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Flavorful Ways to New Physics

28-31 October 2014
Freudenstadt - Lauterbad, Germany
published April 20, 2015
The workshop is intended to bring together young PhD students and postdocs with international renown representatives of the field of flavor physics. The workshop is specifically intended for PhD students and young postdocs. The overview talks about four big topics in flavor physics are given by international experts. The informal atmosphere should lead to fruitful discussions between the young and the experienced scientists. Furthermore, the participants themselves are invited to present their own work. Thus all young academics will get insights into selected fields of current research.
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Young Investigator Talks
Keynote Talks
Young Investigator Talks
Measuring Semileptonic Asymmetries in LHCb
PoS(FWNP)007 pdf S. Klaver
Flavoured Dark Matter Beyond Minimal Flavour Violation
PoS(FWNP)011 pdf M. Blanke
Search for CP violation in $D0\rightarrow \pi^- \pi^+ \pi^0$ decays at LHCb
PoS(FWNP)014 pdf S. Chen
The bottom quark mass from non-relativistic sum rules at NNNLO
PoS(FWNP)017 pdf T. Rauh
Lifting degenerate neutrino masses, threshold corrections and maximal mixing
PoS(FWNP)018 pdf W. Hollik
New Physics in $\Delta \Gamma_d$
PoS(FWNP)019 pdf attachments G. Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi
A Left-Right Symmetric Model with doublets
PoS(FWNP)020 pdf L. Vale Silva
Lepton Flavor Violation in the SM with general Dimension-6 Operators
PoS(FWNP)021 pdf S. Najjari
Keynote Talks
Introduction to Charm Physics
PoS(FWNP)001 pdf M. Gersabeck
Flavour Expedition to the Zeptouniverse
PoS(FWNP)003 pdf A. Buras