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Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory

LL2014 - (other Loops and Legs conferences)
27 April 2014 - 02 May, 2014
Weimar, Germany
published August 20, 2014
The bi-annual international conference “Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory” has been held at Weimar, Germany, from April 27 to May 02, 2014. It has been the 12th conference of this series, started in 1992. The main focus of the conference are precision calculations of multi- loop and multi-leg processes in elementary particle physics for processes at present and future high-energy facilities within and beyond the Standard Model. At present many physics questions studied deal with processes at the LHC and future facilities like the ILC. A growing number of contributions deals with important developments in the field of computational technologies and algorithmic methods, including large-scale computer algebra, efficient methods to compute large numbers of Feynman diagrams, analytic summation and integration methods of various kinds, new related function spaces, precise numerical methods and Monte Carlo simulations. The present conference has been attended by more than 110 participants from all over the world, presenting more than 75 contributions, most of which have been written up for these pro- ceedings. The present volume demonstrates in an impressive way the enormous development of the field during the last few years, reaching the level of 5-loop calculations in QCD and a like- wise impressive development in massive next-to-leading order and next-to-next-to-leading order processes. Computer algebraic and numerical calculations require terabyte storage and many CPU years, even after intense parallelization, to obtain state-of-the-art theoretical predictions. The city of Weimar gave a suitable frame to the conference, with its rich history, especially in literature, music, arts, and architecture. Goethe, Schiller, Wieland, Herder, Bach and Liszt lived there and created many of their masterpieces. The many young participants signal that our field is prosperous and faces an exciting future. The conference hotel “Kaiserin Augusta” offered a warm hospitality and excellent working conditions. We would like to thank Martina Mende for all her work in helping to organize this conference. Details of the conference can be found under: https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8107 2
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Plenary 1
PoS(LL2014)081 pdf J. Bluemlein, P. Marquard and T. Riemann
Second order QCD corrections to gluonic jet production at hadron colliders
PoS(LL2014)001 pdf J. Currie, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover, J.R. Pires and S. Wells
Towards differential top-anti-top production at NNLO
PoS(LL2014)002 pdf A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, G. Abelof, P. Maierhöfer and S. Pozzorini
Two-loop corrections to top anti-top and ZZ/WW production
PoS(LL2014)003 pdf A. von Manteuffel
Magnus and Dyson Series for Master Integrals
PoS(LL2014)007 pdf P. Mastrolia, M. Argeri, S. Di Vita, E. Mirabella, J. Schlenk, U. Schubert and L. Tancredi
Towards Higgs production at N3LO
PoS(LL2014)028 pdf C. Duhr
Plenary 2
Bounding the Higgs width at the LHC
PoS(LL2014)008 pdf K.R. Ellis
NLO corrections to Z production in association with several jets
PoS(LL2014)009 pdf C. Reuschle, D. Goetz, C. Schwan and S. Weinzierl
Multi-loop integrand reduction techniques
PoS(LL2014)010 pdf S. Badger, H. Frellesvig and Y. Zhang
Universality in W+Multijet Production
PoS(LL2014)011 pdf K. Ozeren, Z. Bern, L. Dixon, S. Hoeche, F. Febres Cordero, H. Ita, D.A. Kosower and D. Maitre
Improving Higgs predictions with resummation
PoS(LL2014)012 pdf F. Petriello
Parallel 1
Three-loop beta function for the Higgs self-coupling
PoS(LL2014)014 pdf M. Zoller
3-Loop Heavy Flavor Corrections in Deep-Inelastic Scattering with Two Heavy Quark Lines
PoS(LL2014)015 pdf J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, A. De Freitas, A. Hasselhuhn, A. von Manteuffel, M. Round, C. Schneider and F. Wissbrock
