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Volume 256 - 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (LATTICE2016) - Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Infrared properties of a prototype model for beyond-Standard Model physics
A. Hasenfratz,* C. Rebbi, O. Witzel
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2016 December 27
Published on: 2017 March 24
We construct a prototype BSM model based on the SU(3) color gauge group and a combination of 4 light (massless) and 8 heavy flavors. In the infrared, the SU(4) flavor chiral symmetry is spontaneously broken, while in the ultraviolet this model exhibits the properties of the $N_f=12$ conformal fixed point.
Renormalization group considerations predict the spectrum of such a system to show hyperscaling, i.e.~dimensionless ratios of hadron masses or decay constants are independent of the heavy mass. Hyperscaling is present for bound states of light, heavy, or a combination of heavy and light flavors and leads to a strongly predictive model. Despite chiral symmetry breaking, this system features a spectrum exhibiting a very non-QCD like behavior. Furthermore, the gauge coupling becomes an irrelevant parameter.
We support these expectations by presenting numerical results based on four different values of the heavy quark mass $am_h$, up to six different values of the light quark mass $am_\ell$, and include, for the first time, preliminary data at a second value of the gauge coupling $\beta$. Our model can be embedded in scenarios describing the Higgs boson either as a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson or a dilaton-like particle.
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