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INFN Workshop on Future Detectors for HL-LHC

IFD2014 - (other ifd conferences)
11-13 March , 2014
Trento, Italy
published November 06, 2015
Italy has been one of the key players in the effort which led to the discovery awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics, with a highly recognized technological contribution both to the LHC and the experiments. The top priority of the European Strategy for Particle Physics is the exploitation of the full potential of the LHC including the high-luminosity upgrade of the machine and detectors.

The Workshop will focus on the upgrades of the experiments for the HL-LHC, primarily needed for:

- tracking, calorimetry and muon systems, with associated front-end and read-out electronics

- trigger, data acquisition and computing

The goal is to establish a framework to discuss and work on new ideas for research and development where expertise can be shared and expand across the different INFN experimental groups. This process aims also to promote a constructive interaction with national industry, research centers and facilities to better prepare for Horizon2020 applications.

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Vertexing & Tracking Detectors
Muon Detectors
Computing and off-line Software
Closing Session
Vertexing & Tracking Detectors
ALICE, ATLAS and CMS System architecture
PoS(IFD2014)009 file missing M. Bindi
RD53 Collaboration and CHIPIX65 Project for the development of an innovative Pixel Front End Chip for HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)010 pdf N. Demaria
Monolitic and HV/HR-CMOS Active Detectors
PoS(IFD2014)011 file missing G. Usai
Planar Silicon Detectors
PoS(IFD2014)012 file missing M. Meschini
3D Silicon Detectors
PoS(IFD2014)013 pdf G.F. Dalla Betta
Hybridization and Interconnect technologies
PoS(IFD2014)014 file missing C. Gemme
Local mechanical supports and cooling systems
PoS(IFD2014)015 file missing S. Coelli
Tracking trigger CMS
PoS(IFD2014)016 pdf F. Palla
Overview of Fondazione Bruno Kessler activities
PoS(IFD2014)017 file missing M. Boscardin
Muon Detectors
WG1: Experience from RUN 1 operation: extrapolation to Phase II
PoS(IFD2014)018 pdf D. Boscherini
WG2: R&D of Innovative Detectors for Muons
PoS(IFD2014)019 file missing G. Aielli
WG3: R&D for Muon Detector Electronics
PoS(IFD2014)020 file missing S. Ventura
WG4: Longevity studies for muon detectors
PoS(IFD2014)021 file missing P. Vitulo
Welcome by Director of CMM - FBK
PoS(IFD2014)001 file missing M. Gentili
Physics at HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)003 file missing F. Zwirner
ATLAS Detector Upgrade
PoS(IFD2014)004 pdf M. Iodice
CMS Detector Upgrade
PoS(IFD2014)005 file missing G. Sguazzoni
ALICE Detector Upgrade
PoS(IFD2014)006 file missing S. Beole'
LHCb Detector Upgrade
PoS(IFD2014)007 pdf U. Marconi
Forward detectors and luminosity measurements
PoS(IFD2014)008 pdf G. Chiodini
Computing and off-line Software
Computing challenges of the LHC high luminosity runs - Impact on resource needs and on computing models
PoS(IFD2014)022 pdf T. Boccali
The evolution of the computing infrastructure to cope with technology innovation and future experiments needs
PoS(IFD2014)023 file missing G. Carlino
Calorimetry at HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)024 file missing T. Tabarelli De Fatis
Electronics for HL-LHC Calorimetry
PoS(IFD2014)025 pdf F.G. Tartarelli
Fiber calorimetry R&D for HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)026 file missing M.T. Lucchini
Sensors for calorimetry photo-detectors and silicon sensors
PoS(IFD2014)027 file missing A. Gola
4D-calorimetry with fast timing
PoS(IFD2014)028 file missing P. Meridiani
PoS(IFD2014)029 file missing A. Negri
L1 muon trigger for HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)030 pdf N. Pozzobon, I. Lazzizzera, F. Montecassiano, R. Vari, S. Ventura and P. Zotto
Track triggers for HL-LHC
PoS(IFD2014)031 file missing A. Annovi
HLT for HL-LHC, Technology and architecture for next decade TDAQ
PoS(IFD2014)032 pdf S. Amerio
Closing Session
Opportunities for external fundings
PoS(IFD2014)033 file missing A. Passeri
Knowledge Transfer Activities at INFN
PoS(IFD2014)034 file missing S. Falciano
INFN at HL-LHC: Perspectives
PoS(IFD2014)035 file missing F. Ferroni