spin determination
PoS(HTRS 2011)020 pdf A. Rozanska
The properties of high-frequency QPOs and their connection to the physical properties of black holes
PoS(HTRS 2011)021 file missing R. Remillard
Session 4: Neutron-star equation of state
What Thermonuclear X-ray Bursts can tell us about Neutron Stars
PoS(HTRS 2011)022 file missing M. Falanga
The complete sample of type-I X-ray bursts in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53 with RXTE
PoS(HTRS 2011)023 file missing G.B. Zhang
Implications of high-precision spectra of thermonuclear X-ray bursts for determining neutron star masses and radii
PoS(HTRS 2011)024 pdf M.C. Miller, S. Boutloukos, K.H. Lo and F.K. Lamb
Systematic uncertainties in the spectroscopic measurements of neutron-star masses and radii from thermonuclear X-ray bursts
PoS(HTRS 2011)025 file missing T. Guver
M/R constraints from neutron-star iron line
PoS(HTRS 2011)026 pdf M. Diaz Trigo, C. Ng, M. Cadolle Bel and S. Migliari
Spectral and timing features in the utltra-compact X-ray binary 4U 0614+091
PoS(HTRS 2011)027 pdf O. Madej and P.G. Jonker
M/R constraints from accreting millisecond pulsar//Cooling stages of X-ray bursts
PoS(HTRS 2011)028 file missing J. Poutanen
Constraining the mass and moment of inertia of neutron star from quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries
PoS(HTRS 2011)029 pdf J. Pétri
Kilohertz quasi-Periodic Oscillations as a tool to probe the neutron-star interior and gravitational field
PoS(HTRS 2011)030 file missing M. Méndez
Kilohertz quasi-Periodic oscillations and broad iron emission lines as a probe of strong-filed gravity
PoS(HTRS 2011)031 file missing A. Sanna
Session 5: Strong field geneal-relativity signatures
Testing the no-hair theorem with observations of astrophysical black holes
PoS(HTRS 2011)032 file missing D. Psaltis
Epicyclic Frequencies, Resonances & QPOs
PoS(HTRS 2011)033 pdf M. Bursa
Signatures of superfluid neutron-star dynamics
PoS(HTRS 2011)034 pdf B. Haskell
Lense-Thirring precession
PoS(HTRS 2011)035 file missing L. Stella
Session 6: Additional timing science
Present and Future of Magnetar bursting/outbursting studies
PoS(HTRS 2011)036 file missing G. Israel
A non-magnetar Soft Gamma Repeater
PoS(HTRS 2011)037 file missing N. Rea
General properties of magnetars and observational developments at high energies
PoS(HTRS 2011)038 file missing W. Hermsen
Can a "propelling" disc stay trapped near corotation?
PoS(HTRS 2011)039 pdf C. D'Angelo
Cooling accretion-heated neutron stars
PoS(HTRS 2011)040 file missing R. Wijnands
X-ray variability of black holes on all mass scales
PoS(HTRS 2011)041 file missing S. Vaughan
Fitting a self-consistent physical model to the power spectral density of XTE 1550-564
PoS(HTRS 2011)042 pdf A. Ingram and C. Done
All-sky Monitoring of Variable Sources with Fermi GBM
PoS(HTRS 2011)043 pdf C. Wilson-Hodge
Relativistic jets from Galactic accreting binary systems
PoS(HTRS 2011)044 file missing S. Corbel
The relevance of jet emitting discs in micro-quasars
PoS(HTRS 2011)045 pdf P.O. Petrucci, J. Ferreira, G. Henri, C. Cabanac, J. Malzac and R. Belmont
Multiwavelength high-time resolution observations
PoS(HTRS 2011)046 file missing P. Casella
Preliminary concept of modern X-ray timing mission
PoS(HTRS 2011)047 pdf V. Arefiev
The 2008 outburst of the new X-ray transient XTE J1719-291
PoS(HTRS 2011)048 file missing M. Armas Padilla
Constraining the equation of state of the dense matter from X-ray burst oscillations
PoS(HTRS 2011)049 pdf R. Artigue and D. Barret
KHz QPO studies with IXO - Testing the Moving Hotspots Model
PoS(HTRS 2011)050 pdf M. Becchetti
Re Analysis of Timing Parameters of OAO 1657-415
