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XI Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Workshop

MULTIF15 - (other multif conferences)
25-30 May 2015
Palermo, Italy
published October 19, 2016
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This was the eleventh edition of the series of Frascati Workshops on "Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources" undoubtedly a largely accepted biennial meeting in which an updated experimental and theoretical panorama is depicted. This edition took place on the 31st anniversary of the first historical "multifrequency" workshop about "Multifrequency Behaviour of Galactic Accreting Sources", held in Vulcano in September 1984. This surely renders the Frascati Workshop Series the oldest among the many devoted to "Multifrequency Studies of Cosmic Sources".

The study of the physics governing the cosmic sources was the main goal of the workshop. A session devoted to the ongoing and next generation ground- and space-based experiments gave the actual prospects for the first decades of this millennium. The following items have been reviewed:

Cosmology: Cosmic Background, Clusters of Galaxies
Extragalactic Sources: Active Galaxies, Normal Galaxies
Gamma-Rays Burst: Experiments versus Theories
Galactic Sources: Pre-Main-Sequence and Main-Sequence Stars, Cataclysmic Variables and Novae, Supernovae and SNRs, X-Ray Binary Systems, Pulsars, Black Holes, Gamma-Ray Sources,Nucleosynthesis.
The Astrophysics with the Ongoing and Future Experiments: Space-Based Experiments, Ground-Based Experiments.

The workshop included a few 30-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and typically 20-minute talks discussing new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 20-minute talks discussed the ongoing and planned ground- and space-based experiments.

The cadence of the workshop is biennial. The participation is only by invitation.

