PoS - Proceedings of Science

The XXI International Workshop High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

QFTHEP 2013 - (other qfthep conferences)
23 – 30 June, 2013
Saint Petersburg Area, Russia
published April 14, 2014
The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (SINP MSU) in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists and students from Russia and other countries.

This year the Workshop is organized jointly by the SINP MSU and the SPbSU and it will take place in the holiday hotel "Baltiets" situated in a picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the suburb of the second largest Russian city Saint Petersburg.

Scientific program, the main topics to be covered are:

* Higgs searches and other experimental results from the LHC and the Tevatron; impact of the Higgs-like boson observed

* Physics prospects at Linear Colliders and super B-factories

* Extensions of the Standard Model and their phenomenological consequences at the LHC and Linear Colliders

* Higher order corrections and resummations for collider phenomenology

* Automatic calculations and Monte Carlo simulations in high energy physics

* LHC/LC and astroparticle/cosmology connections

* Modern nuclear physics and relativistic nucleous-nucleous collisions

* Detectors for future experiments in high energy physics

The Workshop will include plenary and two parallel afternoon sessions. The plenary sessions will consist of invited lectures. The afternoon sessions will include original talks.

Further details are given at http://qfthep.sinp.msu.ru

Collider physics
QCD and nuclear physics
QCD and scattering theory
QCD and exotic states
Nuclear physics and bound states
Gravity Theory
Quantum mechanics and field theory
Physics beyond the SM
Neutrino physics and cosmology
HEP detectors and Instrumentation
Overview of recent ATLAS results
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)001 pdf I. Nikolic Audit
New results on Higgs-like boson from the ATLAS experiment
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)002 pdf I. Tsukerman
Highlights of non-SUSY searches for physics beyond the SM from the CMS Detector at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)003 file missing I. Gorbunov
Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in pp collisions with ALICE detector
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)004 file missing I. Altsybeev
LHCb overview
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)005 pdf S. Easo
Rare decays (LHCb)
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)006 file missing N. Watson
Review of Belle results
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)007 pdf P. Krokovny
Physics prospects and plan of SuperKEKB/Belle II
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)008 pdf A. Sokolov
Chiral symmetry breaking, confinement and the mass generation in QCD
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)009 file missing L. Glozman
The rise and fall of the fourth generation.
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)010 file missing M. Vysotsky
General results from IceCube neutrino observatory
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)022 file missing P. Zarzhitsky
LHC Data and Aspects of New Physics
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)012 file missing S. Di Chiara
Stopping, particle production and Upsilon suppression in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)013 pdf G. Wolschin
Investigation of atoms, consisting of pi+pi-, K+pi- and pi+K- at DIRAC experiment in order to check predictions of QCD at low energies.
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)014 pdf V. Yazkov
Recent progress of automatic computation in HEP
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)011 file missing K. Kato
Combined fits of the Higgs boson signal at the LHC and the ILC by means of CompHEP
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)015 pdf E.E. Boos, V. Bunichev and M. Dubinin
Results from ZEUS at HERA
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)017 pdf B. Loehr
Recent results from the H1 experiment at HERA
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)018 pdf A. Buniatyan
An extended scalar sector
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)019 file missing P. Osland
High-energy amplitudes in the next-to-leading order
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)020 file missing I. Balitsky
BABAR latest results, focusing on CP violation and on rare processes probing the SM and BSM models
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)021 file missing Y. Skovpen
Testing extra dimensions hypothesis in high energy physics
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)016 pdf I. Volobuev
The History of the W and Z Bosons
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)023 pdf W. von Schlippe
Collider physics
SM measurements at ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)024 file missing E. Oliver Garcia
Review of ATLAS Higgs \rightarrow WW Results with 25 fb^ -1 of Data
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)025 pdf N. Ilic
SUSY overview at ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)026 pdf E.V. Khramov
Exotics at ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)027 file missing F. Fassi
Study of the Drell-Yan process with CMS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)028 file missing I. Gorbunov
Very rare decays at LHCb
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)029 file missing I. Sepp
Studies of quarkonia production at LHCb
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)031 pdf M. Teklishyn
Bottomonia and Charmonia from B-factories
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)030 pdf P. Krokovny
Analysis of t-channel single top quark production in CMS with Bayesian Neural Networks
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)032 file missing N. Tsirova
Wtb vertex anomalous operators in the production and decay of top quark for the single and pair top quark production processes
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)033 file missing L. Dudko
Lepton flavour universality and lepton flavour conservation tests in kaon decays at CERN.
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)034 pdf S. Podolsky
Prospects for K\rightarrow p+ nu nubar observation at CERN
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)035 pdf I. Polenkevich
Higgs boson decay into two photons in the NMSSM
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)037 file missing A. Gurskaya
AEGIS at Cern: measuring antihydrogen fall
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)038 pdf M. Giammarchi
Higgs production in two-photon processes and transition form factor
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)040 pdf K. Sasaki, N. Watanabe, Y. Kurihara and T. Uematsu
Prospects of a search for the heavy stop quark at LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)041 file missing A. Fomin
CMS results on physics of top quarks
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)044 pdf J. Keaveney
Top Physics at ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)074 pdf M. Romano
Effective Lagrangian analysis of observed Higgs-like boson
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)079 file missing V. Bunichev
