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$|V_{cb}|$ from $\bar{B}^0\rightarrow D^{*+} \ell^- \bar{\nu} $ zero-recoil form factor using 2$+$1$+$1 flavour HISQ and NRQCD

J. Harrison, C. Davies, M. Wingate, HPQCD Collaboration

in 34th annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

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We present the status of our ongoing calculation of the zero-recoil form factor for the semileptonic decay $\bar{B}^0\rightarrow D^{*+}l^-\bar{\nu}$ using lattice QCD with 2+1+1 flavours of highly improved staggered quarks in the sea (the MILC HISQ configurations) and using non-relativistic QCD for the bottom quark. We combine our result for $ F(1)$ with the latest HFAG average of $\eta_{EW} F(1)|V_{cb}|$ to get a preliminary value for $|V_{cb}|$.