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Opening Remarks
Star Formation and Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
High Energy Astrophysics
Jet Sources & GRBs
Ongoing Experiments
Special Night Session
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
Multifrequency Astrophysics: An Updated Review
PoS(MULTIF15)001 pdf F. Giovannelli
Perspective of Discovering Gravitational Waves
PoS(MULTIF15)002 file missing D. Rosinska
Gravitational Waves from Massive Magnetars
PoS(MULTIF15)003 file missing L. Stella
The Planck Catalog of Compact Sources
PoS(MULTIF15)004 pdf M. Lopez Caniego
Constraining a Blazar Origin of the IceCube PeV Neutrino Events
PoS(MULTIF15)005 file missing C. Müller
How Do Pulsars Blow Their Winds?
PoS(MULTIF15)006 pdf W. Kundt
Formation and evolution of cosmic structures in the Hot and Energetic Universe
PoS(MULTIF15)007 file missing S. Ettori
The First Generation of Super massive Black Holes and Cosmic Background
PoS(MULTIF15)008 pdf P.L. Biermann
Cosmic Polarization Rotation in view of the Recent CMB experiments
PoS(MULTIF15)009 pdf S. di Serego Alighieri
Dust Production Factories in the Early Universe
PoS(MULTIF15)010 file missing T. Nozawa
Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: Searching for Diffuse Emission in the Darkest Structures
PoS(MULTIF15)011 pdf M. Regis
High-Energy Phenomena in Galaxy Clusters
PoS(MULTIF15)012 pdf S. Colafrancesco and P. Marchegiani
The small scale problems of the ΛCDM model
PoS(MULTIF15)013 pdf A. Del Popolo
Star Formation and Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
Star Formation in the Local Group
PoS(MULTIF15)014 file missing G. De Marchi
Star Formation in Massive Galaxies at z > 3
PoS(MULTIF15)015 file missing T. Wang
Star Formation in the Milky Way: The TRIFID Nebula (M20) from Herschel to Near-Infrared
PoS(MULTIF15)016 pdf P. Persi, F. Giovannelli, D. Elia, L. Sabau-Graziati, C. Roman-Zuniga and M. Tapia
A Dusty Spider Web: Star Formation and Extinction in the Tarantula Nebula
PoS(MULTIF15)017 file missing G. De Marchi
VLASSICK: The VLA Sky Survey in the Central Kilo parsec
PoS(MULTIF15)018 file missing M. Su
Pre main sequence interacting binaries
PoS(MULTIF15)019 pdf A.I. Gomez de Castro and P. Marcos-Arenal
High Energy Astrophysics
SUZAKU Highlights of Supernova Remnants
PoS(MULTIF15)020 pdf S. Katsuda and H. Tsunmei
Age and distance of Puppis A revised - the supernova Remnant of the ‘Star of Bethlehem’
PoS(MULTIF15)021 pdf B. Aschenbach
Multifrequency Observations of High-z Sources
PoS(MULTIF15)022 pdf J.M. Rodriguez Espinosa, N. Castro and O. Gonzalez Martin
High Energy Processes in Binary Systems
PoS(MULTIF15)023 file missing V. Bosh-Ramon
Gamma-ray Binaries and Recent Results on LS I +61 303
PoS(MULTIF15)024 pdf X. Paredes-Fortuny, M. Ribó, V. Bosch-Ramon, J. Casares, D. del Ser Badia, O. Fors and J. Núñez
Reviewing the latest results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(MULTIF15)025 pdf C. Dobrigkeit and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
On ultra high energy cosmic rays arrival Directions after ten years of operation of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(MULTIF15)026 pdf L. Caccianiga and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Statistical Properties of Radio Pulsars with/without Gamma-ray Detection
PoS(MULTIF15)027 file missing S.N. Zhang
The Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission: the 6.4 keV Line
PoS(MULTIF15)028 pdf M. Nobukawa and K.K. Nobukawa
X-ray Polarimetry - a Tool for the Galactic Center diagnosis
PoS(MULTIF15)029 pdf F. Marin
Ultra-Luminous X-ray Population: A Review
PoS(MULTIF15)030 pdf M. Becchetti
The Physics of Transient High-Energy Cosmic Sources: from Radio to VHE Gamma-rays
PoS(MULTIF15)031 pdf P. Meintjes
High-Energy Astrophysics above 10 MeV
PoS(MULTIF15)032 pdf A. Morselli
Gamma-rays from Blazars and the Extragalactic Background Light (EBL)
PoS(MULTIF15)033 pdf L. Costamante
The Magnetospheres of Accreting Neutron Stars
PoS(MULTIF15)034 file missing J. Wilms
Cyclotron Resonant Scattering as Key to Understanding Accreting X-ray Pulsars
PoS(MULTIF15)035 file missing G. Schoenherr
The First Be/BH System
PoS(MULTIF15)036 pdf M. Ribó
The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT)
PoS(MULTIF15)037 file missing M. Feroci
Super massive Black Holes with LOFT
PoS(MULTIF15)038 file missing A. De Rosa
Low Energy Indicators of High Energy Processes