New results from CMS experiment at LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)080 file missing A. Ivanov
Search for Higgs bosons in CMS experiment
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)083 pdf R. Volpe
QCD and nuclear physics
New tests for high-energy factorization in hard hadron collisions
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)046 pdf N.P. Zotov
Scattering amplitude and pomeron loops in the perturbative QCD with large Nc
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)047 pdf M. Braun and A. Tarasov
QCD effective theories with external chemical potentials
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)049 pdf X. Planells Noguera, A. Andrianov, V. Andrianov and D. Espriu
Accurate Bottom-Quark Mass from Borel QCD Sum Rules for the Decay Constants of B and Bs Mesons
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)048 pdf W. Lucha, D. Melikhov and S. Simula
New neutron rich nuclei
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)050 file missing K. Gridnev
QCD and scattering theory
The observation possibility of Bc excitations at LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)051 pdf A. Berezhnoy and A.K. Likhoded
Monte Carlo model for pp, pA and AA collisions at high energy: parameters tuning and results
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)052 pdf V. Kovalenko
Geometric properties and charged particles yields behind Glauber model in high energy pA and AA collisions
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)053 pdf T. Drozhzhova, G.A. Feofilov, V. Kovalenko and A. Seryakov
The correlation between transverse momentum and multiplicity of charged particles in a two-component model
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)054 pdf E. Andronov and V. Vechernin
On description of the correlation between multiplicities in windows separated in azimuth and rapidity
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)055 pdf V. Vechernin
Lagrangian alternative to QCD string
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)056 pdf A. Katanaeva and S. Afonin
Manifestation of quark-hadron duality via the Adler D-function
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)057 pdf O. Solovtsova
Correlations in J/ψ pair production as SPS versus DPS discriminators
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)058 pdf S. Baranov
Inclusive and associated with a jet prompt photon photoproduction at HERA in the kt-factorization approach
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)059 pdf A. Lipatov, M.A. Malyshev and N.P. Zotov
Multi-pomeron exchange model for pp and ppbar collisions at ultra-high energy
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)060 pdf E. Bodnia, D. Derkach, G.A. Feofilov, V. Kovalenko and A. Puchkov
QCD and exotic states
Reaction-diffusion approach in soft diffraction
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)061 pdf R. Kolevatov and K. Boreskov
B\rightarrow tau nu and related results
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)063 pdf D. Liventsev
Passing the boundary between the parity breaking medium and vacuum by vector particles
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)064 pdf S. Kolevatov and A. Andrianov
Nuclear physics and bound states
Ab initio theory of light nuclei and NN interaction of JISP type
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)065 pdf A. Shirokov
To the Mechanism of Particle Release in Nuclear Reactions
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)066 pdf S. Karamian
The construction of the electromagnetic current operator for the process of decay of the rho-meson in the different form of the Poincare-invariant quantum mechanics
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)067 pdf attachments R. Polezhaev
Gravity Theory
Reconstruction Procedure in Modified Gravity Cosmological Models
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)069 pdf S.Y. Vernov
Hamiltonian analysis of some modified gravity models
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)070 file missing A. Golovnev
Heavy-ion collisions in modified AdS spaces
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)071 file missing E. Pozdeeva
CP violation via localization on a domain wall (brane)
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)073 pdf O. Novikov, A. Andrianov and V. Andrianov
Quantum mechanics and field theory
Exponential decay in Quantum Mechanics, spectral meaning of resonances, quantum Zeno effect
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)075 file missing B. B. Pavlov
The Influence Functional approach to the quantum systems dynamics
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)076 pdf A. A. Biryukov and M. Shleenkov
Color solitons in the extended chiral group Eχ
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)081 pdf V. V. Novozhilov
Physics beyond the SM
Phenomenology of SU(3)_L x SU(3)_R x SU(3)_C and the Higgs Boson
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)084 pdf B. Stech
Universal Landau Pole
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)089 pdf A. Andrianov, D. Espriu, M. Kurkov and F. Lizzi
Higgs boson in NMSSM
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)086 file missing T. Volkova
General THDM Higgs potential extremal properties
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)087 file missing S. Zavodov
FCNC Penguin Operators in Models Beyond the SM
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)088 pdf H. Tanyildizi and A.V. Bednyakov
Implications of sgoldstino-Higgs mixing
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)090 pdf S. Demidov and K. Astapov
Embeddings of the Black Holes in a flat space
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)091 pdf A. Sheykin, D.A. Grad and S.A. Paston
Spherically symmetric solutions in Møller gravity
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)092 pdf E. Rakhmetov and S. Keyzerov
New options in Higgs-Dark physics: strongly interacting dark matter and a degenerate intermediate state in the cooling of the Universe
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)082 file missing I. Ginzburg
Neutrino physics and cosmology
Searches for GeV-scale sterile neutrinos with CERN SPS proton beam
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)093 file missing D. Gorbunov
Leptonic CP Violation in Neutrino Oscillations
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)094 file missing T. Ohlsson
Is the CMB statistically anisotropic?
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)095 file missing G. Rubtsov
Search for muon-neutrino to tau-neutrino oscillations with the OPERA experiment
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)096 pdf M. Pozzato
OPERA emulsion scanning and analysis and recent results on muon-neutrino to electron-neutrino oscillations
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)097 pdf Ç. Kamıscıoglu
HEP detectors and Instrumentation
Large Area Fast Silicon Tracking Systems forCBM expriment at FAIR, Germany and MPD setup of NICA
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)098 file missing Y. Murin
Future ALICE Inner Tracking System
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)099 file missing G.A. Feofilov
Tile Calorimeter at ATLAS
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)100 pdf O. Bessidskaia
Long Lived Particle Searched and their future in LHC
PoS(QFTHEP 2013)045 file missing V. Halyo