PoS - Proceedings of Science

Proceedings of the Corfu Summer Institute 2014

CORFU2014 - (other corfu conferences)
3-21 September 2014
Corfu, Greece
published August 19, 2015
The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of high quality scientific events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration among experienced scientists in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity.
Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Workshop on Quantum Fields and Strings
PoS(CORFU2014)164 pdf G. Zoupanos
Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
PoS(CORFU2014)138 pdf L. Brink
Neutrino Physics - theory 1
PoS(CORFU2014)012 pdf G. Altarelli, D. Meloni and P.A.N. Machado
Flavour Physics 1
PoS(CORFU2014)016 pdf F. Feruglio
Higgs Physics
PoS(CORFU2014)018 pdf A. Djouadi
Higgs Physics in ATLAS
PoS(CORFU2014)081 pdf D. Fassouliotis
Introduction to Supersymmetry
PoS(CORFU2014)024 pdf D. Kazakov
BSM searches in ATLAS
PoS(CORFU2014)063 pdf A. Policicchio
Physics results from ALICE
PoS(CORFU2014)035 pdf L. Ramello
Top physics in ATLAS
PoS(CORFU2014)082 pdf M. Moreno Llácer
Radiative charged-lepton mass generation in multi-HDM
PoS(CORFU2014)049 pdf J. Penedo and F. Joaquim
Future Highest-Energy Circular Colliders
PoS(CORFU2014)032 pdf attachments F. Zimmermann
Dark Matter indirect detection: recent developments and perspectives
PoS(CORFU2014)047 pdf M. Cirelli
Decaying Supersymmetric Dark Matter and 130 GeV Fermi Gamma-ray Line
PoS(CORFU2014)104 pdf S.P. Liew
How much Dark Matter in the Solar System?
PoS(CORFU2014)108 pdf J.M. Frere
On the restricted nature of gauge theory extensions of the nu-mass extended SM neglecting gravity
PoS(CORFU2014)048 pdf P. Minkowski
Limits on Lorentz violation in neutral Kaon decay
PoS(CORFU2014)054 pdf K. Vos
Novel T-violation observable open to any decay channel at meson factories
PoS(CORFU2014)060 pdf J. Bernabeu, F.J. Botella and M. Nebot
CP, T Violation
PoS(CORFU2014)070 pdf J. Bernabeu
PoS(CORFU2014)064 pdf J.E. Kim
Phenomenology of Light Sterile Neutrinos
PoS(CORFU2014)062 pdf C. Giunti
Small Representation Explaning, Why Standard Model Group
PoS(CORFU2014)045 pdf H.B. Nielsen
Neutrino electromagnetic properties: new approach to oscillations in magnetic fields
PoS(CORFU2014)050 pdf A. Dmitriev, R. Fabbricatore and A. Studenikin
A Natural Higgs Mass in Supersymmetry from Non-Decoupling Effects
PoS(CORFU2014)067 pdf K. Tobioka
Reduction of couplings in the MSSM
PoS(CORFU2014)068 pdf G. Tsamis
SM vacuum stability and the Weyl consistency conditions: Counting to three
PoS(CORFU2014)069 pdf J. Krog, O. Antipin, M. Gillioz, E. Molgaard and F. Sannino
F- Theory GUT's
PoS(CORFU2014)046 pdf G.K. Leontaris
Why neutrinos are different?