The nf terms of the three-loop cusp anomalous dimension in QCD
PoS(LL2014)016 pdf J. Henn, A.G. Grozin, G. Korchemsky and P. Marquard
Recent Symbolic Summation Methods to Solve Coupled Systems of Differential and Difference Equations
PoS(LL2014)017 pdf J. Bluemlein, A. De Freitas and C. Schneider
Evaluating multiloop Feynman integrals by differential equations
PoS(LL2014)018 pdf V. Smirnov
The package HarmonicSums: Computer Algebra and Analytic Aspects of Nested Sums
PoS(LL2014)019 pdf J. Ablinger
Nested (inverse) binomial sums and new iterated integrals for massive Feynman diagrams
PoS(LL2014)020 pdf J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, C.G. Raab and C. Schneider
Four-dimensional formulation of the sector improved residue subtraction
PoS(LL2014)004 pdf D. Heymes
Parallel 2
Automated one-loop calculations with GoSam 2.0
PoS(LL2014)021 pdf G. Heinrich
Next-to-leading order simulations with Sherpa+OpenLoops
PoS(LL2014)022 pdf P. Maierhöfer, F. Cascioli, S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, N. Moretti, S. Pozzorini, M. Schoenherr and F. Siegert
Automatizing one-loop computation in the SM with RECOLA
PoS(LL2014)023 pdf S. Uccirati, A. Denner, L. Hofer and A. Scharf
Beyond the t-channel Approximation: Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to Electroweak Higgs Boson Production Plus Three Jets Production at the LHC
PoS(LL2014)025 pdf T. Figy, F. Campanario, S. Plätzer and M. Sjodahl
A unified NLO description of top-pair and associated Wt production
PoS(LL2014)026 pdf F. Cascioli, S. Kallweit, P. Maierhöfer and S. Pozzorini
Vector boson pair production at NNLO
PoS(LL2014)027 pdf M. Grazzini
Parallel 3
Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to Higgs Boson Pair Production
PoS(LL2014)029 pdf J. Mazzitelli and D. De Florian
Mass-corrections to double-Higgs production & TopoID
PoS(LL2014)030 pdf J. Grigo and J. Hoff
Precision tools for Higgs physics
PoS(LL2014)031 pdf Z. Trocsanyi, M.V. Garzelli and A. Kardos
Fully Automated Calculations in the Complex MSSM
PoS(LL2014)080 pdf S. Heinemeyer, T. Hahn, F. von der Pahlen, H. Rzehak and C. Schappacher
Higher-order contributions in Higgs sectors of supersymmetric models
PoS(LL2014)032 pdf H. Rzehak, T. Hahn, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik and G.R. Weiglein
Momentum Dependent Two-Loop Corrections to the Neutral Higgs Boson Masses in the MSSM
PoS(LL2014)033 pdf S. Borowka
Parallel 4
PoS(LL2014)034 pdf J. Fujimoto, K.H. Phan and Y. Kurihara
New Developments in FormCalc 8.4
PoS(LL2014)035 pdf C. Groß, T. Hahn, S. Heinemeyer, F. von der Pahlen, H. Rzehak and C. Schappacher
New applications of CARLOMAT
PoS(LL2014)036 pdf K. Kolodziej
Non-leptonic B-decays at two-loops in QCD
PoS(LL2014)037 pdf T. Huber
Recent progress in higher order computations for the physics of the Higgs boson
PoS(LL2014)038 pdf N. Greiner, H. van Deurzen, J.W. Huston, G. Luisoni, P. Mastrolia, E. Mirabella, G. Ossola, T. Peraro, J.F. von Soden-Fraunhofen, F. Tramontano, J. Winter and V. Yundin
Summing Large-N Towers in Colour Flow Evolution
PoS(LL2014)039 pdf attachments S. Plaetzer
Plenary 3
A calculation of the three-loop helicity-dependent splitting functions in QCD
PoS(LL2014)040 pdf A. Vogt, S. Moch and J.A.M. Vermaseren
Recent progress on the calculation of three-loop heavy flavor Wilson coefficients in Deep-Inelastic Scattering
PoS(LL2014)041 pdf A. De Freitas, J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein, A. Hasselhuhn, A. von Manteuffel, C.G. Raab, M. Round, C. Schneider and F. Wissbrock
B_s -\rightarrow mu^+ mu^- and Bbar -\rightarrow X_s ganna to NNLO
PoS(LL2014)042 pdf M. Steinhauser
O(alpha_s alpha) corrections to Drell-Yan processes in the resonance region
PoS(LL2014)045 pdf S. Dittmaier, A. Huss and C. Schwinn
One-loop Single Real Emission Contributions to Inclusive Higgs Production at NNNLO
PoS(LL2014)046 pdf W. Kilgore
Parallel 5
What can we learn from Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov Equations?
