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QCD with Flavored Minimally Doubled Fermions

J. Weber

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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I discuss minimally doubled fermions fermions as an ultra-local formulation on the lattice for sea quarks that realize a non-singlet chiral symmetry.
I introduce a non-singlet mass term for Karsten-Wilczek fermions and identify the appropriate representation of the SU(2) flavor group at finite lattice spacing.
I present an algebraic proof that the symmetry of the quark determinant under charge conjugation and reflections of the Euclidean axes is preserved for Karsten-Wilczek fermions as sea quarks.
Finally, I discuss how the flavor components in meson correlation functions with Karsten-Wilczek fermions emerge naturally and I show how taste-breaking can be avoided without fine tuning.