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The 8th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics

CD15 - (other cd conferences)
29 June 2015 - 03 July 2015
Pisa, Italy
published June 20, 2016
The 8th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics (CD2015) took place in Pisa from June 29 to July 3, 2015, and it was hosted by the Physics Department of University of Pisa and the Pisa branch of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN).

Following the tradition of this triennial series of Conferences, it attracted theorists and experimentalists of this research field, who were brought together to highlight the recent progress in the field of low energy QCD, and to discuss and explore the direction for future development. The conference consisted of plenary talks and three working groups.

More information on CD2015 can be found at http://agenda.infn.it/event/cd2015.

We would like to thank the working group organizers for their dedicated effort, namely:

Goldstone boson WG: Mario Antonelli (Frascati), Sebastien Descotes-Genom (Orsay), Andreas Juttner (Southampton), Emilie Passemar (LANL);

Hadron structure WG: J.P. Chen (Jlab), Martin Hoferichter (Bern), Patricia Solvignon (UNH/JLab), Andre' Walker-Loud (W&M);

Few-Body WG: Mohammad Ahmed (NCCU/TUNL), Dean Lee (NCSU), Assumpta Parreno (Barcelona), Akaki Rusetsky (Bonn).

We would like to express our special thanks also to our co-organizers, Ignazio Bombaci (Univ. of Pisa), Angela Bonaccorso (INFN - Pisa), Massimo D'Elia (Univ. of Pisa), Luca Girlanda (Univ. of Salento), Alejandro Kievsky (INFN - Pisa), Enrico Meggiolaro ( Univ. of Pisa), Silvano Simula (INFN - Roma 3), and Marco Sozzi (Univ. of Pisa), for their hard work and suggestions.

We would like to thank the International Advisory Committee for their very useful inputs to the CD2015 program.

The organizers would like to thank the excellent logistic and administrative support provided by the INFN-Pisa staff, and in particular the Conference Secretary Lucia Lilli, which was instrumental for the organization of the conference and for the all the help provided during CD2015 itself. We also would like to thank Asti Incentives & Congressi (AIC), the University of Salento and the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca for their support.

Finally, we would like to thank all the speakers and all the participants for their contributions and the friendly atmosphere that they helped to achieve.

In addition to the scientific program, a few social events took place during the conference. A reception was organized for the participants at Grand Hotel Duomo on Monday, June 29, in the evening, during which the Major of the City of Pisa, Marco Filippeschi, met and greeted the participants. Wednesday afternoon was reserved for an excursion to the nearby city of Lucca, where also a piano concerto by the distinguished pianist Dr. Young-Hyun Cho was given. The social dinner took place on Thursday evening in the cloister of Santa Maria del Carmine.

The upcoming Chiral Dynamics Workshop will take place in Durham, NC (USA) in 2018. We thank Mohammad Ahmed, Haiyan Gao, Calvin Howell, and Dean Lee for graciously taking the baton from us, and wish them all the best for a successful and pleasant conference.

