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Nucleon structure from 2+1-flavor dynamical DWF ensembles

S. Ohta, M. Abramczyk, M. Lin, A. Lytle, for RBC and UKQCD Collaborations

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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Nucleon isovector vector- and axialvector-current form factors, the renormalized isovector transversity and scalar charge, and the bare quark momentum and helicity moments of isovector structure functions are reported with improved statistics from two recent RBC+UKQCD 2+1-flavor dynamical domain-wall fermions ensembles: Iwasaki\(\times\)DSDR gauge \(32^3\times64\) at inverse lattice spacing of 1.38 GeV and pion mass of 249 and 172 MeV.