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The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects - III

Golden2015 - (other golden conferences)
7-12 September 2015
Palermo, Italy
published May 23, 2017
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The purpose of this workshop is to bring together about *80 invited researchers* from world wide to discuss the experimental updated panorama and theories of CVs and Related Objects. The following topics will be discussed:
a) Opening Remarks (the Importance of Multifrequency Observations)
b) Cataclysmic Variables (non-magnetic, intermediate polars, polars)
* Fundamental parameters
* Accretion physics
* Outburst physics
* Magnetic phenomena
* Interconnection among classes
* Long term secular evolution
* The fate of CVs
c) Classical and Recurrent Novae
d) Nova-like Stars
e) Symbiotic stars
f) The Astrophysics of CVs and related Objects with the Ongoing and Future Space-Based and Ground-Based Experiments.

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Opening Remarks
Cataclysmic Variables
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Ongoing Experiments
Special Night Session
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects: The State of Art.
PoS(Golden2015)001 pdf F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati
Stella Physics after Classical-Nova Disaster
PoS(Golden2015)002 file missing J. Patterson
The Impact of AAVSO on Knowledge of CVs and Related Objects
PoS(Golden2015)003 file missing S. Kafka
X-ray Spectroscopy of Accreting White Dwarfs: Prospects for ASTRO-H and Beyond
PoS(Golden2015)004 file missing K. Mukai
Gaia and the use of White Dwarfs as Advanced Physics laboratories
PoS(Golden2015)005 pdf J. Isern
The impact of SUZAKU on the knowledge of CVs and expectation to ASTRO-H
PoS(Golden2015)006 pdf T. Hayashi
Cataclysmic Variables
The Propeller White Dwarf Pulsar in AE Aquarii: A Multi-Frequency Emission Laboratory
PoS(Golden2015)007 pdf P. Meintjes
Accreting White Dwarfs as Universal Accretion Laboratories
PoS(Golden2015)008 file missing C. Knigge
WD Pulsars and Rotating WD – Theory Vs Observations
PoS(Golden2015)009 file missing Y. Terada
Thermonuclear Burning onto the White Dwarf of CVs
PoS(Golden2015)010 file missing E. Sion
Binary population models of CVs
PoS(Golden2015)011 pdf M.R. Schreiber, M. Zorotovic and T.P.G. Wijnen
Short Orbital Period Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(Golden2015)012 pdf S. Zharikov
Connecting Algols to CVs
PoS(Golden2015)013 pdf M.M. Montgomery
Universal accretion on all scales?
PoS(Golden2015)014 file missing S. Scaringi
Cataclysmic Variables are significant radio emitters
PoS(Golden2015)015 file missing D. Coppejans
Low States of Polars: Catalina (CRTS) Light Curves
PoS(Golden2015)016 pdf P.A. Mason and J.B. Santana
MHD simulation of column accretion onto a magnetized white dwarf in CVs
PoS(Golden2015)017 file missing D. Bisikalo
Quasi-periodic oscillations in magnetic Cataclysmic Variables: Results for V834 Cen
PoS(Golden2015)018 pdf H. Breytenbach, D. Buckley, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud and M. Mouchet
Pre (and post) super soft sources
PoS(Golden2015)019 file missing S. Parsons
Observational aspects of magnetic accretion: Doppler tomograghy.