PoS(MULTIF15)039 pdf F. Giovannelli, C. Rossi, G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, I. Bruni, A. Fasano and J. Salas Procas
The Be/X-ray binary system V0332+53: A Short Review
PoS(MULTIF15)040 pdf M.D. Caballero Garcia, A. Camero-Arranz and R. Hudec
Optical Transients discovered by MASTER
PoS(MULTIF15)041 file missing N. Tyurina
News from HDE226868/Cyg X-1 Binary Sysatem
PoS(MULTIF15)042 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Turbulence in Accretion Disks of Non-Magnetic Binary Stars
PoS(MULTIF15)043 pdf D. Bisikalo, E. Kurbatov and P. Kaygorodov
Accretion onto White Dwarfs: Observations of Polars
PoS(MULTIF15)044 file missing P.A. Mason
Constraining Supernova Progenitors
PoS(MULTIF15)045 pdf H. Kuncarayakti
The Mechanism of Supernova Ia Explosion
PoS(MULTIF15)046 pdf V.M. Lipunov
Hadronic Models of Blazars
PoS(MULTIF15)047 file missing A. Zdziarski
Magneto-rotational Explosions of Core-Collapse Supernovae
PoS(MULTIF15)048 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S. Moiseenko and N.V. Ardelyan
AGILE Highlights
PoS(MULTIF15)049 file missing C. Pittori
ARGO-YBJ Highlights
PoS(MULTIF15)050 pdf G. Di Sciascio and  on behalf of the ARGO-YBJ Collaboration
Multifrequency Behaviour of Mrk 509
PoS(MULTIF15)051 pdf R. Boissay
Giant NIR Flare of the Blazar FSRQ S4 0954+658
PoS(MULTIF15)052 pdf L. Carrasco, V. Chavushyan, J. Leon-Tavares and A. Carramiñana Alonso
Fast 3C 279 gamma flares by a merging medium size black hole jet aligned to the AGN one by tidal torque
PoS(MULTIF15)053 pdf D. Fargion and P. Oliva
Diffuse Galactic Gamma-ray Emission with H.E.S.S.
PoS(MULTIF15)054 pdf K. Egberts
An adapted LIMA model for the 67-s periodicity in supersoft X-ray source CAL 83
PoS(MULTIF15)055 pdf A. Odendaal and P. Meintjes
The Presence of X-ray Spectral Curvature in HBLs at Different Redshifts
PoS(MULTIF15)056 pdf B. Kapanadze, P. Romano, S. Vercellone, S. Kapanadze, T. Mdzinarishvili and G. Kharshiladze
High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
PoS(MULTIF15)057 file missing T. Stanev
Jet Sources & GRBs
A Review of Astrophysical Jets
PoS(MULTIF15)058 pdf J.H. Beall
Jet Launching and Hadronic Processes in Blazars
PoS(MULTIF15)059 file missing A. Zdziarski
Unification of Diverse AGN Outflows
PoS(MULTIF15)060 pdf K. Fukumura, F. Tombesi, D. Kazanas, C. Shrader, E. Behar and I. Contopoulos
Hydrodynamic Simulations of Astrophysical Jets
PoS(MULTIF15)061 pdf J.H. Beall and M.T. Wolff
The Radio Jet of Cen A
PoS(MULTIF15)062 file missing C. Müller
Long gamma-ray bursts in the Swift era: the color indices of their optical afterglows
PoS(MULTIF15)063 pdf V. Simon, G. Pizzichini and R. Hudec
Search for and Classification of Short Transient Gamma-ray Events from INTEGRAL
PoS(MULTIF15)064 pdf M. Topinka
Ongoing Experiments
The Cherenkov Telescope Array Project: Current Status and Science Goals
PoS(MULTIF15)065 pdf B. Rudak and  on behalf of the CTA Consortium
The EXTraS Project: Exploring the X-ray Transient and Variable Sky
PoS(MULTIF15)066 file missing A. De Luca
Lobster-Eye All-Sky Soft X-ray Monitors
PoS(MULTIF15)067 pdf V. Tichy, R. Hudec and V. Simon
New Perspectives in Multispectral Sky Monitoring
PoS(MULTIF15)068 pdf R. Hudec
PANGU (PAir-productioN Gamma-ray Unit): A High Resolution Gamma-ray Space Telescope
PoS(MULTIF15)069 pdf X. Wu, J. Chang, R. Walter, M. Su, G. Ambrosi, M. Böttcher, M. Chernyakova, Y. Fan, C. Farnier, F. Gargano, I. Grenier, W. Hajdas, M.N. Mazziottai, A. Morselli, M. Pearce, M. Pohl, P. von Ballmoos, A. Zdziarski and  for the PANGU Collaboration
HERD (The High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection): Facility Onboard China’s Future Space Station
PoS(MULTIF15)070 file missing S.N. Zhang
WSO-UV Space Mission: The State of Art
PoS(MULTIF15)071 pdf B. Shustov, A.I. Gomez de Castro and M. Sachkov
Study of High-z Universe with GAIA and LDS Sky Surveys
PoS(MULTIF15)072 pdf R. Hudec
Integral Scientific Data Analysis on Blade Architectures: Storage and Resource Management
PoS(MULTIF15)073 pdf B.L. Martino and M. Federici
Special Night Session
What Is Life? A Systemic Approach
PoS(MULTIF15)074 pdf P.L. Luisi
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks
PoS(MULTIF15)075 file missing D. Bisikalo
Concluding Remarks
PoS(MULTIF15)076 pdf P.L. Biermann
Concluding Remarks
PoS(MULTIF15)077 pdf J.H. Beall
Concluding Remarks
PoS(MULTIF15)078 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Concluding Address
Concluding Address
PoS(MULTIF15)079 pdf F. Giovannelli