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XXI International Baldin Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems

Baldin ISHEPP XXI - (other baldin conferences)
September 10-15, 2012
JINR, Dubna, Russia
published July 11, 2013
The XXI International Baldin Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems "Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics", organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was held from September 10 to 15, 2012 in Dubna, Russia. The Seminar continues the series of traditional meetings and was established by an outstanding scientist Academician A.M. Baldin(1926-2001). Among conferences that were organized by Alexander Mikhailovich Baldin of special importance is just this series of the International Seminars on High-Energy Physics Problems started in 1969 with support of M.A. Markov (1908-1994). They have been given an inofficial, somewhat witty, name "Baldin autumn".
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Progress in experimental studies in the high energy centers
Quantum chromodynamics at large distances
Structure functions of hadrons and nuclei
Relativistic heavy ion collisions
Hadron spectroscopy, multiquarks
Dynamics of multiparticle production
Accelerator facilities: status and perspectives
Applied use of relativistic beams
Polarization phenomena, spin physics
Studies of exotic nuclei in relativistic beams
Cumulative and subthreshold processes
Progress in experimental studies in the high energy centers
Search for double partons at CDF
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)001 pdf L.G. Pondrom
Overview of the recent CMS results
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)002 pdf A.V. Lanyov
Status and recent results of the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)003 pdf A. Cheplakov
Cathode pad chambers at NICA/MPD
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)004 pdf J. Fedorishin
Preparation of experiments to study light nuclei structure at Nuclotron
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)005 pdf A.A. Terekhin and V.P. Ladygin
The evidence for the pion condensate formation in pp interactions at U-70
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)007 pdf E.S. Kokoulina
Quantum chromodynamics at large distances
QCD in infrared region and spontaneous breaking of the chiral symmetry
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)008 pdf M. Musakhanov
Gauge field mass problem in new aspect
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)009 pdf N.P. Konopleva
The signals of partial restoration of chiral symmetry in medium at intermediate energy: experimental data vs. theory
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)011 pdf S.M. Eliseev
Quasi-group symmetries, stochastic processes and the hadron stability
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)013 pdf V.M. Koryukin
On the possibility of massless neutrino oscillations
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)014 pdf O.S. Kosmachev
R-related quantities in QCD and the Adler D-function
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)016 pdf O. Solovtsova
Adiabatic chemical freeze-out and wide resonance modification in a thermal media
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)017 pdf K. Bugaev
Baryon structure in AdS/QCD
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)019 pdf V. Lyubovitskij, T. Gutsche, I. Schmidt and A. Vega
On possible role of scalar glueball-quarkonia mixing in the f(0)(1370,1500,1710) resonances produced in J/psi radiative decays
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)018 pdf S.B. Gerasimov
Study of the pion-nucleus elastic scattering using the microscopic optical potential
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)020 pdf V.K. Lukyanov
Analysis of experimental data on the pion scattering on nuclei within the microscopic optical potential and in-medium effect on the pion-nucleon amplitude of scattering
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)021 pdf V.K. Lukyanov
Study of the phase transition in pi-minus + C interactions at 40 GeV/c
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)022 pdf T. Baatar
Condensate mechanism of conformal symmetry breaking
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)023 pdf V.N. Pervushin
Witten parameter in the SU(2)-gluodynamics
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)025 pdf V.A. Goy and A. Molochkov
Structure functions of hadrons and nuclei
Final state interaction effects in exclusive electrodisintegration of the deuteron
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)026 pdf S. Bondarenko
Scattering states in Bethe-Salpeter equation
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)027 pdf V.A. Karmanov and J. Carbonell
Timelike structure functions and hadron multiplicities
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)028 pdf P. Bolzoni
Time-like and space-like electromagnetic form factors of nucleons, a unified description
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)029 pdf S. Pacetti
A new approach to the theory of electromagnetic interactions with bound systems: calculations of deuteron magnetic and quadrupole moments
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)030 pdf A.V. Shebeko
Measuring the phase between strong and EM J/psi decay amplitudes
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)031 pdf M. De Stefanis
Prompt photon and associated heavy quark production in the kT-factorization approach
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)032 pdf A. Lipatov, M.A. Malyshev and N.P. Zotov
Small x behavior of parton distributions. Analytical and «frozen» coupling constants. BFKL corrections
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)033 pdf A.V. Kotikov
«Non-Rosenbluth» behavior of the proton form factors and the violation of the CP-symmetry
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)034 pdf M.Y.e. Kudinov
QCD motivated subtractions in hard photonic and mesonic reactions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)035 pdf I.R. Gabdrakhmanov and O. Teryaev
Nonperturbative QCD and transition form factors