PoS(Golden2015)020 pdf S. Potter, E. Kotze and V. McBride
The transient OT J213806.6+261957 in Pegasus - Possible emitter of gravitational waves
PoS(Golden2015)021 pdf R. Poggiani
V1223 Sgr and the long-term activity of the intermediate polars
PoS(Golden2015)022 pdf V. Simon
Assessment the area of accretion curtains from fast aperiodic time variability of Intermediate Polars
PoS(Golden2015)023 pdf attachments A. Semena, M. Revnivtsev and D. Buckley
Jets from disc-accreting magnetized stars
PoS(Golden2015)024 file missing R.V.E. Lovelace
An update on the AM CVn family
PoS(Golden2015)025 pdf E. Breedt
New AM CVn stars and Polars discovered from optical transient surveys
PoS(Golden2015)026 file missing M. Motsoaledi
MASTER-SAAO transient detections: new Cataclysmic Variable discoveries
PoS(Golden2015)027 pdf D. Buckley, H. Breytenbach, A. Kniazev, M.M. Kotze, M. Motsoaledi, S. Potter, P.A. Woudt, V.M. Lipunov and E.S. Gorbovskoy
The Kepler program for observing interesting CVs
PoS(Golden2015)028 pdf Z. Dai, P. Szkody, P. Garnavich and M. Kennedy
Searching for dead CVs in synoptic surveys
PoS(Golden2015)029 file missing J.V. Hernandez Santisteban
CVs detected in the XMM-Newton SSC survey of the Galactic plane
PoS(Golden2015)030 file missing A. Nebot
Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: 3D-MHD Simulations
PoS(Golden2015)031 file missing M. Romanova
A large HST program: effective temperatures of cataclysmic variable white dwarfs
PoS(Golden2015)032 pdf A.F. Pala, B. Gaensicke, K. Beuermann, L. Bildsten, D. de Martino, P. Godon, A. Henden, I. Hubeny, C. Knigge, K. Long, T. Marsh, J. Patterson, M.R. Schreiber, E. Sion, P. Szkody, D.M. Townsley and M. Zorotovic
GW Librae: A Unique laboratory for pulsations in an accreting white dwarf
PoS(Golden2015)033 pdf O. Toloza Castillo, B. Gaensicke, J.J. Hermes, D.M. Townsley and M.R. Schreiber
SW Sex Stars Then and Now: A Review
PoS(Golden2015)034 pdf L. Schmidtobreick
Cataclysmic variables in the period gap – the new data
PoS(Golden2015)035 file missing N. Katysheva
NY Ser: cataclysmic variable in the period gap or The bordeline SU UMa-type dwarf novae
PoS(Golden2015)036 file missing E. Pavlenko
Photometric study of eclipsing dwarf nova GY Cnc above the period gap: active and quiet states
PoS(Golden2015)037 file missing I. Voloshina
On Candidates of Period Bouncers
PoS(Golden2015)038 file missing D. Nogami
QZ Lib - Dwarf Nova and Period Bouncer
PoS(Golden2015)039 file missing L. Schmidtobreick
Disc Winds Matter! Their Contribution to the Optical Spectra of CVs
PoS(Golden2015)040 file missing J.H. Matthews
Photographic Sky Surveys and Cataclysmic Variables: Recent progress
PoS(Golden2015)041 pdf R. Hudec
3D simulations of the interaction between stream from the L1 point and accretion disk in non magnetic CVs
PoS(Golden2015)042 file missing P. Kaygorodov
Accretion Theory: MHD Simulation
PoS(Golden2015)043 file missing A. Zhilkin
The Bounday Layer in compact binaries
PoS(Golden2015)044 pdf M. Hertfelder
Roche tomography of CVs
PoS(Golden2015)045 pdf R.C. Smith
Spherical and Spatial Distribution of WZ Sagittae Type Dwarf Novae
PoS(Golden2015)046 pdf K. Tanabe and N. Ohtani
New cataclysmic binary ASASSN-14fu: orbital and quasi-periodic variability
PoS(Golden2015)048 file missing E. Pavlenko
Research on AM CVn stars: ASASSN-14ei and CR Boo
PoS(Golden2015)049 pdf K. Isogai, T. Kato, D. Nogami, T. Ohshima and A. Imada
Trace elements in WD long term evolution
PoS(Golden2015)050 pdf G. Shaviv