PoS(CORFU2014)075 pdf S. Mollet
Light Stop Squarks and b-tagging
PoS(CORFU2014)076 pdf G. Ferretti, R. Franceschini, C. Petersson and R. Torre
Neutrino Mixing from SUSY breaking
PoS(CORFU2014)077 pdf W. Hollik
Precision phenomenology and differential equations approach to master integrals
PoS(CORFU2014)078 pdf C. Papadopoulos, D. Tommasini and C. Wever
Higgs and the electroweak precision observables in the MRSSM
PoS(CORFU2014)079 pdf W. Kotlarski and P. Diessner
SO(10) inspired extended GMSB models
PoS(CORFU2014)089 pdf T. Jelinski
Reduction of couplings: MSSM and Finite Theories
PoS(CORFU2014)092 pdf S. Heinemeyer, M. Mondragon, N.D. Tracas and G. Zoupanos
Testing the presence of CP violation in the 2HDM
PoS(CORFU2014)086 pdf B. Grzadkowski, O.M. Ogreid and P. Osland
Second Order Standard Model
PoS(CORFU2014)095 pdf J. Espin
Higher derivatives in new-minimal supergravity
PoS(CORFU2014)098 pdf F. Farakos and I. Dalianis
Three- and Four-point correlators of excited bosonic twist fields
PoS(CORFU2014)099 pdf P. Anastasopoulos, M.D. Goodsell and R. Richter
Hints of BSM physics in the SM effective potential
PoS(CORFU2014)106 pdf Z. Lalak, M. Lewicki and P. Olszewski
Four and two-lepton signals of leptophilic gauge interactions at large colliders
PoS(CORFU2014)109 pdf F. del Aguila, M. Chala, J. Santiago and Y. Yamamoto
CMSSM With Generalized Yukawa Quasi-Unification: An Update
PoS(CORFU2014)115 pdf C. Pallis
Twisted state production
PoS(CORFU2014)116 pdf P. Anastasopoulos and R. Richter
The N2 dominated scenario of leptogenesis
PoS(CORFU2014)121 pdf M. Re Fiorentin
Oscillons and oscillating kinks in the Abelian-Higgs model
PoS(CORFU2014)122 pdf C. Tsagarakis, V. Achilleos, F.K. Diakonos, D. Frantzeskakis, G. Katsimiga, X. Maintas, E. Manousakis and A. Tsapalis
Workshop on Quantum Fields and Strings
Supergravity and Exceptional Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2014)133 pdf A. Baguet, O. Hohm and H. Samtleben
Symmetries of Curved Superspace
PoS(CORFU2014)140 pdf S. Kuzenko
Extended Supersymmetry and Four Dimensional Geometry
PoS(CORFU2014)141 pdf U. Lindstrom
Mini-Superspace Quantum Supergravity and its Hidden Hyperbolic Kac-Moody Structures
PoS(CORFU2014)144 pdf P. Spindel and T. Damour
Anisotropic Fluid on the Brane from 5-dimensional Tidal Effects
PoS(CORFU2014)146 pdf H. Culetu
Higher Derivatives in Supergravity and Inflation
PoS(CORFU2014)147 pdf F. Farakos and I. Dalianis
Properties of Confinement in Holography
PoS(CORFU2014)150 pdf D. Giataganas
Superspace Formulation of Arbitrary Superspin Reps of the 4D, N=1 Super-Poincare Group
PoS(CORFU2014)152 pdf K. Koutrolikos
Large-spin Expansions of Giant Magnons
PoS(CORFU2014)154 pdf G. Linardopoulos
Canonical Charges and Asymptotic Symmetries in Four Dimensional Conformal Gravity Holography
PoS(CORFU2014)155 pdf I. Lovrekovic
Induced-Gravity Inflation in Supergravity Confronted with Planck2013 and BICEP2
PoS(CORFU2014)156 pdf C. Pallis
Holographic Calculation of Renyi Entropies and Restrictions on Higher Derivative Terms
PoS(CORFU2014)157 pdf G. Pastras and D. Manolopoulos
Two Double String Theory Actions: Non-covariance versus Covariance
PoS(CORFU2014)158 pdf F. Pezzella
Field Theories Invariant Under One-parameter Fermionic Symmetry
PoS(CORFU2014)160 pdf O. Radchenko and P. Lavrov
Quantum Loops in Non-Local Gravity
PoS(CORFU2014)162 pdf S. Talaganis