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Frank N. Bash Symposium 2011: New Horizons in Astronomy

Bash11 - (other bash conferences)
October 9-11, 2011
Austin, Texas, USA
published June 19, 2012
The University of Texas at Austin Department of Astronomy and McDonald Observatory will be hosting the fourth biennial Frank N. Bash Symposium on the topic of New Horizons in Astronomy, October 9-11, 2011. This meeting will bring together young researchers at the cutting edge of astronomy and astrophysics, to promote the exchange of research ideas and visions for the future of astronomy. The symposium will focus on invited review talks, and will include discussions and contributed poster papers from postdocs and graduate student
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Session I
Session II
Session III
Session IV
Frank N. Bash Symposium 2011: New Horizons in Astronomy
PoS(Bash11)032 pdf S.T. Salviander, J. Green and A. Pawlik
Session I
PoS(Bash11)002 pdf attachments S. Albrecht
Asteroseismology of Stars on the Upper Main Sequence
PoS(Bash11)003 pdf P. Lenz
Laboratory Astrochemistry: A Powerful Tool to Understand the Origin of Organic Molecules in the Interstellar Medium, Comets, and Meteorites
PoS(Bash11)004 pdf M. Nuevo
Session II
Late-type Compact Objects
PoS(Bash11)005 pdf E. Jeffery
Beyond Strömgren Spheres and Wind-Blown Bubbles: An Observational Perspective on H II Region Feedback
PoS(Bash11)006 pdf M. Povich
Black Hole Mergers
PoS(Bash11)007 pdf M. Kesden
Session III
Environmentally-Driven Galaxy Evolution
PoS(Bash11)008 pdf S. Tonnesen
The Reddest Quasars: A Transitional Phase in Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution
PoS(Bash11)009 pdf E. Glikman
Black Hole Galaxy Coevolution
PoS(Bash11)010 pdf attachments K. Schawinski
Spectroscopy and the Age of Giant Telescopes
PoS(Bash11)011 pdf S. Tuttle
Session IV
Recent Advances in Cosmological Hydrogen Reionization
PoS(Bash11)012 pdf K. Finlator
First Light
PoS(Bash11)013 pdf J. Wise
Dark Matter
PoS(Bash11)014 pdf A. Peter
Photometry of the Stellar Tidal Stream in the Halo of Messier 63
PoS(Bash11)023 pdf T.S. Chonis, D. Martinez-Delgado, R.J. Gabany, S.R. Majewski, G.J. Hill and I. Trujillo
The Effects of Primordial Non-Gaussianity on Giant-Arc Statistics: A Scale Dependent Example
PoS(Bash11)025 pdf A. D’Aloisio and P. Natarajan
The VIRUS-P Investigation of the eXtreme Environments of Starbursts (VIXENS): Survey and First Results
PoS(Bash11)029 pdf A.L. Heiderman, N.J. Evans II, K. Gebhardt, G. Blanc, T.A. Davis, C. Papovich, D. Iono and M.S. Yun
The Hunt for the First Supernovae: The Source Density and Observability of Pair-Instability Supernovae from the First Stars
PoS(Bash11)027 pdf J.A. Hummel, A. Pawlik, M. Milosavljevic, V. Bromm and M. Milosavljevic
Integral Field Spectroscopy of the Center of the Draco Dwarf Spheroidal
PoS(Bash11)021 pdf J.R. Jardel, K. Gebhardt, M. Fabricius and N. Drory
The First Galaxies: Assembly with Black Hole Feedback
PoS(Bash11)026 pdf M. Jeon, A. Pawlik, T.H. Greif, S. Glover, V. Bromm, M. Milosavljevic and R.S. Klessen
Evidence of Episodic Accretion in Spitzer IRS Spectra of Low-Luminosity Embedded Protostars
PoS(Bash11)019 pdf H.J. Kim, N.J. Evans II, M.M. Dunham and J.W. Lee
Revisiting the Post-reionization Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect on the Cosmic Microwave Background Fluctuations
PoS(Bash11)031 pdf attachments H. Park, E. Komatsu and P.R. Shapiro
Primordial Star Formation in the First Galaxies
PoS(Bash11)030 pdf C.T. Safranek-Shrader, M. Agarwal, M. Milosavljevic, V. Bromm and M. Milosavljevic