PoS(HTRS 2011)051 pdf A. Baykal, S.C. Inam, B. Icdem and E. Beklen
Time lags in 4U 1608-52
PoS(HTRS 2011)052 pdf M.G. Bronzato de Avellar, M. Méndez, A. Sanna and J.E. Horvath
Implications of Burst Oscillations from IGR J17480-2446
PoS(HTRS 2011)053 pdf Y. Cavecchi
The COSPIX mission: focusing on the energetic and obscured Universe
PoS(HTRS 2011)054 file missing P. Ferrando
Phase lags and cyclotron lines in 4U 0115+63
PoS(HTRS 2011)055 pdf C. Ferrigno, M. Falanga, E. Bozzo, P.A. Becker, D. Klochkov and A. Santangelo
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients and other windfed accretors - testing with the Corbet diagram
PoS(HTRS 2011)056 file missing S. Grebenev
Aperiodic X-ray variability studies of the black hole candidate MAXI J1659-152
PoS(HTRS 2011)057 file missing M. Kalamkar
Dipping and Absorption in the stellar wind in GX 301-2
PoS(HTRS 2011)059 file missing I. Kreykenbohm
Pulse-phase spectroscopy as a tool for the study of X-ray pulsars
PoS(HTRS 2011)060 pdf A. Lutovinov and S. Tsygankov
On the nature of low frequency quasi periodic oscillations: a variability study of the BHC GX 339-4
PoS(HTRS 2011)061 file missing S. Motta
X-ray bursts and burst oscillations from the slowly spinning X-ray pulsar IGR J17480-2446
PoS(HTRS 2011)062 file missing S. Motta
Spectroscopy of the Pulsar-like White Dwarf AE Aquarii from Chandra and Swift XRT Data
PoS(HTRS 2011)063 pdf B. Oruru and P. Meintjes
On the time evolution of the lower kHz QPO in 4U 1608-52
PoS(HTRS 2011)064 file missing S. Paltani
A filter wheel for the HTRS
PoS(HTRS 2011)065 file missing S. Paltani
Central Engines of GRBs
PoS(HTRS 2011)066 file missing T. Piran
Hard X-ray Variability of the brightest Swift/BAT AGN
PoS(HTRS 2011)067 pdf C. Ricci, S. Paltani, S. Soldi and T.J.L. Courvoisier
A type I X-ray burst of the Rapid Burster with photospheric radius expansion as seen by Swift
PoS(HTRS 2011)068 pdf G. Sala, F. Haberl, J. Jose, A. Parikh and W. Pietsch
A Catalogue of X-ray bursters detected by JEM-X on board INTEGRAL
PoS(HTRS 2011)069 pdf C. Sanchez-Fernandez, E. Kuulkers and E. Aranzana
Simulations of the performance of the HTRS on IXO
PoS(HTRS 2011)070 pdf C. Schmid, J. Wilms, T. Oosterbroek, M. Martin, E. Kendziorra, B. Mück, D. Barret, D. Rambaud and P. Lechner
Measuring strong magnetic fields of neutron stars with the next-generation of X-ray instruments
PoS(HTRS 2011)071 pdf G. Schoenherr, P. Kretschmar, J. Wilms, F. Schwarm, I. Kreykenbohm, K. Pottschmidt and R.E. Rothschild
Investigating the disc-jet coupling in accreting compact objects by studying the "radio quiet" sources
PoS(HTRS 2011)072 file missing P. Soleri
XTE J1752-223: A broad band X-ray spectral investigation combined with timing studies
PoS(HTRS 2011)073 pdf H. Stiele, T. Munoz-Darias, S. Motta and T. Belloni
X-ray bursting neutron star atmosphere models
PoS(HTRS 2011)074 pdf V. Suleimanov, J. Poutanen and K. Werner
Magnetized neutron star atmosphere:beyond the cold plasma approximation
PoS(HTRS 2011)081 pdf V. Suleimanov
Extreme-value analysis of the X-ray emission of Cygnus X-1
PoS(HTRS 2011)075 pdf M. Süveges and S. Paltani
A model for optical/X-ray correlation in black hole X-ray binaries
PoS(HTRS 2011)076 pdf A. Veledina and J. Poutanen
Fast variability of gamma-ray emission from supermassive black hole binary OJ 287
PoS(HTRS 2011)077 pdf I. Vovk and A. Neronov
The Digital Data Processing Unit for the HTRS on board IXO
PoS(HTRS 2011)078 pdf H. Wende
Are the two peaks of the Cathedral QPO real harmonics?
PoS(HTRS 2011)079 pdf J. Rodriguez and P. Varniere
Internal resonance and the amplitude evolution of neutron-star QPOs
PoS(HTRS 2011)080 file missing J. Horak