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AGN Physics in the CTA Era

AGN 2011
16-17 May, 2011
published June 20, 2012
With the start of its Preparatory Phase, a new step has been made towards the construction of CTA, the future large Cherenkov Telescope Array of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy. A two-day workshop devoted to "AGN physics in the CTA era" will be held in Toulouse, May 16th-17th 2011, in parallel to a general meeting of the CTA consortium. Combining reviews and contributed talks, the meeting will aim to present the current state of the art and to characterize future observing programmes for the various facets of AGN science at very high energies (VHE). Topics to be discussed include AGN population studies, particle acceleration and VHE emission models, variability studies, multiwavelength approach, EBL connection, VHE extended emission (radiogalaxies, pair haloes, diffuse background), passive black holes, primordial black holes ...

Further information, including the full program, can be found on the conference webpage: http://cta.obspm.fr/agnworkshop2011/

The SOC included: M. Begelman, C. Boisson (co-Chair), G. Ghisellini, H. Krawczynski, M. punch, H. Sol (co-Chair), T. Totani, M. Urry, R. Wagner, M. Ward, A. Zech (co-Chair)

Editorial Board of these Proceedings: Andreas Zech (Chair), Catherine Boisson and Hélène Sol.

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Session 1 : AGN physics
Session 2 : Observational aspects and expected CTA performances
Session 3 : AGN population studies and expected CTA performances
Session 4 : Formation & Evolution of AGN, AGN environment
Concluding Remarks
Introduction to the CTA Project
PoS(AGN 2011)001 pdf M. Martinez
Session 1 : AGN physics
Extreme Acceleration Processes
PoS(AGN 2011)002 file missing J. Kirk
Blazar Physics with CTA
PoS(AGN 2011)003 pdf M. Böttcher
CTA Constraints on AGN models
PoS(AGN 2011)004 pdf K. Katarzynski
Formation of Hard VHE Spectra of Blazars in Leptonic Models
PoS(AGN 2011)005 pdf E. Lefa
Gamma-rays and Neutrinos from Hadronic Interactions in AGN Emission Models
PoS(AGN 2011)006 pdf A. Reimer
The Relation Between Microquasar and AGN Physics
PoS(AGN 2011)007 file missing I.F. Mirabel
Predictions of Inhomogeneous Jet Models for CTA
PoS(AGN 2011)008 pdf G.E. Romero
Session 2 : Observational aspects and expected CTA performances
AGN Jets from sub-pc to kpc Scales - Current Issues and Science Drivers for CTA Observations
PoS(AGN 2011)009 pdf H. Krawczynski
Parsec Scale Jets of Gamma-Ray AGN
PoS(AGN 2011)010 pdf M.L. Lister
Structure and Polarization of the Inner Jets
PoS(AGN 2011)011 pdf M. Birkinshaw
Status of TeV AGN Studies
PoS(AGN 2011)012 file missing W. Benbow
AGN Seen by Fermi
PoS(AGN 2011)013 pdf B. Lott
The Universe above 10 GeV as Seen by Fermi
PoS(AGN 2011)014 file missing D. Paneque
Fermi Observations of Blazars: Implications for Gamma-ray Production
PoS(AGN 2011)015 pdf J. Poutanen and B.E. Stern
How do we Tackle Non-thermal AGN when CTA is Up and Running?
PoS(AGN 2011)016 file missing S. Wagner
The Origin of High Energy Variability in Blazars
PoS(AGN 2011)017 pdf I. McHardy
CTA Monitoring of PKS 2155-304 Flares
PoS(AGN 2011)018 pdf J. Biteau
The AGN - Cosmic Ray Connection icroquasar and AGN Physics
PoS(AGN 2011)019 pdf D. Allard
Session 3 : AGN population studies and expected CTA performances
Rapporteur talk from the recent workshop on Beamed and Unbeamed Gamma-Rays from Galaxies
PoS(AGN 2011)020 file missing R. Wagner
A New Look at Radio Loud AGN Unification
PoS(AGN 2011)021 pdf M. Georganopoulos
A New Ordering Parameter for Blazar SEDs
PoS(AGN 2011)022 pdf M. Zacharias and R. Schlickeiser
MWL Studies of AGN Populations
PoS(AGN 2011)023 pdf P. Giommi
AGN Forecasting
PoS(AGN 2011)024 pdf T. Hassan, N. Mirabal and J.L. Contreras
AGN Population Studies for CTA
PoS(AGN 2011)025 pdf Y. Inoue
The Influence of Jet Geometry on the Statistics of Beamed Objects and its Implication for VHE Surveys
PoS(AGN 2011)026 pdf G. Henri
BL Lac Population Study: Early Results using Fermi's 11 Months Catalog and the Perspectives with CTA
PoS(AGN 2011)027 pdf L. Gerard, G. Henri, S. Pita and M. Punch
A Tour of VHE Emitting AGN: Prospects with CTA
PoS(AGN 2011)028 pdf J.P. Lenain, M. Daniel, C. Boisson, H. Sol, P. Chadwick and M. Ward
High Energy Emission from Narrow Line Seyfert 1s
PoS(AGN 2011)029 file missing M. Ward
Session 4 : Formation & Evolution of AGN, AGN environment
Unification and Evolution of AGN
PoS(AGN 2011)030 pdf M. Elitzur
3D MHD Simulations of the Central Region of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster: the Role of Starburst and AGN Activity and Particle Acceleration by Magnetic Reconnection
PoS(AGN 2011)031 pdf E. De Gouveia Dal Pino
Constraining Intergalactic Magnetic Fields
PoS(AGN 2011)032 pdf S. Inoue
EBL and Cosmology Studies in the CTA Era
PoS(AGN 2011)033 pdf D. Mazin
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks and CTA Perspective
PoS(AGN 2011)034 file missing H. Sol