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The 21st International Workshop on Vertex Detectors

Vertex 2012 - (other vertex conferences)
16-21 September 2012
Jeju, Korea
published July 24, 2013
The 21st International Workshop on Vertex Detectors was held in Jeju, Korea from Sept. 16 to Sept. 21, 2012. The progress on silicon based vertexing and tracking detectors and related technologies is reviewed in this conference. The conference covers performance results and operational issues of LHC silicon detectors, radiation hard technologies, electronics, new silicon detector developments, device and detector simulation and upgrades of present detectors.
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Session 1 Performance of present tracking detectors
Session 2 Operational issues of present tracking/vertexing detectors
Session 3 Radiation Hardness
Session 4 R/D and device and detector simulation
Session 5 Electronics, Trigger, 3D integration
Session 6 New detectors
Session 7 Detector upgrades
Session 8 Non-HEP, Synchrotron radiation sources
Session 1 Performance of present tracking detectors
Performance of ATLAS Tracking Detector
PoS(Vertex 2012)045 pdf V. Lacuesta
Tracking and Vertexing performance in CMS
PoS(Vertex 2012)046 pdf attachments A. Tropiano
Performance of the LHCb Tracking Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2012)047 pdf attachments M. Tobin
Performance of ALICE Silicon Tracking Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2012)048 pdf attachments S. Bufalino
Session 2 Operational issues of present tracking/vertexing detectors
Operational issues of present ATLAS strip detector
PoS(Vertex 2012)005 pdf attachments S. Yacoob
Operational Experience with the ATLAS Pixel Detector at the LHC
PoS(Vertex 2012)049 pdf M. Keil
Operation and Performance of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
PoS(Vertex 2012)050 pdf G. Flucke
Operational Issues of the Present CMS Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2012)051 pdf S. Zenz
The AMS-02 Silicon Tracker (The Detector after 500 Days in Space)
PoS(Vertex 2012)052 pdf M. Duranti
A MAPS Based Pixel Vertex Detector for the STAR Experiment
PoS(Vertex 2012)010 pdf attachments L. Greiner
Impact on radiation on VELO sensors
PoS(Vertex 2012)011 pdf attachments A.D. Webber
Session 3 Radiation Hardness
Challenges for the Adaptive Gain Integrating Pixel Detector (AGIPD) Design due to the High Intensity Photon Radiation Environment at the European XFEL
PoS(Vertex 2012)012 pdf
J. Becker, L. Bianco, P. Goettlicher, H. Graafsma, H. Hirsemann, S. Jack, K. Alexander, S. Sengelmann, A. Marras, U. Trunk, R. Klanner, J. Schwandt, J. Zhang, R. Dinapoli, D. Greiffenberg, B. Henrich, A. Mozzanica, B. Schmitt, X. Shi, M. Gronewald and H. Krueger
Radiation Damage in Diamond Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2012)013 pdf attachments G. Kramberger, V. Cindro, A. Gorisek, I. Mandić, M. Mikuz and M. Zavrtanik
3D irradiation results
PoS(Vertex 2012)014 pdf G.F. Dalla Betta
Radiation background simulation and verification at the LHC: Examples from the ATLAS experiment and its upgrades
PoS(Vertex 2012)015 pdf I. Dawson
CMS HPK sensor characterisation
PoS(Vertex 2012)016 pdf attachments A. Dierlamm
Radiation damage to currently running LHC silicon detectors
PoS(Vertex 2012)018 file missing S. Gibson
