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The Extreme and Variable High Energy Sky

Extremesky 2011 - (other extremesky conferences)
September 19-23, 2011
Chia Laguna (Cagliari) , Italy
A critically important region of the astrophysical spectrum is the hard X-ray/gamma-ray band, from the keV to the GeV energy range. In this band, an unusually rich range of astrophysical processes occur: this is the energy domain where fundamental changes from thermal to non-thermal sources/phenomena are expected, where the effects of absorption are drastically reduced and a clearer picture of the Universe is possible. This is also the energy range where most of the extreme astrophysical behavior is taking place, e.g. cosmic acceleration, explosions and accretion onto black holes and neutron stars; where variability is more the rule than the exception and where a number of instruments are actively working (e.g. INTEGRAL, SWIFT, Suzaku, MAXI, AGILE, Fermi and HESS). These telescopes are providing an unprecedented view of the high energy sky. Combined with data obtained at lower energies from a number of satellites and ground based telescopes we have for the first time the possibility of studying this extreme and variable sky over a very broad energy band and with unprecedented sensitivity.The workshop is aimed at bringing together scientists active across the field of high energy astrophysics in order to focus on the opportunities offered by the high energy window both from the observational and theoretical viewpoints, while a dedicated section will also be devoted to discuss the current status of planned and future missions. The meeting will consist of invited talks and contributions which are welcome as either posters or as short presentations. There will be time for open discussions throughout.We intend to cover the most extreme phenomena associated with acceleration, explosions and accretion onto galactic and extragalactic objects as well as to study variability in all types of objects and environments. In view of the extension of INTEGRAL operational lifetime, the workshop will provide a unique opportunity to prepare for extra observational possibility and to start focusing on the INTEGRAL results for future missions.
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Status of the INTEGRAL mission
PoS(Extremesky 2011)001 pdf C. Winkler
New Results about an old Friend: The Crab Nebula and its Pulsar
PoS(Extremesky 2011)002 pdf M. Weisskopf
IGR J11014-6103: a newly discovered pulsar wind nebula?
PoS(Extremesky 2011)003 pdf L. Pavan, E. Bozzo, G. Puehlhofer, C. Ferrigno, M. Balbo and R. Walter
Swift/XRT observations of unidentified INTEGRAL/IBIS sources
PoS(Extremesky 2011)009 pdf R. Landi
SFXTs as transient sources in HMXBs
PoS(Extremesky 2011)010 pdf L. Sidoli
SFXTs as best candidate counterparts of unidentified transient MeV sources: the case of IGR J17354 3255/AGLJ1734-3310
PoS(Extremesky 2011)011 pdf V. Sguera
The orbital signatures of HMXB in optical and X-ray measurements - the BeX-SFXT link
PoS(Extremesky 2011)012 pdf T. Bird
Jets from Galactic Binaries
PoS(Extremesky 2011)014 pdf T. Maccarone
Self-consistent study of the reflection component in 4U1705-44 with XMM-Newton, BeppoSAX and RXTE in the hard and soft state
PoS(Extremesky 2011)015 pdf E. Egron
INTEGRAL monitoring of 4U 1722–30: the 2008 outburst
PoS(Extremesky 2011)016 pdf A. Tarana
Quasi-spherical accretion in X--ray pulsars
PoS(Extremesky 2011)017 pdf K. Postnov, N.I. Shakura, A.Y. Kochetkova and L. Hjalmarsdotter
Bursts detected in hard X-rays by IBIS telescope in 2003-2009
PoS(Extremesky 2011)019 pdf I. Chelovekov
LOFT - Large area Observatory For X-ray Timing
PoS(Extremesky 2011)025 pdf E. Bozzo, J.W. den Herder, M. Feroci and L. Stella
The Super-slow Pulsation X-ray Pulsars in High Mass X-ray Binaries
PoS(Extremesky 2011)027 pdf attachments W. Wang
Galactic Hard X-ray Background: Inner Galaxy
PoS(Extremesky 2011)028 pdf R. Krivonos, S. Tsygankov, M. Revnivtsev, S. Sazonov, E.M. Churazov and R. Sunyaev
New insights on long GRBs from Collapsars