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)036 pdf Y. Klopot, A. Oganesian and O. Teryaev
Relativistic heavy ion collisions
Recent heavy ion results from STAR experiment
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)037 pdf O. Evdokimov
Study of strange matter production in the heavy ion collisions at NUCLOTRON
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)038 pdf V.P. Ladygin
Protons with large momentum from C-12 fragmentation at 300 MeV/nucleon
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)039 pdf V.V. Kulikov
New data on the differential cross section of dp-elastic scattering at 2.5 GeV with HADES Detector
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)040 pdf P.K. Kurilkin
Double pion production in np and pp collisions at 1.25 GeV with HADES
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)041 pdf A.K. Kurilkin
Mathematical model of DNA lesions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)042 pdf D. Boyda
Pseudorapidity spectra of secondary particles emitted in the relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)043 pdf M.K. Suleymanov, M. Ajaz and K.H. Khan
Observation of light nuclei formation as nuclear coalescence in the C12C -interaction at 4.2 AGev/c
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)045 pdf K.H. Khan, M.K. Suleymanov and M. Ajaz
Models of mixed hadron-quark-gluon matter
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)046 pdf V.I. Yukalov and E. Yukalova
Net charge fluctuations in AA collisions in a simple string-inspired model
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)047 pdf A. Titov and V. Vechernin
Homogeneous Balitsky-Kovchegov hierarchy and Reggeon field theory
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)048 pdf N.V. Prikhod'ko
Charmonium production in heavy ion collisions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)049 pdf N. Topilskaya
Influence of deformation and vibration of nuclei on the elliptic flow
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)051 pdf P. Filip
Nuclear transparency effect in proton and deuteron induced interaction with carbon nuclei
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)052 pdf M. Ajaz, M.K. Suleymanov and K.H. Khan
Asymptotic properties of the nuclear matter
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)053 pdf A.I. Malakhov
Resonance results with the ALICE experiment in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at LHC energies
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)054 pdf S.M. Kiselev
Hadron spectroscopy, multiquarks
What do fractals learn us concerning the masses of fundamental particles, of hadrons, and of nuclei? Concerning also disintegration life-times?
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)055 pdf B. Tatischeff
Combined analysis of processes pi pi \rightarrow pi pi,K bar-K, eta eta and J/psi decays and parameters of scalar mesons
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)056 pdf Y.S. Surovtsev
Multiquark states in the covariant quark confinement model
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)057 pdf M.A. Ivanov
Spectroscopy and Regge trajectories of heavy quarkonia and Bc mesons
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)058 pdf D. Ebert, R.N. Faustov and V. Galkin
Infrared confinement and meson spectroscopy
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)059 pdf G. Ganbold
Determination mass spectrum and decay constants mesons consisting of the c and b quarks
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)060 pdf M. Dineykhan
Quark and hadron degrees of freedom in the Roper resonance electroproduction
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)061 pdf I.T. Obukhovsky, A. Faessler, T. Gutsche, V. Lyubovitskij and D. Fedorov
Elastic scattering in np - interactions at intermediate energies
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)062 pdf Y. Troyan, M. Anikina, A. Jerusalimov, A. Belyaev and A. Troyan
Scalar mesons LbL contribution to the g-2 of muon in N chi QM
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)063 pdf A.S. Zhevlakov, A.E. Dorokhov and A. Radzhabov
Search for charmonium and exotics above DD-bar threshold in PANDA experiment at FAIR
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)111 pdf M. Barabanov
Dynamics of multiparticle production
Z-Scaling: inclusive jet spectra at RHIC, TEVATRON and LHC
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)065 pdf M.V. Tokarev
BC, PaC and SePaC methods for fractal analysis of events
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)066 pdf T.G. Dedovich
Self-similarity of high-Pt hadron production in pA collisions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)067 pdf A. Aparin
Renormdynamics, coupling constant unification and universal properties of the multiparticle production
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)068 pdf N. Makhaldiani
The photon cluster excitation mechanism of the e-e+ - plasma created from vacuum in a strong electromagnetic field
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)069 pdf S.A. Smolyansky
Comparison of the data on proton-proton and proton-antiproton interactions at high energies on basis of the Low Constituents Number Model
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)070 pdf V.A.e. Abramovsky
Comparison of the triggers of the ATLAS, ALICE and CMS experiments and the trigger of the UA1 experiment. Analysis of proton-proton and proton-antiproton interactions on basis of the MC event generator Pythia
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)071 pdf N.V. Abramovskaya
The dependence of the number of pomerons on the impact parameter and the long-range rapidity correlations in pp collisions
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)072 pdf V. Vechernin and I. Lakomov
Heavy flavour production in p-p collisions and intrinsic quark components in proton
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)074 pdf G. Lykasov
Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in pp collisions in ALICE at 0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)075 pdf G.A. Feofilov, I. Altsybeev, V.V. Vechernin, S. De, T. Nayak and B. Srivastava
