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Pion structure from twisted mass lattice QCD down to the physical pion mass

B. Kostrzewa, M. Oehm, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula, C. Urbach

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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We present an investigation of pion structure based on ETMC Nf = 2 and Nf = 2 +
1 + 1 twisted mass configurations at maximal twist. We compute the first moment of the quark momentum fraction
of the pion, hxi and the electromagnetic form factor, F $\pi$ (Q 2). For the
latter, momentum is injected using twisted boundary conditions and the
calculation is carried out directly at the physical pion mass. We find that our data are consistent
with vector meson dominance and experimental data in the region of small momentum transfer. For
hxi, we find that our chirally and continuum extrapolated result is compatible with its
phenomenological value.