PoS(Extremesky 2011)031 pdf attachments O. Bromberg, E. Nakar, T. Piran and R.e. Sari
Recent highlights from the MAGIC telescopes
PoS(Extremesky 2011)036 pdf M. López Moya
Nucleosynthesis and Line Spectroscopy with INTEGRAL
PoS(Extremesky 2011)037 pdf R. Diehl
NUV Observations of Supernovae with NASA Swift
PoS(Extremesky 2011)039 pdf P. Milne
A Spatial and Spectral Analysis of the Multiwavelength Emission from the Supernova Remnant G266.2-1.2
PoS(Extremesky 2011)040 pdf G. Allen
The Fermi view on the Galactic Centre
PoS(Extremesky 2011)042 pdf A. Morselli
The toroidal obscuration in AGN
PoS(Extremesky 2011)044 pdf M. Elitzur
Broadband X-ray properties of absorbed AGN observed with INTEGRAL and XMM
PoS(Extremesky 2011)045 pdf attachments A. De Rosa
Reflection in Seyfert galaxies and the unified model
PoS(Extremesky 2011)046 pdf R. Walter and C. Ricci
Multiwavelength studies of hard X-ray selected sources
PoS(Extremesky 2011)047 pdf P. Parisi
The INTEGRAL view of the extragalactic sky
PoS(Extremesky 2011)048 pdf A. Malizia
The radio and X-ray correlation in a sample of hard X-ray selected AGN
PoS(Extremesky 2011)049 pdf F. Panessa, E. Maiorano, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano, G. Bicknell, P. Castangia, A. De Rosa, A. Malizia, P. Parma, A. Tarchi and P. Ubertini
Narrow-line Seyfert 1's, water masers, and the peculiar case of IGR16385-2057
PoS(Extremesky 2011)050 pdf A. Tarchi, P. Castangia, F. Panessa and J.A. Braatz
Extragalactic Jets
PoS(Extremesky 2011)053 pdf G. Ghisellini
The Second LAT AGN Catalogue from the Fermi observatory
PoS(Extremesky 2011)054 pdf S. Cutini, E. Cavazzuti, C. Dermer, D. Gasparrini and B. Lott
Bottom-up modelling of gamma-ray AGNs
PoS(Extremesky 2011)055 pdf J. Tammi
Stochastic acceleration and the evolution of spectral distributions in SSC sources: A self consistent modeling of blazars' flare
PoS(Extremesky 2011)056 pdf A. Tramacere and E. Massaro
IGR J17448-3232 X-ray point source: a blazar candidate viewed through the Galactic centre?
PoS(Extremesky 2011)058 pdf P. Curran, S. Chaty, J.A. Zurita Heras, J.A. Tomsick and T. Maccarone
INTEGRAL Earth occultation observations revealing the soft gamma ray background
PoS(Extremesky 2011)059 pdf J.M. Hübner, C. Lozano and R. Southworth
Integral Polarimetric Results
PoS(Extremesky 2011)060 pdf D. Gotz and P. Laurent
X-ray Polarimetry
PoS(Extremesky 2011)062 pdf P. Soffitta
Concluding Remarks
PoS(Extremesky 2011)063 pdf T. Maccarone
The Galactic 511 keV morphology and the old stellar population
PoS(Extremesky 2011)064 pdf M. Ali, S.C. Ellis, S. Sharma and J. Bland-Hawthorn
20-100 eV spectral properties of AGN
PoS(Extremesky 2011)065 pdf M. Molina, L. Bassani, A. Malizia, J.B. Stephen, A. Bazzano, T. Bird and P. Ubertini
The first GRB survey of the IBIS/PICsIT archive
PoS(Extremesky 2011)066 pdf V. Bianchin
Hard X ray polarimetry with wide band Laue lens telescopes
PoS(Extremesky 2011)067 pdf E. Caroli, R.M. Curado da Silva, S. Del Sordo and J.B. Stephen
Water maser and hard X-ray emission in AGN
PoS(Extremesky 2011)068 pdf P. Castangia, A. Tarchi, F. Panessa, C. Henkel, A. Malizia, L. Bassani and A. Bazzano
The variable gamma-ray sky seen by the Fermi LAT Flare Advocates
PoS(Extremesky 2011)069 pdf S. Ciprini
The 17 min orbital period in the Ultra Compact X-ray Binary 4U 0513-40
PoS(Extremesky 2011)070 pdf attachments M.T. Fiocchi
Is IGR J18136--2739 a dwarf nova caught in X-ray outburst ?
PoS(Extremesky 2011)072 pdf R. Landi
Searching for AGNs among unidentified INTEGRAL sources
PoS(Extremesky 2011)073 pdf E. Maiorano
Revealing the nature of new unidentified INTEGRAL sources
PoS(Extremesky 2011)074 pdf N. Masetti
Emission processes in NGC 4945
PoS(Extremesky 2011)075 pdf M.L. Menzel, V. Beckmann and F. Mattana
The non-thermal core of 3C 111
PoS(Extremesky 2011)076 pdf S. De Jong, V. Beckmann and F. Mattana
Accurate classification of 28 objects detected in the 39 months Palermo Swift/BAT hard X-ray catalogue
PoS(Extremesky 2011)078 pdf P. Parisi
Comparing the hot and cold skies: INTEGRAL/BAT versus Planck
PoS(Extremesky 2011)080 pdf J.B. Stephen, L. Bassani, A. Bazzano and T. Bird