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International Conference on the Structure and the Interactions of the Photon including the 20th International Workshop on Photon-Photon Collisions and the International Workshop on High Energy Photon Linear Colliders

Photon 2013
20 - 24 May 2013
Paris, France
published April 22, 2014
This conference is a part of the series initiated in 1973 in Collège de France (Paris), as an International Colloquium on Photon-Photon Collisions at Electron-Positron Storage Rings, devoted to the hadronic interaction of photons. The latest Photon conferences took place in Spa(2011), Hamburg/DESY (2009), Paris (2007), Warsaw (2005) and in Frascati (2003). At the conference, recent progress in understanding photon-photon and photon-proton processes will be presented. In addition, recent results on astrophysics and other related topics will be discussed. This year's conference will cover the following topics: - QCD and photons at high energy, jets, quarkonia and heavy flavours - Higgs and photons, electroweak interactions and physics beyond the standard model - Small x, diffraction, and total cross sections - Exclusive channels and resonances - Low-energy photon experiments, vacuum polarisation and light-by-light scattering - Photons in astroparticle physics - Photon collider prospects and new acceleration techniques and future accelerators - g-2 related topics
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QCD and photons at high energy, jets , quarkonia and heavy flavours
Small x, diffraction and total cross section
Low energy photon experiments, vacuum polarisation and light-by-light scattering
Exclusive channels and resonances
Photons in astroparticle physics
Photon collider prospects, new acceleration techniques and future accelerators
Higgs and photons, EW and BSM
Welcome to Photon 2013
PoS(Photon 2013)001 pdf F. Kapusta
QCD and photons at high energy, jets , quarkonia and heavy flavours
An Overview of the Anomalous Soft Photons in Hadron Production
PoS(Photon 2013)002 pdf C.Y. Wong
Vector boson plus jets production in the TMD formalism
PoS(Photon 2013)003 pdf F. Hautmann
Proton structure and PDFs at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)004 pdf V. Chekelian
Jets and alpha_s measurements at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)005 pdf A. Baghdasaryan
Isolated photon production at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)008 pdf A. Iudin
Results on vector boson production, both inclusive and in association with jets, at the LHC
PoS(Photon 2013)010 pdf M. Karnevskiy
Differential Photon-Jet Cross-Section Measurement with the CMS Detector at 7 TeV
PoS(Photon 2013)013 pdf K. Ocalan
The Drell-Yan measurement at COMPASS-II
PoS(Photon 2013)014 pdf S. Takekawa
Small x, diffraction and total cross section
Description of the ATLAS jet veto measurement and jet gap jet events at hadronic colliders
PoS(Photon 2013)016 pdf C. Royon
Particle production at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)018 pdf A. Baghdasaryan
J/\psi photoproduction in Pb–Pb ultra-peripheral collisions at root s_NN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE at LHC
PoS(Photon 2013)019 pdf D. De Gruttola
Inclusive diffraction at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)020 pdf L. Schoeffel
Diffraction and rapidity gap measurements with ATLAS
PoS(Photon 2013)021 pdf K. Vlastimil
Phenomenology of the polarized cross-sections of the rho meson leptoproduction at high energy
PoS(Photon 2013)022 pdf A. Besse, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
Diffractive vector meson production at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)023 pdf A. Buniatyan
Search for anomalous quartic gamma gamma WW couplings in dielectron and missing energy final states with 9.7 fb-1 in p pbar collisions at \sqrt s = 1.96 TeV - D0
PoS(Photon 2013)025 pdf E. Chapon
Study of exclusive two-photon production of W+W- pairs in pp collisions at 7 TeV, and constraints on anomalous quartic couplings in CMS
PoS(Photon 2013)026 pdf K. Piotrzkowski
Physics prospects with the ALFA and AFP detectors
PoS(Photon 2013)027 pdf P. Hamal
Infrared Gluon Resummation and pp total cross-sections
PoS(Photon 2013)029 pdf G. Pancheri, D. Fagundes, A. Grau, O. Shekhovtsova and Y. Srivastava
Constraining the pomeron structure using LHC data
PoS(Photon 2013)031 pdf M. Saimpert, C. Marquet, C. Royon and D. Werder
Measurement of hard double-parton interactions with the ATLAS detector
PoS(Photon 2013)033 pdf T. Martin
Strangeness production at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)034 pdf A. Buniatyan
Mueller Navelet jets at LHC: an observable to reveal high energy resummation effects?
PoS(Photon 2013)079 pdf B. Ducloué, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
Low energy photon experiments, vacuum polarisation and light-by-light scattering
Light-by-light scattering in intense lasers
PoS(Photon 2013)037 pdf B. King
Vacuum Magnetic Birefringence
PoS(Photon 2013)039 pdf C. Rizzo
Status of standard model calculations of lepton g - 2
PoS(Photon 2013)040 pdf M. Knecht
The new FNAL muon g-2 experiment
PoS(Photon 2013)041 pdf M. Lancaster
Measurement of hadronic cross sections at KLOE with ISR and limits on their impact to the muon anomaly and U-boson search
PoS(Photon 2013)043 pdf A. Passeri
Measurement of hadronic cross sections at BaBar with ISR and implications for the muon (g-2)
PoS(Photon 2013)044 pdf B. Malaescu
Review of recent Leading-Order Hadronic Vacuum Polarization calculation
PoS(Photon 2013)047 pdf Z.P. Zhang
Effective Lagrangians : A New Approach to g - 2 Evaluations
PoS(Photon 2013)048 pdf M. Benayoun
Unified dispersive approach to real and virtual photon-photon scattering into two pions
PoS(Photon 2013)052 pdf B. Moussalam
Exclusive channels and resonances
Exclusive Processes: Theory Introduction
PoS(Photon 2013)053 pdf S. Wallon
The GPD program at COMPASS
PoS(Photon 2013)054 pdf P. Sznajder
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Generalized Parton Distributions at Jlab/CLAS
PoS(Photon 2013)055 pdf B. Guegan
Electromagnetic Processes in PANDA
PoS(Photon 2013)058 pdf M. Zambrana
NLO QCD corrections for DVCS and TCS
PoS(Photon 2013)059 pdf L. Szymanowski
The GPDs of the photon
PoS(Photon 2013)060 pdf A. Mukherjee
Hard exclusive photoproduction of charmed mesons
PoS(Photon 2013)061 pdf S. Kofler
Photons in astroparticle physics
Search for ultra-High Energy Photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(Photon 2013)062 pdf M. Settimo
Very forward production and Feynman scaling of photons and neutrons at HERA
PoS(Photon 2013)063 pdf H. Zohrabyan
The Heavy Photon Search Experiment
PoS(Photon 2013)064 pdf M. Holtrop
Photon collider prospects, new acceleration techniques and future accelerators
Physics program with a low energy e+e-, e-\gamma , \gamma \gamma collider and electron beam on target at IRIDE
PoS(Photon 2013)068 pdf G. Venanzoni
Asymptotic pion and kaon production in \gamma \gamma collisions
PoS(Photon 2013)069 pdf W. Da Silva and F. Kapusta
Issues with current designs for e+e- and \gamma \gamma colliders
PoS(Photon 2013)070 pdf V. Telnov
Higgs and photons, EW and BSM
Anomalous gauge couplings in W/Z exclusive pair production at the LHC
PoS(Photon 2013)071 pdf E. Chapon
Combination of all searches and extraction of properties of Higgs, ATLAS+CMS
PoS(Photon 2013)076 pdf M. Fanti
Two photon decay rate of the Higgs boson in the Inert Doublet Model
PoS(Photon 2013)078 pdf B. Świeżewska and M. Krawczyk