X-ray induced radiation damage in segmented p+n silicon sensors (for Jiaguo Zhang)
PoS(Vertex 2012)019 pdf attachments J. Zhang, E. Fretwurst, R. Klanner, J. Schwandt, J. Becker, I. Kopsalis, I. Pintilie and M. Turcato
Session 4 R/D and device and detector simulation
Strip Technology and HVMPAS
PoS(Vertex 2012)021 pdf I. Peric, C. Kreidl, P. Fischer, H.H. Nguyen, L. Meng, D. Muenstermann, M. Barbero, F. Bompard, P. Breugnon, J.C. Clemens, D. Fougeron, J. Liu, R. Alexandre, M. Garcia-Sciveres, B. Malte, T. Hemperek, F.G. Huegging, H. Krueger and P. Pangaud
"Why p-type is Better than n-type" or Electric Field in Heavily Irradiated Silicon Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2012)022 pdf G. Kramberger, V. Cindro, I. Mandić, M. Mikuz, M. Milovanovic and M. Zavrtanik
PoS(Vertex 2012)023 pdf L.M. Caminada
“Scribing-Cleaving-Passivation” for High Energy Physics Silicon Sensors
PoS(Vertex 2012)020 pdf M. Christophersen
Session 5 Electronics, Trigger, 3D integration
First Three-Dimensionally Integrated Chip for Photon Science
PoS(Vertex 2012)027 pdf P. Maj, G. Carini, G. Deptuch, P. Grybos, P. Kmon, D.P. Siddons, R. Szczygiel, M. Trimpl and R. Yarema
3D integration TSV
PoS(Vertex 2012)024 pdf H.G. Moser
Fast, granular and ultra-light pixelated double-sided ladders based on CMOS sensors for an ILC vertex detector adapted to the ultimate collision energy
PoS(Vertex 2012)025 pdf G.G. Voutsinas, M. Winter, J. Baudot, A.G. Besson, A.E. Dorokhov, W. Dulinski, C. Hu-Guo and S. Senyukov
Perspectives of 65nm CMOS technologies for high performance front-end electronics
PoS(Vertex 2012)026 pdf G. Traversi, L. Gaioni, M. Manghisoni, L. Ratti and V. Re
Session 6 New detectors
Silicon Charge Detector (SCD) for Cosmic Ray Measurements
PoS(Vertex 2012)028 file missing I.H. Park
The SuperB Silicon Vertex Tracker
PoS(Vertex 2012)029 pdf L. Vitale
The PANDA MicroVertex Detector:Design and Prototype Results
PoS(Vertex 2012)030 pdf A. Rivetti
Vertex-Detector R/D for CLIC
PoS(Vertex 2012)031 pdf D. Dannheim
Tracking and Vertexing for the Heavy Photon Search Experiment
PoS(Vertex 2012)032 pdf T.K. Nelson
A Novel Experiment Searching for the Lepton Flavor Violating Decay \mu \rightarrow eee
PoS(Vertex 2012)033 pdf D. Wiedner, H.C. Augustin, S. Bachmann, N. Berger, M. Kiehn, I. Peric, A.K. Perrevoort and A. Schöning
Session 7 Detector upgrades
Belle Tracker Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2012)034 pdf C. Kreidl
ATLAS Pixel, Phase 0 (IBL)
PoS(Vertex 2012)035 pdf M. Kocian
CMS Pixel Detector Phase I Upgrade Project
PoS(Vertex 2012)036 pdf R.S. Lu
The upgrade of the ATLAS silicon strip tracker
PoS(Vertex 2012)037 pdf J. Bernabeu
CMS Strip Detector Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2012)038 file missing G. Boudoul
The LHCb VELO Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2012)039 pdf attachments D. Hynds
The ALICE Inner Tracker Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2012)040 file missing R. Santoro
Session 8 Non-HEP, Synchrotron radiation sources
Development of X-ray 2D Detector for SACLA (SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free-Electron Laser)
PoS(Vertex 2012)042 file missing T. Hatsui
Detectors at the LCLS
PoS(Vertex 2012)043 file missing C. Kenney
R/D Activities of Silicon Detector in KNU
PoS(Vertex 2012)053 file missing H.J. Hyun
Status of the PLS-II Synchrotron Light Source
PoS(Vertex 2012)044 pdf H.S. Lee