Laura Elisa Marcucci & Michele Viviani

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Plenary talks
Leading Parallel Talks
Regular talks "Goldstone Boson" working group
Regular talks "Hadron Structure and Meson-Baryon Interaction" working group
Regular talks "Few-Body Physics" working group
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Plenary talks
An overview of recent nucleon spin structure measurements at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD15)001 pdf K. Allada
Effective field theories and lattice QCD
PoS(CD15)004 pdf C. Bernard
Kaons at CERN: The NA62 experimental program
PoS(CD15)006 pdf A. Ceccucci
Dispersion relation for hadronic light-by-light scattering and the muon g-2
PoS(CD15)008 pdf G. Colangelo, P. Stoffer, M. Hoferichter and M. Procura
Recent progress in hadron structure from Lattice QCD
PoS(CD15)009 pdf M. Constantinou
Status of chiral perturbation theory for light mesons
PoS(CD15)011 pdf G. Ecker
Meson resonances on the lattice
PoS(CD15)012 pdf R. Edwards
Muon anomalous magnetic moment and hadronic vacuum polarization: Recent developments
PoS(CD15)013 pdf S. Eydelman
Nuclear chiral EFT in the precision era
PoS(CD15)014 pdf E. Epelbaum
The pion polarisability and more measurements on chiral dynamics at COMPASS
PoS(CD15)015 pdf J. Friedrich
Extracting (pion) form factors from finite volume lattices
PoS(CD15)016 pdf H. Fukaya
Probes for fundamental QCD symmetries and a dark gauge boson via light meson decays
PoS(CD15)017 pdf L. Gan
Latest results on few-body physics from HigS
PoS(CD15)018 pdf H. Gao, G. Laskaris and X. Yan
Photopion physics at MAMI
PoS(CD15)019 pdf D. Hornidge
Nuclear physics from QCD on lattice
PoS(CD15)020 pdf T. Inoue
Pion--nucleon scattering at low energies
PoS(CD15)021 pdf B. Kubis, J. Ruiz de Elvira, M. Hoferichter and U.G. Meißner
Theoretical aspects of Chiral Dynamics
PoS(CD15)022 pdf H. Leutwyler
QED corrections to hadronic processes in lattice QCD
PoS(CD15)023 pdf V. Lubicz, N. Carrasco, G. Martinelli, C. Sachrajda, N. Tantalo, C. Tarantino and M. Testa
Polarisabilities of the proton and neutron from Compton scattering
PoS(CD15)024 pdf J. McGovern, H. Grieshammer and D. Phillips
How well does the chiral expansion converge in nuclear and neutron matter?
PoS(CD15)026 pdf F. Sammarruca, L. Coraggio, J.W. Holt, N. Itaco, R. Machleidt and L. Marcucci
Pion photo- and electro-production and the chiral MAID interface
PoS(CD15)027 pdf S. Scherer, M. Hilt, B.C. Lenhart and L. Tiator
Studies of light nuclei in chiEFT: A status report
PoS(CD15)028 pdf R. Schiavilla
Leading Parallel Talks
Leading logarithms for mesons and nucleons
PoS(CD15)029 pdf J. Bijnens, K. Kampf and A. Vladimirov
Chiral methods at the electroweak scale
PoS(CD15)031 pdf O. Cata
Eta and eta' physics at BESIII
PoS(CD15)032 pdf S.s. Fang
Exploratory lattice QCD study of the rare kaon decay $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar\nu$
PoS(CD15)033 pdf N.H. Christ, X. Feng, A. Juttner, A. Lawson, A. Portelli and C. Sachrajda
$K \to \pi\pi$ decays and the Delta I = 1/2 rule
PoS(CD15)034 pdf N. Garron
Form factor in $VP_\gamma^*$ transitions and study of the $\eta \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0$ Dalitz plot at KLOE
PoS(CD15)035 pdf S. Giovannella
Compton scattering and nucleon polarisabilities in chiral EFT: The next steps
PoS(CD15)036 pdf H. Grieshammer, J. McGovern and D. Phillips
Evidence that the Lambda(1405) is a molecular antikaon-nucleon bound state
PoS(CD15)037 pdf W. Kamleh, J. Hall, D. Leinweber, B. Menadue, B. Owen, A.W. Thomas and R. Young
Clustering in nuclei from ab initio nuclear lattice simulations
PoS(CD15)038 pdf U.G. Meißner
Hermes results on 3D imaging of the nucleon
PoS(CD15)039 pdf L.L. Pappalardo
Magnetic properties of light nuclei from lattice QCD
PoS(CD15)042 pdf M. Savage
Hadronic parity violation in effective field theory
PoS(CD15)043 pdf M. Schindler
Regular talks "Goldstone Boson" working group
Constraints on the omega-pi form factor from analyticity and unitarity
PoS(CD15)044 pdf B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini and B. Kubis
Axial U(1) symmetry in the chiral symmetric phase of 2-flavor QCD at finite temperature
PoS(CD15)045 pdf S. Aoki
The $\pi^0 \to \gamma \gamma^*$ decay rate and form factor
