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11th International Conference on Large Scale Applications and Radiation Hardness of Semiconductor Detectors

RD13 - (other rd conferences)
3-5 July, 2013
Florence, Italy
published March 25, 2015
The primary goal of the Conference is to review the present status of the Semiconductor Detector apparatuses in the field of High Energy or Astroparticle Physics. In both cases the requests on the detector systems are very demanding: very large instrumented surface, radiation hardness and high reliability. Part of the talks will be devoted to describe the pixel and microstrip silicon-based detectors presently operated at the LHC experiments. The operational experience and the detector performance with the p-p runs 2009-2012 will be discussed. Another fraction of the talks will be devoted to plans for upgrading the LHC tracker detectors for the next runs of the LHC and on strategies for future high luminosity upgrades of the LHC. Studies on radiation hardness of silicon materials, diamond-based detectors, innovative solutions for optical links and power device components will be reported. The astroparticle detectors activity will also be reviewed. Semiconductor applications in different fields, like medical imaging, radioactive monitoring and one quantum-physics experiment will be rapidly touched.
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Main session
Performance and operation experience of the Atlas Semiconductor Tracker
PoS(RD13)001 pdf P. Dervan and T. Kondo
Operation of CMS silicon tracker
PoS(RD13)002 pdf S. Taroni
Status of the ATLAS Pixel Detector at the LHC and its performance after three years of operation.
PoS(RD13)003 file missing K. Lantzsch
Tracking performances in CMS
PoS(RD13)004 pdf V. Gori
The Alignment of the CMS Silicon Tracker
PoS(RD13)005 file missing M. Musich
GigaTracker, a Thin and Fast Silicon Pixels Tracker
PoS(RD13)006 pdf
B. Velghe, G. Aglieri Rinella, S. Bonacini, A. Ceccucci, J. Kaplon, A. Kluge, A. Mapelli, M. Morel, J. Noël, M. Noy, L. Perktold, P. Petagna, K. Poltorak, P. Riedler, G. Romagnoli, S. Chiozzi, A. Cotta Ramusino, M. Fiorini, A. Gianoli, F. Petrucci, H. Wahl, R. Arcidiacono, P. Jarron, F. Marchetto, E. Cortina Gil, G. Nuessle and N. Szilasi
Radiation performance of new semiconductor power devices for the LHC experiment upgrades
PoS(RD13)007 pdf S. Gerardin
Radiation-Hard/High-Speed Parallel Optical Engine
PoS(RD13)008 pdf K.K. Gan
Development and Test of a 3D Diamond Detectors for Ionizing Radiation
PoS(RD13)009 file missing F. Bachmair
Pulsed laser fabrication of 3D diamond sensors
PoS(RD13)010 pdf S. Lagomarsino
The Phase-1 upgrade of the CMS silicon pixel detector
PoS(RD13)011 pdf attachments M. Menichelli
Overview of the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer (IBL) Project
PoS(RD13)012 pdf D.L. Pohl
The Associative Memory system for the FTK processor at ATLAS
PoS(RD13)013 pdf S. Citraro, R. Cipriani, S. Donati, P. Giannetti, A. Lanza, P. Luciano, D. Magalotti and M. Piendibene
Variable resolution Associative Memory optimization and simulation for the ATLAS FastTracker project
PoS(RD13)014 pdf C. Luongo
Performance of different silicon materials for the upgraded CMS tracker
PoS(RD13)015 pdf T. Maenpaa
The upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System
PoS(RD13)016 file missing S. Beole'
First results of beamtests of a MAPS based ElectroMagnetic calorimeter
PoS(RD13)017 pdf G. Nooren
The strip detector of the PANDA MVD
PoS(RD13)018 pdf T. Quagli, K.T. Brinkmann, R. Schnell and H.G. Zaunick
Development of a Proton Computed Tomography system based on silicon microstrip detectors and YAG:Ce scintillating crystals
PoS(RD13)019 file missing M. Bruzzi
The Silicon Tracker of the DAMPE satellite mission
PoS(RD13)020 file missing G. Ambrosi
Development of a homogeneous, isotropic, and high dynamic range calorimeter for the study of primary cosmic rays in space experiments
PoS(RD13)021 pdf O. Starodubtsev, O. Adriani, M. Bongi, S. Bottai, R. D’Alessandro, S. Detti, P. Lenzi, N. Mori, P. Papini, E. Vannuccini, E. Berti and A. Tiberio
A silicon array for cosmic-ray particle identification in space
PoS(RD13)022 pdf S. Bonechi, A. Basti, M.G. Bagliesi, G. Bigongiari, B. Paolo, P. Maestro, P.S. Marrocchesi, F. Morsani, F. Pacciani, A. Sulaj and L. Teimuraz
Single event effects irradiation tests at INFN-LNS
PoS(RD13)023 file missing S. Scirè Scappuzzo
On-line remote monitoring of radioactive waste repositories
PoS(RD13)024 file missing A. Pappalardo
Extraction of electric field of non-irradiated microstrip detectors using the edge-TCT technique
PoS(RD13)025 file missing M. Fernández García
Single Electron Interference and Diffraction Experiments with a High Energy Physics Detector
PoS(RD13)026 pdf G.L. Alberghi, R. Dona', A. Gabrielli, F.M. Giorgi, M. Villa, G. Matteucci, N. Semprini Cesari, A. Zoccoli, S. Frabboni and G.C. Gazzadi