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VI European Summer School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics

September 18-27, 2011
Hotel S.Tecla Palace, Acireale , Italy
published January 11, 2013
The European Summer School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics has reached the sixth edition, marking the tenth year's anniversary. The spirit of the school is to provide a very important occasion for a deep education of young researchers about the main topics of experimental nuclear astrophysics. Moreover, it should be regarded as a forum for the discussion of the last-decade research activity. Lectures are focused on various aspects of primordial and stellar nucleosynthesis, including novel experimental approaches and detectors, indirect methods and radioactive ion beams. Moreover, in order to give a wide educational offer, some lectures cover complementary subjects of nuclear astrophysics such as gamma ray astronomy, neutron-induced reactions, short-lived radionuclides, weak interaction and cutting-edge facilities used to investigate nuclear reactions of interest for astrophysics. Large room is also given to young researcher oral contributions. Traditionally, particular attention is devoted to the participation of students from less-favoured countries, especially from the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The school is organised by the Catania Nuclear Astrophysics research group with the collaboration of Dipartimento di Fisica e Astromomia – Università di Catania and Laboratori Nazionali del Sud – Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare.
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Monday 19 morning
Monday 19 afternoon
Tuesday 20 morning
Tuesday 20 aftrenoon
Wednesday 21 morning
Wednesday 21 afternoon
Thursday, 22 morning
Thursday, 22 afternoon
Friday, 23 morning
Friday, 23 afternoon
Saturday, 24 morning
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Monday, 26 morning
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Monday 19 morning
Introduction to nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)001 file missing R. Cyburt
Introduction to Stellar Evolution
PoS(ENAS 6)002 pdf O. Straniero
Monday 19 afternoon
The p-process in Supernovae of Type Ia from s-seeds
PoS(ENAS 6)003 file missing R. Gallino
Introduction to the r-process
PoS(ENAS 6)004 file missing K.L. Kratz
Proton capture reaction cross sections for the p process
PoS(ENAS 6)005 file missing V. Foteinou
Cross-section measurements of alpha capture reactions relevant to p-process nucleosynthesis
PoS(ENAS 6)006 file missing G. Provatas
Improved technique for quasar composite spectra generation
PoS(ENAS 6)007 pdf attachments G. Ivashchenko, O. Sergijenko and O. Torbaniuk
Tuesday 20 morning
General Theory on Novae
PoS(ENAS 6)008 file missing J. Jose
Detectors for experimental nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)009 file missing G. Rogachev
Tuesday 20 aftrenoon
12C+12C reaction and astrophysical implications
PoS(ENAS 6)010 pdf M. Limongi and A. Chieffi
TOF experiments to support nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)011 file missing P. Schillebeeckx
Neutron capture cross section of the s process branch point nucleus 63Ni at n_TOF/CERN
PoS(ENAS 6)012 file missing C. Lederer
Space charge effect in the Multi-ionization chamber response signal
PoS(ENAS 6)014 pdf A. Nasr
A CVD diamond detector for (n,alpha) cross section measurements
PoS(ENAS 6)015 pdf C. Weiss
Wednesday 21 morning
Big Bang Models
PoS(ENAS 6)016 file missing T. Kajino
Primordial Nucleosyntheis: theory vs observations
PoS(ENAS 6)017 pdf A. Coc
Wednesday 21 afternoon
Heavy Element Synthesis and Cosmology
PoS(ENAS 6)018 pdf M. El Eid
Core-collapse Supernovae
PoS(ENAS 6)019 pdf W.R. Hix, E. Lentz, M.L. Baird, M.A. Chertkow, C.T. Lee, J. Blondin, S. Bruenn, O.E.B. Messer and A. Mezzacappa
Cosmic History of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Supernova Relic Neutrinos
PoS(ENAS 6)020 file missing J. Suzuki
Electron screening in Al and Ni metals
PoS(ENAS 6)021 pdf J. Gajevic, M. Škof, P. Pelicon and M. Lipoglavšek
New Experimental Results for the Enhanced Electron Screening in the Deuteron Fusion Reactions under UHV Conditions
PoS(ENAS 6)022 file missing M. Kaczmarski
