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Modelling of radio emission in the SLAC T-510 Experiment using microscopic Geant4 simulations

A. Zilles, K. Bechtol, K. Belov, K. Borch, P. Chen, J. Clem, P. Gorham, C. Hast, T. Huege, R. Hyneman, K. Jobe, K. Kuwatani, J. Lam, T. Liu, K. Mulrey, J. Nam, C. Naudet, R.J. Nichol, B.F. Rauch, A. Romero-Wolf, B. Rotter, D. Saltzberg, H. Schoorlemmer, D. Seckel, B. Strutt, A. Vieregg, C. Williams, S. Wissel

in The 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference

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