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Gran Sasso Summer Institute 2014 Hands-On Experimental Underground Physics at LNGS

22 September - 03 October 2014
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, Assergi, Italy
published July 16, 2015
The Gran Sasso Summer Institute, at its first edition in 2014, offers to a selected number of PhD students the opportunity to get directly involved into the research projects of LNGS, the world-leading laboratory for underground astroparticle physics and nuclear astrophysics. A series of lectures, held by an international pool of well-known scientists, provide the scientific background needed for the proposed activities. Hands-on activities focus on the following topics: - Dark matter (DAMA, XENON, DARK SIDE, CRESST) - Neutrinoless double beta decay (GERDA, CUORE, LUCIFER) - Neutrino oscillations (BOREXINO, OPERA, ICARUS) - Nuclear astrophysics (LUNA) - Low radioactivity measurements (STELLA) - Geodesy and general relativity (GINGER)
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Lectures session
Students activity session
Gran Sasso Summer Institute 2015
PoS(GSSI14)028 pdf A. Ianni
Lectures session
Neutrino Sources and Properties
PoS(GSSI14)001 pdf F. Vissani
Theory and phenomenology of neutrinoless double beta decay
PoS(GSSI14)004 pdf J.J. Gomez cadenas and J. Martin-Albo Simon
Review and experiments on nuclear astrophysics
PoS(GSSI14)009 pdf C. Iliadis and A.E. Champagne
Testing general relativity
PoS(GSSI14)010 pdf A. Tartaglia
Students activity session
Hands on Darkside-50: Low energy calibration
PoS(GSSI14)011 pdf K. Kim, B. Shanks, N. Rossi and A. Ianni
Hands on Opera: Nuclear Emulsion data analysis
PoS(GSSI14)012 pdf L. Wan, N. Di Marco and F. Pupilli
Hands on LUCIFER: particle discrimination in ZnMoO4 crystals
PoS(GSSI14)013 pdf M. Nebot-Guinot, M. Kaczmarski, L. Pattavina and S. Pirro
Hands on CRESST: Determining the energy dependence of the alpha band in CaWO4
PoS(GSSI14)014 pdf attachments J. Gruszko, W. Zhao and K. Schaeffner
Hands on Luna/DarkSide: Silicon PHOTOMULTIPLIER using a Plastic Scintillator
PoS(GSSI14)015 pdf S. Copello, A. Razeto and A. Best
Hands on Borexino: R&D PMT Characterization
PoS(GSSI14)016 pdf O. Takachio, S. Rickard, A. Ianni and O. Smirnov
Hands on XENON-100: background and signal modeling and profile likelihood analysis
PoS(GSSI14)017 pdf B. Cornell, B.R. Montes Nunez and A.D. Ferella
Hands on XENON-1T: Characterization of the R11410 PMTs
PoS(GSSI14)018 pdf A.S. Estevez, S. Seth, A.D. Ferella, R. Persiani and A. Molinario
Hands on ICARUS T600: Full Reconstruction of a neutrino event in the ICARUS LAr-TPC
PoS(GSSI14)019 pdf G. Martinez, L. S. Mohan, M. Antonello and I. Kochanek
Hands on GERDA: Energy calibration and resolution of a BEGe detector with a 228Th source
PoS(GSSI14)020 pdf D. Byram and C. Macolino
Hands on STELLA: 180mTa rare decay search
PoS(GSSI14)021 pdf S. Dell'Oro, M. Laubenstein and A. Formicola
Hands on Luna400: Geant4 simulations
PoS(GSSI14)022 pdf A. Boeltzig and A. Best
Hands on CUORE: characterization of the cryostat
PoS(GSSI14)023 pdf S. Marcocci, F. Piastra and P. Gorla
Hands on CUORE/ABSuRD: Veto Scintillator testing
PoS(GSSI14)024 pdf R. Basu Thaku, J. Rothe, C. Bucci and L. Canonica
Hands on GINGER: Seismic Wave measurement
PoS(GSSI14)025 pdf F. Ferraro and A. Di Virgilio
Hands on mass spectrometry
PoS(GSSI14)026 pdf M. Stepaniuk, S. Nisi and M. Balata
Hands on Electronics: Preamps for SiPMs
PoS(GSSI14)027 pdf S. Walker, M. D'Incecco and N. D'Ambrosio