Investigation of laser generated plasmas for astrophysical applications
PoS(ENAS 6)064 pdf N. Gambino, D. Mascali, S. Tudisco, A. Anzalone, J. Costello, C. Fallon, S. Gammino, P. Hayden, F. Musumeci and A. Spitaleri
Thursday, 22 morning
Theory of the Coulomb Dissociation
PoS(ENAS 6)023 pdf C. Bertulani
Experimental studies for nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)024 file missing A. Szanto De Toledo
Triple configuration coexistence in 44S
PoS(ENAS 6)025 pdf D. Santiago
Alpha-clustering in 18O
PoS(ENAS 6)026 file missing M. Avila
Molecular structures in isobaric analog states of 10B
PoS(ENAS 6)027 file missing A. Kuchera
A new technique for studies of highly proton rich nuclei in the region of the astrophysical rp-process
PoS(ENAS 6)028 file missing H. David
Thursday, 22 afternoon
Nuclear forces and shell evolution towards drip line
PoS(ENAS 6)029 file missing O. Sorlin
The ANC method in nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)030 pdf L. Trache
Weak interaction in nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)031 pdf Y. Fujita
Friday, 23 morning
Decay spectroscopic for nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)033 pdf L. Trache
Transfer reactions as a tool for nuclear astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)034 pdf F. Hammache
Recent results from CD experiments
PoS(ENAS 6)035 file missing T. Motobayashi
Nuclear Clusters in Astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)036 pdf S. Kubono
Friday, 23 afternoon
The Trojan Horse Method: a how-to approach
PoS(ENAS 6)037 file missing C. Spitaleri
The Beta Delayed Proton and Gamma Decay of 27P For Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(ENAS 6)038 pdf E. Simmons
A new detection system for very low-energy protons from b-delayed proton decay
PoS(ENAS 6)039 pdf A. Spiridon
Study of the 17O(n,a)14C reaction: extension of the Trojan Horse Method to neutron induced reactions
PoS(ENAS 6)041 pdf G.L. Guardo, L. Lamia, C. Spitaleri, X. Tang, B. Bucher, M. Couder, P. Davies, R. deBoer, M. Gulino, M. La Cognata, L. Lamm, A. Mukhamedzhanov, M. Notani, R.G. Pizzone, D. Robertson, M.L. Sergi and W. Tan
The LHCf experiment
PoS(ENAS 6)066 pdf K. Noda
Saturday, 24 morning
Introduction to the s-process
PoS(ENAS 6)042 pdf M. Busso, E. Maiorca, S. Palmerini, L. Magrini and S. Randich
Astronomy with cosmic nuclei
PoS(ENAS 6)043 file missing R. Diehl
Recent results on novae nucleosynthesis
PoS(ENAS 6)044 file missing S. Bishop
Saturday, 24 afternoon
Recent results on the 11B(p,a)8Be reaction studied through the THM: S(E)-factor and electron screening measurements
PoS(ENAS 6)047 pdf L. Lamia
Modified r-matrix analysis of the 19F(p,a)16O HOES reaction
PoS(ENAS 6)048 pdf M. La Cognata
Underground Measurement of the 17O(p,g)18F Reaction
PoS(ENAS 6)049 file missing D. Scott
Resonances in ^{19}Ne with relevance to the astrophysically important ^{18}F(p,\alpha )^{15}O reaction
PoS(ENAS 6)050 pdf D. Mountford, A. Murphy, L. Achouri, C. Angulo, J. Brown, T. Davinson, F. De Oliveira, N. de Sereville, P. Descouvemont, O. Kamalou, A.M. Laird, S.T. Pittman, P. Ujic and P.J. Woods
\gamma -spectroscopic study of key resonances in ^{31}S for the ^{3}0P(p,\gamma )^{31}S reaction in ONe novae
PoS(ENAS 6)051 file missing D. Doherty
Study of the Thermal Pulsation of AGB Stars
PoS(ENAS 6)052 pdf G.M. Halabi
Influence of projectile breakup on fusion with 159Tb target; Measurement of CF and ICF cross sections
PoS(ENAS 6)053 pdf M.K. Pradhan
Alpha-particle Resonances and Alpha-clusters in Medium Light Nuclei
PoS(ENAS 6)054 pdf M. Norrby
Monday, 26 morning
Core collapse Supernovae
PoS(ENAS 6)055 file missing K. Langanke
Underground laboratories
PoS(ENAS 6)056 pdf M. Aliotta
Nuclear astrophysics at LUNA: recent results
PoS(ENAS 6)057 pdf attachments A. Guglielmetti
Nuclear astrophysics with recoil mass separators: ERNA and the case of 12C(alpha, gamma)16O
PoS(ENAS 6)058 pdf L. Gialanella
Nuclear physics aspects of p-process nucleosynthesis: an experimentalist's (over)view
PoS(ENAS 6)060 file missing S. Harrisopoulos
Monday, 26 afternoon
Measurements of the 8Li(a,n)11B reaction and astrophysical implications
PoS(ENAS 6)061 file missing S. Cherubini
Trojan Horse Method and its role in the electron screening effect investigation
PoS(ENAS 6)062 pdf R.G. Pizzone