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Thermodynamics of strongly interacting plasma with high accuracy

M. Pepe, L. Giusti

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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The equation of state of SU(3) Yang-Mills theory is investigated in the
framework of a moving
reference frame. Results for the entropy density, the pressure, the energy
density, and the trace
anomaly are presented for temperatures ranging from 0 to 230 Tc, with Tc the
deconfinement temperature.
The entropy density is the primary observable that has been measured and form
the other thermodynamic quantities are obtained. At least 4 different values of
the lattice spacing
have been considered at each physical temperature in order to extrapolate to
the continuum
limit. The final accuracy is 0.5%, increasing to about 1% close to the phase
transition. A detailed
comparison with the results available in the literature is discussed.