PoS(CD15)046 pdf A. Bernstein
Combined analysis of the decays $\tau \to KS \pi^- \nu_\tau$ and $\tau \to K^- \eta \nu_\tau$
PoS(CD15)047 pdf R. Escribano
Precision measurement of the neutral pion radiative decay width at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD15)048 pdf A. Gasparian
Low-energy constants from ALEPH hadronic tau decay data
PoS(CD15)049 pdf D. Boito, A. Francis, M. Golterman, R. Hudspith, R. Lewis, K. Maltman and S. Peris
From OPE to chiral perturbation theory in holographic QCD
PoS(CD15)050 pdf D. Greynat, L. Cappiello and G. D'Ambrosio
$B_{l4}$ decays and the extraction of $|V_{ub}|$
PoS(CD15)053 pdf X.W. Kang, B. Kubis, C. Hanhart and U.G. Meißner
Isospin breaking effects in the $K^+_{e4}$ decays
PoS(CD15)054 pdf M. Knecht, V. Bernard and S. Descotes-genon
Extraction of low energy QCD parameters from eta to $3\pi$ and beyond
PoS(CD15)055 pdf M. Kolesar and J. Novotny
$\eta$-$\eta\prime$ mixing in Large-Nc ChPT: discussion, phenomenology, and prospects
PoS(CD15)056 pdf P. Masjuan, P. Bickert and S. Scherer
$a_0$-$f_0$ mixing in the Khuri-Treiman equations for $\eta \to 3\pi$
PoS(CD15)057 pdf B. Moussalam and M. Albaladejo
Studies of the decay $K^+ \to \pi^+ \pi^0 e^+ e^-$ at NA48
PoS(CD15)058 pdf J. Pinzino
Masses, decay constants and electromagnetic form-factors with twisted boundary conditions
PoS(CD15)059 pdf J. Relefors and J. Bijnens
The meson spectroscopy program with CLAS12 at Jefferson Laboratory
PoS(CD15)060 pdf A. Rizzo
Chiral dynamics in the low-temperature phase of QCD
PoS(CD15)061 pdf D. Robaina, B. Brandt, A. Francis and H.B. Meyer
Finite volume for masses and decay constants
PoS(CD15)062 pdf T. Roessler and J. Bijnens
Pseudoscalar decays into lepton pairs from rational approximants
PoS(CD15)064 pdf P. Sanchez-Puertas and P. Masjuan
Study of two and three meson tau lepton decay modes with Monte Carlo generator TAUOLA
PoS(CD15)065 pdf O. Shekhovtsova
A dispersive treatment of $K_{l4}$ decays
PoS(CD15)067 pdf P. Stoffer, G. Colangelo and E. Passemar
Status and prospects of the KOTO experiment
PoS(CD15)068 pdf Y.C. Tung
Studies of the Ke4 decay at NA48
PoS(CD15)069 pdf M. Zamkovský
Regular talks "Hadron Structure and Meson-Baryon Interaction" working group
Improved description of the nucleon polarizabilities with relativistic chiral effective field theory
PoS(CD15)070 pdf J.M. Alarcón Soriano
Status of the OLYMPUS Experiment
PoS(CD15)071 pdf R. Alarcon and L. Ice
Impact of the Delta (1232) resonance in neutral pion photoproduction in chiral perturbation theory.
PoS(CD15)072 pdf L. Cawthorne and J. McGovern
New results for Compton scattering on deuterium: A better determination of the neutron electromagnetic polarizabilities
PoS(CD15)074 pdf G. Feldman, L.S. Myers, J.R.M. Annand, J. Brudvik, K.G. Fissum, H. Grieshammer, K.G. Hansen, S.S. Henshaw, L. Isaksson, M.A. Kovash, M. Lundin, J.A. McGovern, A.M. Nathan, D.R. Phillips, B. Schroeder, K. Shoniyozov and S.C. Stave
Extending the baryon ChPT beyond the low-energy region
PoS(CD15)075 pdf J. Gegelia
Chiral perturbation theory of hyperfine splitting in muonic hydrogen
PoS(CD15)077 pdf F. Hagelstein and V. Pascalutsa
Chiral dynamics in the $\gamma p \to p \pi^0$ reaction
PoS(CD15)078 pdf A. Hiller Blin, T. Ledwig and M.J. Vicente Vacas
The H-dibaryon in two flavor lattice QCD
PoS(CD15)079 pdf P. Junnarkar, A. Francis, J. Green, C. Miao, T. Rae and H. Wittig
Constraints on the chiral unitary KN amplitude from piSigmaK photoproduction data
PoS(CD15)082 pdf M. Mai
Evolution of the $\bar K N - \pi \Sigma$ system with $M^2_\pi$ in a box from UchiPT
PoS(CD15)084 pdf R. Molina Peralta and M. Doering
Octet baryon masses in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory up to O(p^4)
PoS(CD15)085 pdf X.L. Ren, L. Geng and J. Meng
Combined analysis of $\pi N \to \pi N$ and $\pi N \to \pi \pi N$ in ChPT
PoS(CD15)086 pdf D. Siemens
Excited-state contamination in nucleon correlators from chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD15)087 pdf B. Tiburzi
Hadronic uncertainties and isospin violation in supersymmetric dark matter models
PoS(CD15)088 pdf L. Tunstall, A. Crivellin, M. Hoferichter and M. Procura
The proton spin-dependent structure function, g2, at low Q2
PoS(CD15)090 pdf R. Zielinski
Regular talks "Few-Body Physics" working group
