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Tackling the sign problem with a moment expansion and application to Heavy dense QCD

N. Garron, K. Langfeld

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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Heavy-Dense QCD (HDQCD) is a popular theory to investigate the sign problem in quantum field theory. Besides its physical applications,
HDQCD is relatively easy to implement numerically: the fermionic degrees of freedom are integrated out, and the fermion determinant factorises into local ones. The theory has a sign problem, the severeness of which depends on the value of the chemical potential, which makes this theory ideal to test the 'reach'of new algorithms.
We use the LLR approach to obtain the probability distribution of the
phase of the fermion determinant. Our goal is the calculation of the
phase factor expectation value, which appears as Fourier transform of
this probablity distribution. We here propose a new and systematic
moment expansion for this phase factor. We compare the answer from the
moment expansion order by order with the ``exact'' answer. We find
that this expansion converge quickly and works very well in the strong sign problem region.