Analysis of differences on pseudorapidity multiplicities spectrum at LHC and UA1/UA5 experiments
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)076 pdf A.V. Dmitriev
Model of pp and AA collisions for the description of long-range correlations
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)077 pdf V. Kovalenko and V. Vechernin
Possible origin of observed at incident protons energy 50 GeV events pp\rightarrow pp + npi with anomalous multiplicity
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)078 pdf G.M. Amalsky
Start and trigger detector T0 of the ALICE experiment
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)110 pdf A. Maevskaya
Accelerator facilities: status and perspectives
The MCP-based system for monitoring space-time characteristics of circulating beam of NUCLOTRON
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)079 pdf I.V. Kudashkin
Longitudinal profiles, fluctuations and correlations of electromagnetic cascades produced by 100-3500 MeV gamma quanta in heavy amorphous media
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)080 pdf B. Slowinski, P. Duda, D. Mączka and J. Bzdak
R&D for the PANDA barrel DIRC
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)081 pdf M.A. Patsyuk
Light ions in accelerator complex U70 of IHEP
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)082 pdf S.V. Ivanov
QED non-linear effects in photonuclear processes
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)083 pdf V.G. Nedorezov
The Hall D physics program at JLab
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)084 pdf J.P. Leckey
Status of NICA project at JINR
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)085 pdf V. Kekelidze, A.D. Kovalenko, R. Lednicky, V.A. Matveev, I.N. Meshkov, A.S. Sorin and G. Trubnikov
Applied use of relativistic beams
Recent results of the study of ads with 500kg natural uranium target assembly QUINTA irradiated by deuterons with energies from 1 TO 8 GeV at JINR NUCLOTRON
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)086 pdf W.I. Furman
Irradiation history and resulting isotope decay scheme influence on yttrium gamma activity
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)087 pdf S. Kilim, M.M. Bielewicz, A. Polanski, E. Strugalska-Gola, M. Szuta, A. Wojciechowski, J. Adam, M. Kadykov, V.S. Pronskikh, S.I. Tyutyunnikov, V. Wagner, O. Svoboda, V. Chilap and W.I. Furman
Investigation of the possibility to use ion beams for energy production in uranium target
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)088 pdf M.M. Paraipan, A.A. Baldin, M. Kadykov and S.I. Tyutyunnikov
A summary of experimental results on the reactions in uranium samples irradiated with a deuteron beam of energies up to 8 GeV at the QUINTA target
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)089 pdf L. Zavorka, J. Adam, W.I. Furman, M. Kadykov, J. Khushvaktov, A.A. Solnyshkin, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, S.I. Tyutyunnikov, P. Caloun, V. Chilap and M. Suchopar
Studies of deuteron and neutron cross-sections important for ADS research
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)090 pdf V. Wagner, J. Vrzalova, M. Suchopar, O. Svoboda, M. Majerle, A. Kugler, J. Adam, A.A. Baldin, W.I. Furman, M. Kadykov, A.A. Solnyshkin, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, S.I. Tyutyunnikov, N. Vladimirovna, L. Zavorka, M.M. Bielewicz, S. Kilim, M. Szuta and E. Strugalska-Gola
Monte-Carlo simulations of natural uranium setups irradiated with relativistic deuterons by means of MCNPX code
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)091 pdf M. Suchopar, V. Wagner, J. Vrzalova, O. Svoboda, J. Adam, A.A. Baldin, W.I. Furman, M. Kadykov, A.A. Solnyshkin, V.M. Tsoupko-Sitnikov, S.I. Tyutyunnikov, N. Vladimirovna, L. Zavorka and V. Chilap
On results of Y-89 irradiation with deuteron beam on QUINTA-assembly «E+T - RAW» using Nuclotron (JINR Dubna)
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)092 pdf M.M. Bielewicz, S. Kilim, A. Polanski, E. Strugalska-Gola, M. Szuta, A. Wojciechowski, J. Adam, M. Kadykov, V.S. Pronskikh, S.I. Tyutyunnikov, V. Wagner, O. Svoboda and V. Chilap
Analysis of potential advanced thorium based fuel for EPR reactor
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)093 pdf M. Szuta
Suggested investigations concerning unresolved experimental observations
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)094 pdf W. Westmeier
Development of dynamic model for simulation of nuclear spallation
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)096 pdf G. Musulmanbekov
Polarization phenomena, spin physics
Top quark as resonance: renormalization and spin effect
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)097 pdf V. Lomov and A. Kaloshin
Differential cross sections and analyzing powers in the dd\rightarrow 3He n reaction at intermediate energies
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)098 pdf N. Ladygina
Perturbative stability of the QCD predictions for the ratio R=F_L/F_T and azimuthal asymmetry in heavy-quark leptoproduction
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)099 pdf N. Ivanov
The differential cross-section on dp-elastic scattering at 880 MeV obtained at Nuclotron
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)108 pdf Y.V. Gurchin
Studies of exotic nuclei in relativistic beams
Hyperfragments from lightest p-shell hypernuclei
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)101 pdf O. Majlingova and L. Majling
Studies of eta-mesic nuclei at the LPI electron synchrotron
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)102 pdf V.V. Polyanskiy
Cumulative and subthreshold processes
Double cumulative photon spectra at mid rapidity and high pt in C+Be collisions at 2.0 and 3.2 AGeV
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)104 pdf K.R. Mikhailov
Method of cumulative particle for experimental study of multibaryon production
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)105 pdf B. Kostenko, J. Pribish and V. Filinova
Probing of the transverse momentum dependent parton distribution in nuclei
PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXI)106 pdf Y.T. Kiselev