PoS - Proceedings of Science

XXXIV edition of the Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics

5-10 June 2011
Foz de Iguaçu, Parana state, Brasil
published March 20, 2012
This meeting is held each year to bring together the Brazilian Nuclear Physics community. This year's event, in particular, seeks to attract the Latin American community in addition to many other researchers around the world. The main conference topics are fundamental and applied nuclear physics, heavy ion collisions at high energies, nuclear astrophysics and recent research related to reactions with exotic beams.
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Symposia II
Oral Contibutions
Poster Contributions
Default session
Thermalization time and specific heat of neutron stars crust
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)004 pdf J. Margueron
Superfluid Neutrons in the Core of the Cassiopeia-A Neutron Star
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)005 pdf D.P. Page, M. Prakash, J. Lattimer and A. Steiner
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)006 pdf attachments E.J. Ferrer
Theoretical models in nuclearastrophysics
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)008 pdf P. Descouvemont
Recent results in reactions using radioactive ion beams
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)009 pdf E.F. Aguilera, J.J. Kolata, I. Martel, A.M. Sánchez-Benítez and L. Acosta
Strongly Interacting Matter at Very High Energy Density
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)014 pdf L. McLerran
Symposia II
Quantum decoherence in low-energy nuclear reaction dynamics?
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)020 pdf A.D. Torres
Nuclear physics in the cosmos
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)022 pdf C. Bertulani
Discovering the Atomic Nucleus
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)024 pdf O.A.P. Tavares
Oral Contibutions
Nuclear structure and neutrino-nucleus interaction
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)032 pdf F. Krmpotie
Faddeev-Yakubovsky technique for Weakly Bound Systems
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)034 pdf M. Hadizadeh, M.T. Yamashita, L. Tomio, A. Delfino and T. Frederico
Manufacturing of thin films of boron for the measurement of the ${}^{10}B(n,\alpha)$${}^{7}Li$ reaction used in BNCT
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)035 pdf B. Smilgys, S. Guedes, J.C.H. Neto, P.R.P. Coelho, I.A. Vellame, C.J. Soares and L.A. Salim
Active filtering applied to radiographic images unfolded by the Richardson-Lucy algorithm
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)036 pdf G. Almeida, M.I. Silvani and R.T. Lopes
Deconfinement transition at neutron star cores
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)040 pdf G. Lugones
Hybrid stars with the Nambu-Jona-Lasineo model
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)046 pdf C.H. Lenzi, G. Lugones and C.O. Vazques Flores
Renormalization of effective field theories for the nuclear force
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)047 pdf S. Szpigel and T.S. Varese
Neutron Generation and Diffusion Process in Accelerator-Driven Systems Reactors
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)050 pdf B. Santos, R.G. Cabral, M.G. Gonçalves and S.B. Duarte
Poster Contributions
A Procedure to Fit Nuclear Decay Data With Proper Treatment of Outliers
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)053 pdf G. Zahn, V. Gonçalves and F. Genezini
External gamma dose rate and radon concentration in indoor environments covered with Brazilian granites
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)059 pdf R.M. dos Anjos, J.J. Ayub, A.S. Cid, R. Cardoso and T. Lacerda
A Geometry and Collimation Study of a Compton Backscatter Device for Inclusions Detection in Materials
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)063 pdf E. Boldo, A.A. Prestes and C.R. Appoloni
7Be content in rainfall and soil deposition in South American coastal ecosystems (2011 September 12)
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)064 pdf R. Cardoso, M. Muñiz, B. Fagundes, J. Ayub, R.M. dos Anjos, A.S. Cid, H. Velasco and F. Lohaiza
Analysis of the Cell Walls of Ceramic Foams by X-ray Microtomography
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)069 pdf R. Nagata, C.R. Appoloni and L. Marques
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)070 pdf L. Marques, C.R. Appoloni, R. Nagata and C.P. Fernandes
Dose-rate dependence of Epitaxial diodes response for gamma dosimetry