Classical Novae, Recurrent Novae and Nova-Like Stars
Commemoration of Angelo Cassatella
PoS(Golden2015)051 pdf F. Giovannelli
Theory of Classical Novae
PoS(Golden2015)052 pdf M. Kato and I. Hachisu
Light curve analysis of classical novae: free-free emission vs photospheric emission
PoS(Golden2015)053 pdf I. Hachisu and M. Kato
Classical novae in OGLE data
PoS(Golden2015)054 pdf P. Mroz and  On behalf of OGLE collaboration
Isotopic Ratios of 12C-13C and 14N-15N as Clues to Nucleaosynthesis in Novae
PoS(Golden2015)055 file missing A. Arai
Classical nova V339 Del (Nova Del 2013) - a short review
PoS(Golden2015)056 pdf attachments D. Chochol, S. Shugarov, N. Katysheva and I. Volkov
The nova V1369 Cen – a short review
PoS(Golden2015)057 pdf L. Izzo, M. Della Valle, F. Matteucci, D. Romano, R. Williams, L. Pasquini, L. Vanzi, A. Jordan, P. Bluhm, R. Brahm, N. Espinoza and J.M. Fernandez
Dust grains in the molecular forming Nova V2676 Oph
PoS(Golden2015)058 file missing H. Kawakita
Studies of novae in Andromeda Nebula with small telescopes
PoS(Golden2015)059 file missing N. Katysheva
When New Becomes Old
PoS(Golden2015)060 pdf A. Ederoclite, C. Tappert, L. Schmidtobreick, N. Vogt, I. Fuentes Morales, H. Vázquez Ramió and J. Abril
New data on old novae
PoS(Golden2015)061 pdf I. Fuentes Morales, C. Tappert, V. Gotta, N. Vogt, A. Ederoclite and L. Schmidtobreick
Classical novae vs cataclysmic variables
PoS(Golden2015)062 pdf C. Tappert, I. Fuentes Morales, E. Puebla, A. Ederoclite, L. Schmidtobreick and N. Vogt
Multi-mission observations of the old nova GK Per during the 2015 outburst
PoS(Golden2015)063 pdf P. Zemko, M. Orio, G.J.M. Luna and K. Mukai
Recurrent Novae in the Local Group
PoS(Golden2015)064 pdf M. Orio
Recurrent Novae: A Masquerade
PoS(Golden2015)065 pdf attachments A. Pagnotta
The recurrent nova T Pyxidis - A review
PoS(Golden2015)066 pdf S. Balman
A remarkable nova in M 31 with a 1-year recurrence time
PoS(Golden2015)067 file missing M. Henze
Multi-frequency Behaviour of Nova-like Systems
PoS(Golden2015)068 pdf attachments P. Zemko
Symbiotic stars - a Review
PoS(Golden2015)069 file missing J. Mikolajewska
Supernova type Ia rate enhanced due to new constraints on binary evolution
PoS(Golden2015)070 pdf S. Toonen
An alternative channel for type Ia supernovae explosions
PoS(Golden2015)071 pdf M. Orio, E. Chiosi, C. Chiosi, L. Piovan and P. Trevisan
Supernova Ia progenitor candidates in the core of planetary nebulae
PoS(Golden2015)072 file missing P. Rodriguez-Gil
Ongoing Experiments
The X-ray Astronomy Satellite ASTRO-H
PoS(Golden2015)073 pdf M. Ishida
Study of Cataclysmic Variables with LDS Sky Surveys and ESA Gaia
PoS(Golden2015)074 pdf R. Hudec and V. Simon
CVs Astrophysics with LOBSTER and ESA LOFT
PoS(Golden2015)075 pdf R. Hudec and V. Simon
SGI (Silicon Graphics International Corp) UV2000: the porting of GFORC system
PoS(Golden2015)076 pdf B.L. Martino and M. Federici
Special Night Session
What is life for science?
PoS(Golden2015)077 pdf P.L. Luisi
Who discovered that Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Cosmos?
PoS(Golden2015)078 file missing G. Shaviv
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks
PoS(Golden2015)079 file missing J. Patterson
Concluding Remarks
PoS(Golden2015)080 pdf D. Bisikalo
Concluding Remarks
PoS(Golden2015)081 file missing J. Mikolajewska
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects–III: Concluding Remarks
PoS(Golden2015)082 pdf R. Hudec
Concluding Address
Concluding Address
PoS(Golden2015)083 pdf F. Giovannelli