Recent developments in neutron-proton scattering with lattice effective field theory
PoS(CD15)091 pdf J.M. Alarcón Soriano
Compton scattering from 3He and 4He using an active target
PoS(CD15)092 pdf J.R.M. Annand, B. Strandberg, H.J. Arends, A. Thomas, E. Downie, D. Hornidge, M. Morris and V. Sokoyan
Nuclear axial current in chiral effective field theory
PoS(CD15)093 pdf A. Baroni
Application of low-energy theorems to NN scattering at unphysical pion masses
PoS(CD15)094 pdf V. Baru, E. Epelbaum, A. Filin and J. Gegelia
Extracting neutron polarizabilities from Compton scattering on quasi-free neutron in $\gamma d \to \gamma n p$
PoS(CD15)097 pdf B. Demissie and H. Grieshammer
Pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions near threshold: complete NNLO calculation in chiral EFT
PoS(CD15)099 pdf A. Filin, V. Baru, E. Epelbaum, C. Hanhart, H. Krebs and F. Myrher
Chiral two-nucleon dynamics, analyticity and dispersion relations
PoS(CD15)101 pdf A. Gasparyan, E. Epelbaum and M.F.M. Lutz
The n3He experiment: Hadronic parity violation in cold neutron capture on 3He
PoS(CD15)102 pdf M. Gericke
Progress in the quest for a realistic three-nucleon force
PoS(CD15)103 pdf L. Girlanda, A. Kievsky, M. Viviani and L. Marcucci
Assessing theory errors using residual cutoff dependence
PoS(CD15)104 pdf H. Grieshammer
Precise calculations of the deuteron quadrupole moment
PoS(CD15)105 pdf F. Gross
Hyperons in nuclear matter studied in chiral EFT
PoS(CD15)106 pdf J. Haidenbauer
Studies of Lambda-neutron interaction through polarization observables for final-state interactions in exclusive Lambda photoproduction off the deuteron
PoS(CD15)107 pdf Y. Ilieva, T. Cao and N. Zachariou
Antinucleon-nucleon interaction and the related hadron physics
PoS(CD15)108 pdf X.W. Kang
Chiral three-nucleon forces up to N4LO
PoS(CD15)110 pdf H. Krebs
Nuclear matter calculations with chiral interactions
PoS(CD15)111 pdf D. Logoteta, I. Bombaci and A. Kievsky
The nucleon-nucleon interaction up to sixth order in the chiral expansion
PoS(CD15)112 pdf R. Machleidt, D. Rodríguez Entem, N. Kaiser and Y. Nosyk
Recoil corrections in antikaon-deuteron scattering
PoS(CD15)113 pdf M. Mai, V. Baru, E. Epelbaum and A. Rusetsky
Causality constraint on bound states and scattering with zero-range force, or do perturbative pions deserve another chance?
PoS(CD15)114 pdf V. Pascalutsa
Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of electromagnetic moments and transitions in A<=10 nuclei with two-body chiEFT currents
PoS(CD15)115 pdf S. Pastore
Scattering cluster wave functions on the lattice using the adiabatic projection method
PoS(CD15)117 pdf A. Rokash, M. Pine, S. Elhatisari, D. Lee, E. Epelbaum and H. Krebs
Study of the electroweak processes in the two and three-nucleon systems with local chiral forces
PoS(CD15)118 pdf R. Skibinski, J. Golak, K. Topolnicki, H. Witala and A. Elmeshneb
Experimental tests of nuclear interaction models in few-nucleon systems
PoS(CD15)119 pdf E. Stephan, S. Kistryn and A. Kozela
Elastic nucleon-deuteron scattering and breakup with chiral forces
PoS(CD15)122 pdf H. Witala, J. Golak, R. Skibinski and K. Topolnicki
Nuclear electric dipole moment of light nuclei in the gaussian expansion method
PoS(CD15)123 pdf N. Yamanaka and E. Hiyama
Glueball decay in the Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto model
PoS(CD15)124 pdf F. Bruenner and A. Rebhan
Muon capture on the deuteron
PoS(CD15)125 pdf A. Elmeshneb and J. Golak
Single and double Dalitz decays of pi^0, eta and eta' through rational approximants
PoS(CD15)126 pdf S. Gonzàlez Solís
Chiral symmetry breaking and monopoles
PoS(CD15)127 pdf M. Hasegawa, A. Di Giacomo and F. Pucci
Hyperon forward spin polarizability gamma0 in baryon chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD15)128 pdf A. Hiller Blin, T. Gutsche, T. Ledwig and V. Lyubovitskij
Hypernuclear decay of strangeness -2 hypernuclei
PoS(CD15)129 pdf J. Maneu and A. Parreno
Roper mass in chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD15)130 pdf X.L. Ren
The a_0(980) revisited
PoS(CD15)131 pdf T. Wolkanowski-Gans and F. Giacosa
Status of chiral-scale perturbation theory
PoS(CD15)132 pdf R.J. Crewther and L. Tunstall
Conference photo
Conference photo
PoS(CD15)133 pdf M. Viviani and L.E. Marcucci