PoS(LL2014)047 pdf D. Kreimer
QCD evolution equations from conformal symmetry
PoS(LL2014)048 pdf V. Braun and A.N. Manashov
Feynman integrals via hyperlogarithms
PoS(LL2014)049 pdf E. Panzer
Electroweak precision tests in the LHC era and beyond
PoS(LL2014)050 pdf A. Freitas
Higher-order hadronic and heavy-lepton contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment
PoS(LL2014)051 pdf T. Liu
Non-planar Feynman integrals, Mellin-Barnes representations, multiple sums
PoS(LL2014)052 pdf J. Gluza
Schouten identities and the two-loop sunrise graph
PoS(LL2014)053 pdf L. Tancredi
Parallel 6
Determination of the top quark mass
PoS(LL2014)054 pdf S.O. Moch
NNLO antenna subtraction for heavy quark pair production
PoS(LL2014)055 pdf O. Dekkers
Bottom Quark Mass from $\Upsilon$ Sum Rules to $\cal O(\alpha_{s}^{3})$
PoS(LL2014)056 pdf N. Zerf
Helicity amplitudes with off-shell partons
PoS(LL2014)057 pdf A. van Hameren
Electroweak corrections to hadronic Z + 2 jets production
PoS(LL2014)058 pdf A. Denner, L. Hofer, A. Scharf and S. Uccirati
The new PV prescription for IR singularities of NLO splitting functions
PoS(LL2014)059 pdf M. Skrzypek, O. Gituliar, S. Jadach and A. Kusina
Higher-order soft and Coulomb corrections to squark and gluino production at the LHC
PoS(LL2014)060 pdf M. Beneke, P. Falgari, J. Piclum, C. Schwinn and C. Wever
Parallel 7
Two loop structure of QCD vertices
PoS(LL2014)061 pdf J. Gracey
Transverse-momentum resummation and the structure of hard factors at the NNLO
PoS(LL2014)062 pdf L. Cieri
Color decomposition of multi-quark one-loop QCD amplitudes
PoS(LL2014)063 pdf C. Reuschle and S. Weinzierl
High multiplicity processes with BlackHat and Sherpa
PoS(LL2014)079 pdf S. Bartle, Z. Bern, F. Febres Cordero, J.R. Andersen, S. Hoeche, H. Ita, D.A. Kosower, N.A. Lo Presti, D. Maitre and K. Ozeren
Higher-order QCD corrections to associated VH production with $H \rightarrow b \bar b$ decay at the LHC
PoS(LL2014)064 pdf G. Ferrera
Resummed Higgs pT distribution at NNLO+NNLL in bottom-quark annihilation
PoS(LL2014)065 pdf R. Harlander, A. Tripathi and M. Wiesemann
Parallel 8
The loop-tree duality at work
PoS(LL2014)066 pdf S. Buchta, G. Chachamis, I. Malamos, I. Bierenbaum, P. Draggiotis and G. Rodrigo
Two-loop corrections to (g-2) muon in SM and MSSM
PoS(LL2014)067 pdf H. Stoeckinger-Kim
Quark and gluon spin-2 form factors to two loops in QCD
PoS(LL2014)068 pdf V. Ravindran, D. De Florian, P. Mathews, J. Mazzitelli and M. Mahakhud
Infrared singularities in multi-leg scattering amplitudes
PoS(LL2014)069 pdf E. Gardi
Recent new methods and applications of the differential equation approach to master integrals
PoS(LL2014)070 pdf C. Wever, C. Papadopoulos and D. Tommasini
COLLIER – A fortran-library for one-loop integrals
PoS(LL2014)071 pdf L. Hofer, A. Denner and S. Dittmaier
Plenary 4
Bounding the Higgs Width Using Effective Field Theory
PoS(LL2014)072 pdf G. Passarino, M. Ghezzi and S. Uccirati
Progress on the infrared structure of multi-particle gauge theory amplitudes
PoS(LL2014)073 pdf L. Magnea
Testing Quantum Electrodynamics with Positronium State
PoS(LL2014)074 pdf A. Penin
Xtreme manipulations
PoS(LL2014)075 pdf J.A.M. Vermaseren
Two-loop results on the renormalization of vacuum expectation values, infrared divergences in the FDH scheme
PoS(LL2014)076 pdf D. Stöckinger
Bootstrapping six-gluon scattering in planar N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LL2014)077 pdf L. Dixon, J. Drummond, C. Duhr, M. von Hippel and J. Pennington
Algebraic geometry informs perturbative quantum field theory
PoS(LL2014)078 pdf D. Broadhurst