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)077 pdf T.C. Santos, J.A.C. Gonçalves, R.F. Barbosa, K.C.S. Pascoalino and C.C. Bueno
Studies of the sensitivity dependence of float zone silicon diodes on gamma absorbed dose
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)078 pdf K.C.S. Pascoalino, T.C. Santos dos, R.F. Barbosa, F. Camargo de, J.A.C. Gonçalves and J.A. Gonçalves
Monte Carlo transport simulation for a Long Counter neutron detector employed as a cosmic rays induced neutron monitor at ground level
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)082 pdf M.T. Pazianotto, C. Federico, O.L. Gonçales and B.V. Carlson
The comparison of GEANT 4.8.2 and 4.9.2 results for the 25MeV protons in thick polyethylene
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)083 pdf O. Yevseyeva, J.T. Assis de, I. Ievsieieva, I.G. Evseev, H.R. Schelin, S.A. Paschuk, E. Milhoretto, K.S. Diaz, J.M. Hormaza and R.T. Lopes
Use of the X-ray Computed Microtomography Technique for the Comparative Morphological Characterization of \textit{Proceratophrys Bigibbosa} Species from Southern Brazil
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)085 pdf F. Ahmann, I.G. Evseev, R. Lignau, I. Ievsieieva, J.T. Assis de and H.D.L. Alves
Natural nuclear radioactivity and crystallography composition of Camburi sand beach (Vitória - ES)
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)091 pdf A. Cavichini, E.F. Sperandio, M.T.D. Orlando, J.B. Depiantí, V.A.R. Junior and E. Betini
Study of Pulsars and Magnetars
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)098 pdf L. Lopes and D. Menezes
Gravitational Wave Radiated by a Collapsing Ellipsoid
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)099 pdf L.G. Almeida, S.B. Duarte, D. Portes Jr. and H. Rodrigues
Proto-Neutron Stars with Delta-Resonances using the Zimanyi-Moszkowski Model
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)101 pdf L.V.d.S. Gomes, J.C. Teixeira, H. Rodrigues and S.B. Duarte
Hadronic thermal model with distinct freeze-out temperature for baryons and mesons
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)106 pdf S.B. Duarte, L.P.G. Assis de, M. Chiapparini, L. Hirsch and A. Delfino Jr.
Domain of parameters in a model with density-dependent quark mass
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)110 pdf F. Assis and S.B. Duarte
Alpha cluster states in light nuclei populated through the (6Li,d) reaction
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)118 pdf T. Borello-Lewin, M.R.D. Rodrigues, L.H.B. Matsushingue, J.L.M. Duarte, C.L.M. Rodrigues, M.A. Souza, H. Miyake, A. Cunsolo, F. Cappuzzello and G.M. Ukita
Shell model formalism for the vector proton asymmetry in the nonmesonic weak hypernuclear decay
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)119 pdf A.P. Galeão
A systematic calculation of muon capture rates in the number projected QRPA
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)120 pdf D. Santos, A.R. Samana, A.J. Dimarco and F. Krmpótic
Isospin Mixing Within Relativistic Mean-Field Models Including the Delta Meson
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)122 pdf C. Graeff and J.R. Marinelli
Refitting density dependent relativistic model parameters including Center-of-Mass corrections
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)123 pdf S. Avancini, J.R. Marinelli and B.V. Carlson
Interacting neutrino gas in a dense nuclear matter
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)124 pdf U. Furtado and J.R. Marinelli
Relativistic pn-QRPA to the Double Beta Decay
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)126 pdf C. Conti, F. Krmpótic and B.V. Carlson
Hadrons in a Dynamical AdS/QCD model
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)127 pdf W. de Paula and T. Frederico
Statistical properties of hot nuclei
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)128 pdf F. Dalmolin and B.V. Carlson
Monte Carlo sampling of pair creation transitions in a model of pre-equilibrium reactions
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)134 pdf D.F. Mega and B.V. Carlson
Quasi-Elastic Barrier Distribution for the $^7$Li weakly bound projectile
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)138 pdf D. Otomar, J. Lubian and P.R.S. Gomes
Study of fragmentation reactions of light nucleus
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)143 pdf D. Toneli and B.V. Carlson
Simultaneous mutiparticle emission from compound nuclei in evaporation process
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)144 pdf L.P.G. de Assis, S.B. Duarte and B. Santos
One-Proton Radiactivity from Spherical Nuclei
PoS(XXXIV BWNP)116 pdf M. Rodrigues, N. Teruya and S.B. Duarte